Edit Source Information and Make Sure That They Fit Into Your Wellness Plan


Edit Source Information and Make Sure That They Fit Into Your Wellness Plan

Wellness has become a part of our culture and people are looking for ways to get fit and healthy. The term Wellness implies discipline and dedication in all aspects of your life. Wellness is basically the act of practicing good health practices on a regular basis to achieve better mental and physical health results, so you are always so healthy. To know the actual meaning of wellness, it is very important to comprehend how it is associated with physical health.

Wellness is a set of values and principles which have their own dimensions. There are various dimensions of wellness which are interrelated. These dimensions consist of the five dimensions of physical health. These dimensions are: the dimension of your habits. Your habits directly affect your health and wellness. Habits like eating junk food, lack of exercise and unhealthy behaviors are the primary contributors to your poor health.

Another dimension of wellness is your attitude towards life. A person with positive attitude is considered as a person who is vibrant and proactive. Positive attitude is a motivational force that can transform you from a passive person into an active person. The third dimension of wellness is intellectual wellness. Intellectual wellness measures your mental and emotional competencies.

The fourth dimension of Wellness is your lifestyle. This includes the factors that contribute to your physical well being but also those that determine your mental health and wellness. A person who lives by an unhealthy lifestyle is likely to have a physically unhealthy body as well. The factor that makes your lifestyle unhealthy include smoking, alcohol consumption, junk food and poor diet. These factors directly influence the dimensions of wellness.

The fifth dimension of wellness is spiritual wellness. This can be equated with your spiritual beliefs, practices and behaviors. You adopt spiritual beliefs that guide you in living a healthy lifestyle. You also develop practices and behaviors that promote wellness including yoga, meditation, acupuncture and other spiritual practices. Other factors that affect spiritual wellness include social aspects such as having community and social gatherings, being accepting of other cultures and traditions and having compassion for the planet.

There are several factors that affect your well being. Therefore, it is essential to edit source information and make sure that they fit into your overall plan to achieve wellness. This way, you will know that your lifestyle choices are impacting your wellness. Reviewing your Wellness Manual and taking your time in making changes to your lifestyle and habits will certainly help you achieve wellness and achieve complete physical and social well-being.

Women Of The Century – An Inspiring Women’s History

What do we know about women of the century? We know that they were more educated, they had more political clout and they were actively involved in social movements. They were more aware of environmental issues than their predecessors. Women Of The Century is an interesting chronology of the development of women’s rights in the United States and around the world from the early days of the country up to the first decade of the new millennium.

Women Of The Century

Managing Editor: Martha B. Gorkin is associate editor of Women of the Century. She is a professor at the College of Public Health at the University of Minnesota. Through her many years of work in government, she has developed a strong interest and knowledge about women’s health, public policy and the importance of civil rights in keeping our nation free and equal for all citizens. She is a strong critic of governmental overreach and believes that empowering women through the creation of a national list will help us ensure that this vital legislation truly protects everyone.

Associate Professor: Associate Professor Martha B. Gorkin is a nationally recognized scholar and expert on women’s studies and American public policy. Through her many years of study, education and practice, she has developed an expertise about women’s health, economic conditions, politics, culture, animal science, family law and public policy. In addition to being a Managing Editor for Women of the Century, she is the author of numerous books including “How Do You Talk About Women’s Problems? And Other Questions About Women’s History and Civil Rights” (co-authored with Elizabeth E. Shafer), “The Making of America’s Greatest Female: A Critical Review of Critical Theory and Social Thought” (with Beverly Hills Publishing, Inc.) and “A Woman’s History: The Making of an Epitome of Womanhood” (eds. by Rosa Parks).

Content Manager: The United States women’s empire is led by powerful business leaders, which rely on expert content managers to manage their content. These powerful entrepreneurs use the creatively powered augmented reality technology provided by the United States of America’s women of the century, to create new ways for readers to engage with the content. They use the information and content that they have collected to create new products, services and programs to benefit their business model.

