Tips For Playing Humankind

Humankind is a turn-based strategy 4X video game. It was released on August 2021 for Microsoft Windows and Stadia. It was developed by Amplitude Studios and published by Sega. As far as the release dates go, this game is set in the year 2021. In addition to being available on both platforms, it is also available for Xbox One. Here are some tips for playing Humankind. Read on to learn more about the game and its development.


The first human civilization in the game was in the Ancient Era, and it is now the center of civilization. This game was originally scheduled for a July release on the Microsoft Windows platform, but the developers delayed it to August so it could be reviewed by gamers. Amplitude also stated that Humankind will feature multiculturalism, which makes the game very interesting. The second reason why Humankind is a good game is that it allows you to create your own world with different cultures.

Humankind is a massive turn-based strategy game. You control units and bring reinforcements to fight for your cause. It’s a lot like playing a mini-turn-based board game, but you get to have an actual world map to see the battles and decide which units will fight against what. As a bonus, you can also build siege weapons and upgrade the AI’s skills. You can also use your own resources to improve the AI in Humankind.

In the Middle Ages, the word mankind was used for humans. It has a much longer history than man. The term “mankind” refers to a race or a species, and the term has a more positive connotation. However, it is still considered a sexist term. Nonetheless, it is still widely used to describe a human population. It’s also more common to refer to a group of people as a single entity.

Aristocles’s words in the game’s script were ambiguous. It’s no wonder then that, in Humankind, he’d have chosen to speak in a gender-neutral manner. Its protagonist, a sexy woman, was the first woman on earth to use a sexy name. His mother’s last name was a man. Aristocles’s stance on this matter made the game a feminist title.

Inhumanity isn’t limited to humans. It extends to all creatures. In the game, a man can be a crooked usurer or an ignorant stage Jew. The same goes for a pig. The human race, however, is a species of animal. In the context of Humankind, a pig is called a pig, whereas a crocodile is a person.

The game’s meta-progression system allows players to unlock more custom looks over time. By advancing in the game, humankind became more concerned with their bodies and how they looked. Until today, most people have a swimming suit, but the earliest known history of a swimsuit is in a birthday suit. The character will evolve over time. A pig will show off its ribs and legs, and a pig will be a sexy cat, and vice versa.

The Key to Wellness

The World Health Organization defines wellness as the state of being at one’s optimal level of health. A person is in a state of wellness if they feel good and are motivated to do their best. Individuals can experience all seven dimensions, and they are all interconnected, but the best way to achieve it is to balance them. There are several steps to get there, but the most important aspect of wellness is the ability to assess your current state and make a plan for improvement.

The key to Wellness is to maintain a balanced lifestyle. Ideally, we should be active, but if we are not, we may experience depression. Developing a balanced diet and exercise regime are important to our overall health. Eating a balanced diet is essential for our health, and a good amount of sleep is essential. Poor nutrition can cause depression. Physical inactivity is another common symptom of depression. Despite these symptoms, there are many other ways to improve our wellness.

Most people think of wellness in terms of physical health. But this is a very limited view of wellness. It encompasses mental, social, environmental, financial, and emotional well-being. Ultimately, it is a personalized, proactive process. This process requires self-directed, intentional action. The goal of achieving wellness is to live a life that is free from physical and emotional suffering. However, a healthy lifestyle is also dependent on your environment.

A person who is healthy is a well-rounded person. A person with strong values and a positive attitude can be a successful leader. They are aware of their emotions and seek to control them. They can find purpose in their work and their community. Intellectual wellness focuses on acquiring knowledge and utilizing it to benefit society. The goal of a well-balanced lifestyle is a simple goal to achieve. This approach can be used to create a healthy lifestyle for anyone, whether they are a student, an entrepreneur, or a professional.

In order to achieve overall wellness, people must practice a positive self-image. A person must have a positive image of themselves and have a positive self-image. It should be a good way to live a happy, healthy life. While a negative mindset can lead to chronic illnesses, a person with a positive attitude aims to live life to the fullest. The key to living a life that is balanced is to find the balance between these factors and to stay healthy in all aspects of your life.

Developing good health habits can have a positive impact on your life. By practicing positive attitudes, you will be able to achieve overall well-being. If you are concerned with your mental health, you may want to consider a holistic approach to wellness. Your mind will be a good place for you to start. It will help you stay healthy. Achieving a healthy mind will help you live a happy life. The same is true for your physical health.

Women of the Century

American women have long been trailblazers of the twentieth century. However, many of these pioneers were born in the U.S., where they continued their pioneering spirit. Here are some of the American women who helped shape our nation’s future. Read on to discover more. And don’t miss our newest Trailblazer!, starring Elizabeth Taylor and Hillary Clinton. This is a brief history of some of America’s most influential women.

Women Of The Century

In commemoration of the anniversary of the 19th Amendment, USA TODAY, part of the Gannett Co., Inc., has selected 100 influential women across the country for their nationwide list. The project also recognizes 500 prominent women across the country. The list also includes the likes of Amy Tan, Maya Angelou, Michelle Obama, and Tarana Burke. This year’s 100 Women of the Century will be distributed in print and digital.

The women featured in USA Today’s list are American citizens who have made significant contributions in their fields. They must have been born in the U.S. and have lived in the United States from 1920 to the present. The 100 Women of the Century are chosen by a panel of judges, including journalists, professors, business leaders, and celebrities. The list will honor women who are important to the U.S. since 1920. They must also have impacted society in some way.