Advisor: No one person can claim to be the first woman President of the United States, but no one can forget Lady Gaga when she performed “croogies” to her millions of fans. She did not become famous overnight, nor was she an overnight success. She built a devoted following of devotees that grew with each new release of her self-titled music and tour. This is because she built a huge list of fans that trusted her opinion and were moved by her authenticity. This is the power of the internet and the way that it has connected people around the world to share their stories and to give us direction.

First Woman President Of The United States Of America: It is quite amazing how things have changed in the last half century. While most people would not have even heard of the 19th amendment if it were not for women’s suffrage, it has made a very important contribution to the country. Not only did the 19th amendment to give women the right to vote, but it also gave them the right to stand up for what they believe in. Without this amendment women would not be able to fight for the causes that they do today and it is an honor for every woman in this country to stand up for their beliefs and to fight for what they deserve.

Can Man Make Another Man subdue The World and Still Live in It?


Can Man Make Another Man subdue The World and Still Live in It?

Throughout the eons of human history, mankind has been faced with a multitude of challenges. Throughout those challenges, humanity has learned to conquer them and move on. There have been wars, plague, starvation, disease, and all manner of environmental disasters that humanity has had to deal with throughout its history. While some of these things are unavoidable, other problems seem to be completely beyond our control and perhaps even mankind’s ability to repair.

In order to understand what mankind has been able to control and overcome in the past, one must first understand what mankind is not capable of controlling or even stopping. The man cannot stop his own destruction. Although man may be able to stop other individuals from destroying him, the damage that another person’s actions can cause can only go so far. Even if humankind is able to prevent other individuals from attacking him, that does not give him the power to destroy everything on Earth with a single act of aggression. Man cannot kill God, nor can he kill all of creation. These acts are forbidden by both moral and natural law.

Still, there have been many times when mankind has overreached its own limits and has caused greater harm to himself and to other living entities. When this occurs, usually it is not because of a lack of warning. When this happens, usually those responsible for the overreaction feel terrible; however, all is not lost. As we have seen, there are still many ways to go about attempting to control mankind’s behavior, although the ones mentioned here are not those that are most commonly used.

It has been said many times that those who wish to rule the world; whether they be individuals or groups; must first establish an organizational base. Without such a base, it is difficult to actually control any given nation or group. However, in the case of mankind; it has become necessary to take the individual out of the equation in order to gain the power to fully influence the masses. It has been said that those who wish to rule the world; it is important to control the masses through popular opinion; but how is this done?

First, one must decide what his goals are and then he must determine which ways are best suited for attaining them. Many have used methods such as brainwashing and manipulating mass media; all in the hopes of getting more power for their side of the story; and in the end, their actions prove to be disastrous. Others have used subtle techniques such as bringing in “New Age” leaders; but once again, those who do so; have failed to create any change in their societies.

The final option, and one that is growing in popularity, is to simply wait for mankind to achieve its own goals and regulations. There are those who believe that mankind is so much smarter than all of us combined, and therefore we should let them run things. Of course, those who believe this have not considered the implications of such a decision. In fact, they are also afraid that this might happen; and thus they are making every effort to keep control of the masses. Which ultimately leads to the question, can mankind really be controlled?

The Relationship Between Wellness, Environment, Spirituality & Fitness


The Relationship Between Wellness, Environment, Spirituality & Fitness

“Wellness: a conscious, evolving and self directed process of realizing full potential.” Wellness is more than just fitness, exercise or good nutrition. It’s the full integration of mental, physical, and emotional well being. As such, it’s important for all of us to reach optimal well being in order to curb stress, reduce the likelihood of disease and ensure positive interpersonal interactions. For some, wellness comes naturally; for others, it may take some work and conscious effort to realize their optimal well being.

Achieving wellness includes engaging our body, mind and spirit through a variety of activities that foster health, well-being and mental clarity. Physical activities like regular exercise and walking are essential parts of wellness. However, a balance between exercise and activity is important as too much or too little of any one of these dimensions can cause negative consequences. Other activities that are considered important components of wellness include yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, and other types of exercise and meditation.

Mental wellness can be described as a state of one’s mind and spirit. This dimension of wellness is related to the quality of relationships one has with oneself and with others. In contrast to the intellectual or spiritual dimensions, a person’s mental wellness impacts their ability to function effectively within a work environment and society in general. There are four dimensions of mental wellness which include cognitive, interpersonal, internal stability and behavioral health. The dimensions of social wellness encompass aspects related to how people interact with others such as communication skills, social skills, and attitudes towards safety and security.

Achieving wellness requires maintaining a balanced mental and physical state. For many individuals, maintaining a holistic lifestyle means a complete change of lifestyle and diet to incorporate practices that promote wellness. Achieving a holistic approach to wellness requires a long-term commitment to change. Changing one’s lifestyle to include a healthier diet and a more active exercise program, a reduction in sugary foods, getting regular sleep and breathing techniques, and engaging in spiritual and religious activities can contribute to mental and physical well-being and promote the overall wellness of an individual’s life.

When individuals live a healthy lifestyle, they often report having greater emotional well-being and a higher level of happiness. They also tend to have higher levels of vitality, higher energy, fewer health complications, and lower chances of premature death. Wellness has been defined as a state of complete well-being, regardless of current physical health. Studies have indicated that there is a strong correlation between socioeconomic status and life-savedness and a lesser risk of mortality in those who have attained the optimal level of fitness and health. Achieving wellness requires both voluntary action and the investment of time, effort, and resources to achieve the optimal level of health and fitness for an individual.

Many individuals believe that environmental wellness is directly linked to wellness. Wellness must begin at home through a daily routine which includes resting, eating a balanced diet, exercising, and socializing. It is important to note that environmental factors like pollution, smoking, or general unsafe environment can have an impact on your well-being; therefore, you should take all safety precautionary measures to reduce your exposure to such harmful elements. In addition, a well-balanced lifestyle requires taking supplements and incorporating a good diet and exercise into your daily routine. A combination of these elements can have a significant impact on the quality of your life and contribute to optimum health and well-being,

Managing Editor For Women of the Century

Women Of The Century

Managing Editor For Women of the Century

Women of the Century is a team of women who played a key role in preserving women’s rights and shaping women’s empowerment. Their task was to pick a diverse group of women who have made a tremendous impact not only in the state but also on a global scale. Numerous Oklahoma women have garnered the honor of Women of the Century, however the ultimate responsibility was to pick 10 who have made a lasting positive impact on society at large, in politics, in civil rights, in the media, in sports and the arts. These women from other states have contributed greatly to the world we live in today. Each one is a true representative of strength, courage, perseverance and resilience.

Still on pace, the Women Of The Century are among the leaders who continue to lay the groundwork for advancement. It is their noble fight for women’s equal rights that has helped pave the way for today’s women. They have accomplished much in the form of advancing women’s suffrage, setting the wheels in motion for the 20th amendment, and made substantial contributions towards the preservation of women’s civil rights. Each one has set a benchmark that the rest of us will follow with much more determination.

One of the remarkable women who managed to be recognized by the United States Congress while living under the Articles of Organization was Mary Mitchell Clark. Mary was a black woman who went on to become one of the first African American congresswoman. She managed to garner the support of her colleagues and rise to be a well-known and highly respected member of the Congressional black minority. This was a great feat in women’s history and she was definitely one of a kind.

An event of such magnitude like the women’s suffrage bill should be recognized by the nation. Every milestone that is achieved by women makes our country more just. And since this particular occasion is the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment, it is fitting that notable women from our past will be honored. Representing herself was a very courageous step for black woman. And because of this, they have been given the opportunity to be listed along with those who fought for their rights.

These days, we celebrate the women who made significant contributions to the success of our country. And these achievements are commemorated in the United States with various statues and structures. But what we also celebrate is the fact that the suffragists stood up for their rights. Although the 19th amendment gave women the right to vote, many did not feel it was fair to cede their rights to white males. And although the 19th amendment did away with slavery, some whites still owned black Americans.

Now that we have the chance to honor these trailblazers, it is our obligation to do so. And the way to go about honoring these important women is to create an enduring historical monument to these trailblazers. By creating an American Woman of the Century monument, we can not only honor their role in preserving and advancing our nation’s values, we can also honor each woman of the century and make her the most prominent woman of the 21st century. To make this possible, we need to create a program to honor these important women. To learn more about this type of program, please see the resource box below.

Tree Preservation – Save Mother Nature

The human species are a part of a group that consider themselves as the sole creators of all the natural wonders in our world. For such reasons, it is only fitting that we honor and recognize the fact that we are the makers and creators of all life upon Earth. This means that we hold full rights to all the beautiful places on Earth, including all the trees that bear our fruits, seeds, and leaves. By doing this, we are in fact giving ourselves a heavy responsibility and it is our privilege and obligation to protect all life. In doing so, we will also be creating the future for humanity, which should be a bright and happy day indeed.

As people around the world celebrate International Arbor Day, which is also known as World Tree Week, it is important to note that it is mankind’s responsibility to protect the trees that provide all the fruits, nuts, and leaves needed by all the human civilizations in existence. Through the efforts and perseverance of people like conservationists and scientists, we can make sure that future generations will be able to enjoy all the natural wonders that we have given them. In doing so, we give our children a piece of the greatness and knowledge of humankind, and they will grow up to be the greatest generation that has ever been created.

Since the beginning of civilization, man has always been aware of the importance of trees. Through the ages, our ancestors have managed to grow certain trees that provided the foundation of the very civilization that they built. For instance, some of the most powerful men in history, such as Alexander the great, managed to dominate the entire land using their newly discovered technologies. Similarly, some of the earliest civilizations on Earth were built using the trees that are now destroyed.

Through the ages, man has tried to understand and interpret the natural laws that govern the growth and development of trees. From his observations, he was able to come up with theories that explain why certain trees grow faster than the others, and why some trees have a more stable root system. In recent times, a lot of innovative technologies have been made use of in order to save trees. A lot of people who are engaged in tree-planting activities employ different methods such as using DEDs, or dynamite fertilizers, and other machinery in order to speed up the rate of tree growth. All these efforts are aimed at preventing the death of mother nature’s natural wonders and at preserving our world environment.

The need for tree preservation is greater than ever. Trees play a vital role in the cooling of the climate; they also help in preventing flooding and erosion by controlling the water levels. If we don’t take proper care of them, we may end up destroying these natural wonders that have helped mankind for ages. At the same time, humanity is putting its own life at stake by depleting the forests that serve as the roots of natural wonders. It is our duty to save them from destruction, and the best way to do this is by ensuring that they remain protected from all forms of damage.

We can achieve tree preservation by ensuring that we recycle paper waste, use eco-friendly materials in manufacturing, and take care of trees that are already in existence. However, there are certain areas that require additional measures, such as those where the tree stands in a vulnerable position. If this happens, then tree removal and plantation management have to be implemented. The best thing that we can do is to plant new trees in these areas and ensure that the surrounding area is kept clean and healthy. By doing so, we will be ensuring mother nature’s natural wonders get the attention they deserve. After all, we cannot surpass her when it comes to preserving our world.

Emotional Wellness Vs Environmental Wellness

Wellness is the act of regularly practicing certain healthy behaviors on a regular basis in order to achieve better mental and physical health results, which in turn, enables you to live better and longer. When you engage in a regimen of healthful behaviors such as eating right, staying active, and getting regular exercise, you are practicing the discipline of wellness. To fully understand the importance of wellness, it is very important to comprehend just how it is associated with good health. The concept of wellness is really very simple; it is about living with integrity and choosing decisions that are grounded in character and responsibility.


In order to begin the well-being journey, you need to choose and create your own sense of wellness. This can be done through consciously choosing positive and healthy behaviors toward your own self, others, and your environment. In addition, wellness needs to involve the connection between your physical health and emotional health, your spiritual health and your relationship with God or your Higher Power. Once you are on your way to wellness, you will start out each day with a fresh slate and have the ability to make good choices toward your well-being.

Living a healthy and fulfilling life also requires being actively involved in the physical aspects of this journey. For example, if you are involved in a spiritual or religious tradition that focuses on fitness and health, wellness becomes even more important. By being physically fit, you are making sure that your mind, body and spirit are operating in an optimal state of efficiency. This translates into feeling mentally and emotionally healthy, as well as having a strong body that can sustain the challenges that life brings.

A key element of wellness is regular physical activity, and many people overlook this fact when they focus on their overall well-being. As we age, we usually become more inactive, which can affect our mental and social well-being in many ways. A good way to keep both your mind and body active is to incorporate a daily regimen of exercise into your lifestyle. Many veterinarians recommend yoga as part of a quality lifestyle because it encourages proper posture, increased flexibility, and breathing techniques that are beneficial to both the mind and body.

Another component of a healthy lifestyle is diet. The proper diet provides the necessary nutrients to promote well-being and can alleviate many health conditions, including chronic pain, depression, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and other conditions. The goal of a well-balanced diet is to eliminate or minimize the risk of disease and injury, while maintaining a consistent and reasonable dietary level.

Overall, environmental wellness encompasses a combination of all elements of physical, mental, and social well-being. This approach promotes long-term well-being by improving your life satisfaction and reducing the potential for disease and injury. Creating a balance between the physical, mental, and social aspects of wellness can significantly improve your quality of life. To learn more about the science of environmental wellness, contact a local veterinarian.

Women Of The Century – Important Women Of The 20th Century

Women Of The Century

Women Of The Century – Important Women Of The 20th Century

In the year 2021, after a bruising campaign by Bill Clinton and his strong support from within his own party for his wife Hillary Clinton, the former First Lady was elected for her role as the first women U.S President. Although the historic nature of this feat has not faded, it has certainly changed the landscape of American politics and paved the way for women in general to become more politically active. Not only have women become more involved in local, state, and federal politics, but they have also gained ground in the executive branch of government. And perhaps one of the greatest strides in women’s political activism has been the push for women’s suffrage. The 19th amendment to the constitution granted women the right to vote.

Since then, many groups, including third parties and interest groups have fought for women’s suffrage. Recently, a popular argument against women’s suffrage is the idea that we live in a “patriarchal” society where men are the leaders. This argument is essentially a cultural conservative viewpoint about the nature of government. Although it has been a popular argument throughout history, it is now gaining more prominence in the 21st century. One of the most compelling arguments against women’s suffrage is the belief that we live in a “glass house” society – whereby men are the only ones that can lead.

The Augmented Reality (AR) theory suggests that people are much more proactive in their everyday lives due to technological advancements. According to augmented reality theory, people do not only see what they want to see, they also see it surrounded by a multitude of different images. This type of technology allows people to be “smart” by picking up on patterns and behaviors that others around them do not. For example, a doctor may use an app to see what a patient is eating. This doctor may not be able to read minds, but he or she can observe a different menu than those at the table.

Another influential woman of the early twenty-first century was Frances Woodrow Wilson, who as president of the United States passed the nineteenth amendment. The nineteenth amendment gave women the right to vote. Women Of The Century can thank the 19th amendment for having the chance to gain the right to vote. If women had been granted the right to vote before the nineteenth amendment, many women throughout the country would not have the opportunity to gain the right to stand up for themselves. Women Of The Century believes that the nineteenth amendment gave women the chance to achieve equality in the eyes of the law, which in turn gave them the chance to determine their own destiny.

One of the most influential and important women of the early twentieth century was Anna Jarvis. Anna Jarvis was born in 1905 and was a pioneering African-American women’s rights advocate and social justice organizer. She is regarded as one of the single most influential women of the century, along with Amelia Earhart. Anna Jarvis believed in a strong women’s right to be self-sufficient and protect her rights as well as the rights of all other women. This is what was known as civil rights at that time.

Anna Jarvis had this to say about civil rights “I am an African American woman in the United States of America and I believe in the equality of men and women and I also believe in the goodness of people and love them because I see the beauty of our common humanity shining through every shade of custom, race, creed and color. We must work to stop discrimination and prejudice and we must help one another. Now is the time to come together and not separate ourselves by lines demarcating geographical locations. Let us live, breathe and love as we know you do and believe that this day is a day of joy for all of us.”

What is Wellness?

Wellness is not something that we hear much about these days. The main reason for this could be the lack of awareness of what is involved in good health practices. Wellness is also the practice of practicing certain healthy habits on a regular basis in order to achieve better mental and physical health results, so you are always thriving instead of simply surviving. So, how do we define wellness?


Wellness has two dimensions. On one hand we have environmental wellness, which is the result of following healthy habits such as eating a balanced diet, exercising and socializing. On the other hand there is spiritual wellness, which is the result of following religious or spiritual beliefs. In other words, spiritual beliefs are beliefs based on virtue ethics, virtue morals and values. In other words, the two dimensions of wellness are the same but only one is focused upon more widely in the public consciousness.

Environmental wellness is an active process. It is a matter of following good dietary guidelines, making sure your body gets all the vitamins and minerals it needs, using organic products that don’t contain chemicals, eating a proper diet that contains the nutrients your body needs to function at its optimum level and getting regular exercise. These factors are vital to a healthy eating program. However, environmental eating is just one component of a healthy eating plan.

The second dimension of wellness is mental health or self-esteem. When we consider the second dimension of well-being, we find that it encompasses several components that are all related to your physical and psychological health. These components include social interaction, physical exercise, mental health and self-esteem. Mental health includes your attitude toward life, your feelings and thoughts, your motivation level and your ability to deal with change and difficulties.

Another dimension of wellness is spirituality. Spiritual wellness includes following a religious tradition or having beliefs and thoughts that are relevant to your spiritual journey. Spirituality is a way of approaching life that can make you feel whole and help you deal with situations that you might otherwise find overwhelming. It can be a positive impact on your physical health as well as your mental wellness and spiritual wellness.

All these components are important components of wellness. A person who is healthy physically is also healthy mentally and spiritually. A person who is healthy spiritually is a balanced person capable of experiencing happiness and sadness. And a person who is maximizing their optimal health through a proper combination of good eating habits, regular exercise and appropriate stress management techniques is going to be a happy person who is at peace in both their mind and their body.

The First Women Of The Century Timeline – A Look At The Era That Shook The World

Women Of The Century is an outstanding exhibition of photography taken between and before the turn of the twentieth century. It features many familiar faces from our American digital age – such as snapping a picture of Selena Gomez, catching some amazing sports, and watching a little girl light a birthday candle. I’ve always found this type of exhibition very inspiring, as American art has been virtually closed to the masses up until now. Women Of The Century helps us to see the great women of our past in a contemporary light. The photographs themselves are extremely well developed, showing clear color throughout the image, even though there are some minor corrections here and there which detract from the quality somewhat.

Women Of The Century

Women Of The Century also attempts to combine the medium of art with the medium of digital photography, to provide what some call “augmented reality”. This concept is somewhat of a misnomer, as reality is not really altered by viewing these images; rather, the viewer is merely added to the digital image, which already exists in some form. Still, the concept is mind-blowing, as we are introduced to the idea of the media and technology that are increasingly transforming the way that we live. In a way, Women Of The Century encourages us to step back and look at the history of the digital revolution and consider how it has affected American and world politics, and also changed the way that we interact with each other on a daily basis. In a sense, augmented reality can be seen as a continuation and evolution of the feminist movement in the United States, a movement that made women more visible and influential in society.

As Women Of The Century points out, the nineteenth amendment to the constitution of the United States gave women the right to vote. Though the amendment didn’t give women the right to vote themselves, rather either support their husbands or fellow suffragists, it did mark a major step forward for the female population. For decades, however, the suffragist movement was a victim of exclusionary political policies and laws, which kept women from achieving the equality and freedom that they had been fighting for. Now, with the help of augmented reality software, the future of the suffragist movement and women’s rights can be secured. This is because the United States government has recently passed the 19th amendment, which will expand upon the rights and power of women in all fifty states of the country.

This means that through an internet connection, you can access the history of the women’s rights movement, find out about the latest happenings in the Supreme Court, and even upload your own digital copies of your own civil rights testimony. In fact, Women Of The Century provides you with a detailed, history-driven timeline, which guides you through all of the important events. By using the “age of women” timeline, you can see how the evolution of women’s rights throughout the nineteenth century progressed, from the first major court case to the first successful social welfare legislation. This digital tool was created by a company based in Columbus, Ohio, called Lantern Women’s Press, which is led by twenty-nine-year-old Sarah Anderson. As a managing editor for the company, Sarah has seen the site become so popular that she hopes it can one day replace women’s magazines altogether.

If you would rather skip reading this history lesson, in the past the mainframe in which the Women Of The Century timeline is set is called the Tangle, and in the future it will most likely be the World Wide Web. The reason for this shift in the timeline is that the 21st century will see more augmented reality applications than we have seen before. Augmented reality, also called ‘augmented reality’ is the term for the merging of computer technology with real world data, in order to provide users with a completely realistic experience in virtual reality.

For example, consider how the National Park Service could benefit from the use of augmented reality. Right now, the agency is working to create digital tours of the Grand Canyon, and they are hoping to take advantage of the new technologies being developed by the National Park Service to make that reality experience as real as possible. If you like to know what your next trip to the Grand Canyon will look like, an augmented reality application for your smart phone may be just the thing for you.

Is Humankind a Subspecies of Chimpanzee?

In recent years, the subject of humanity has been somewhat obscured in much the same way as the subject of race. We know all too well that humans are of one race – all of them human. Yet, we ignore or choose to ignore the otherness of all human beings, even as we pride ourselves on our diversity and ability to mix and match. The trouble of mankind is that we are diverse and yet remain inseparable from each other. The problem of humanity is that all of us are not identical. The issue of humanity thus re-emerged with a vengeance recently in the form of an allegedly frivolous incident involving a school student who was (Reportedly) punished for the use of a term that, when used in conjunction with another word, describes mankind as a whole: mankind in a single phrase.


Although the story sounds like a movie starring Tom Hanks, it’s anything but. The story began at Union County College in North Carolina, where a math teacher assigned to the classroom of a Mathematics professor, Cross-iburton University, made note of a word appearing in a student’s assignment that was being used to describe mankind as a whole. The word, according to the professor, was “mankind.” A heated debate followed which spilled over into the classroom and eventually spilled over into the classroom room, forcing the professor to resign his position.

Although the debate was framed around a matter of academic disagreement, the dispute was about free speech as it relates to humanity and perhaps more importantly, was about free thought as it relates to humankind. If the whole world could be defined in terms of gender-neutral pronouns and a few adjectives such as “humanity” in the future, then people would be very restricted as to how they could think or argue. It is beyond doubt that most people in the world have thought or argued without even using pronouns such as “I”, “you”, or “our.” There are many grammatical structures in which the use of pronouns can cause problems in arguments or discussions. The use of pronouns such as “I” or “you” can cause some individuals to feel very threatened or uncomfortable. If there is no room for questioning, then progress cannot occur.

For example, a group of anthropologists who were studying chimpanzees at St. James National Park, found themselves trapped in a cultural war of sorts, when one group of scientists wanted to define the genus of Man. According to them, only six different species of human existed. They also claimed that chimpanzees were completely unrelated to all the other species that make up the genus of Man. This caused an immense rift between the chimpanzees and humankind and a scientist who wanted to include chimpanzees in his taxonomy of Man began to argue that Man was only one species of another.

Science has since advanced to the point that this is simply not true. Furthermore, the Chimpanzee genome has shown that Chimpanzees and Humans are highly related. Therefore, if the hypothesis is that chimpanzees are less related to Humankind than Man himself, then Humankind must be placed in its own genus with a few subspecies thrown in. Even if one wishes to call Humankind species of Chimpanzee, it is still possible to use language that is gender-neutral, so that both male and female chimps are included in the family tree of humankind.

Although there has been much confusion about the place of Humankind within the animal kingdom, and whether or not the species we are known as Humankind is really a species of Chimpanzee or a subspecies of Chimpanzee. The most accurate way to classify a species is to take an individual from the immediate family (offspring) and look at whether or not that individual will grow up to reproduce independently. If that individual does not, it will be classified as a species separate from Chimpanzees. This is the same method used to determine whether humans, as a species are indeed separate species from Chimpanzees, and not merely a subspecies of Chimpanzees. It is possible that the taxonomists may change the biological classification of Humankind into subspecies later on, but until then, it appears that the present scientific definition of Humankind is a chimpanzee.