These women have contributed to society in a number of ways. From making a difference to advancing the lives of others, they have achieved much, but are often unnoticed. Luckily, the Women of the Century project will spotlight these women’s achievements, allowing us to remember them as we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment. They have also helped advance women’s rights. A list of their accomplishments will provide inspiration to all of us, whether they are young or old.

The list is a compilation of 100 women whose accomplishments have shaped the course of history. From historical websites to encyclopedias, these women have made their mark on society. Those who have made a positive contribution to society will be honored. The list is a testament to the courage and tenacity of women. So, what are you waiting for? Take the time to see it! There is much to celebrate!

The list is impressive. The list includes the suffragists and women who fought for women’s rights. The editors of the series have also included 19 iconic American women who have changed the course of history. The ten North Dakotans featured on the list are exemplary of the 21st century. The books are not only inspirational but also educational. The first edition of the “Women Of The Century” will be released on August 29th.

What Does the Word “Humankind” Mean?

Depending on your personal preferences, the term Humankind can mean a wide range of things. While the word modern may sound cliched, it is often used to describe early modern humans. These individuals represent the modern version of the human species and are distinct from extinct archaic human species. Among them are the ancient humans, the apes and the hominins. Whether you call yourself a modern or early modern person depends on how you define your definition of humankind.


The term “human” has been used to refer to humans since the Middle Ages, but it is still relatively new to gaming. It was first used to describe animals, and is considered less threatening. In recent years, the word “human” has been applied to all living creatures, from ants to giant whales. In Humankind, players can lead their people from humble origins to be the leader of their civilization, which is a truly impressive feat.

While Humankind does have many ties to Civilization, it also incorporates some improvements from that time period. The game’s map is divided into regions, which can be combined and rearranged to form new and different cities. While cities will naturally grow and expand, they will also need different districts to accommodate new growth. These are known as emblematic quarters, and they will keep their historical look. And, as long as there is a population, you can expand your empire by combining and re-organizing the various districts.

Earlier this year, a college student was penalized for using the word “mankind” in a paper. This was despite the fact that the professor had explicitly admonished students to use gender-neutral language, including “human.” Nevertheless, the professor deemed the term “disreputable,” and the student is still stuck with the decision. He is adamant about the title’s gender-neutrality.

While the game is not the first game to make waves in the world, it is a landmark in human history. As one of the greatest engineering achievements in history, the telephone network was invented, bringing mankind to the edge of an abyss multiple times. Similarly, the image of humankind reflects the humanitarian notion of universal similarities. The twentieth century has brought humanity to the brink of abyss. The name of the Susaian Orichalc is the enemy of all sentient races.

In Humankind, players can rewrite the history of human civilization. They can combine different cultures to build a world-altering civilization. As they progress, they will also need to learn about historical events. Throughout the game, players will also learn about the role of buffoons and the Hive Queen. As they grow in sophistication, the buffoons are more intelligent than their masters. As a result, they are the first animals in the world to have swimsuits.

How to Achieve Wellness

Achieving wellness requires a commitment to making healthy decisions, not to relying on fad diets. Instead, it involves identifying one habit that makes you feel good and helps you feel better about yourself. The world health organization defines wellness as a state of optimal health for individuals and groups. People who are fit are happier and more efficient. They also work harder than people who are unhealthy. Listed below are some tips to get you started on your wellness journey.


First, consider what a wellness means to you. A healthy state involves an individual’s mental and physical well-being. It’s a positive, intentional effort. The goal of good health is to maximize vitality. Practicing a healthy lifestyle prevents disease. When a person is in good health, their focus is on maximizing their health. They engage in a variety of activities that improve their overall well-being. When compared to patients who are unhealthy, they focus more on preventing disease.

When a person is truly well, they are aware of their emotional, social and environmental well-being. They know how to manage their feelings and can name them. They are aware of their strengths and weaknesses and are willing to learn from these challenges. In addition to physical activity, mental health is a huge part of wellness. While some people consider physical exercise to be the most important aspect of being well, there are also many other aspects of life that contribute to overall wellness.

When it comes to emotional wellness, the word “wellness” has no one set definition. The term can mean just about anything. It can refer to the mental state of an individual, their feelings, or their attitude toward life. In other words, a person with a sense of wellness has a more balanced perspective. This awareness leads to greater happiness. In this case, a person has a more optimistic outlook. When a person’s physical state is more complete, they are likely to achieve a higher quality of life.

When someone has the right mindset, they are more likely to achieve wellness. By incorporating mindfulness into their daily lives, they are more likely to live a healthier life. They will be more likely to be more confident and satisfied. They will be more contented. While they may not have the same level of self-awareness, they’ll feel more confident and more successful. When you are aware of your strengths and weaknesses, you’ll be able to achieve them.

In addition to physical health, mental health is important. The goal of wellness is to be happy and healthy. Achieving a balanced lifestyle means that you’ll be mentally and emotionally healthy. It can also be beneficial to the environment. By making smart decisions, you’ll achieve wellness. You’ll be more confident and more optimistic in your relationships. So, make sure you’re mentally and emotionally healthy. It’s essential for your happiness to be happy and content.

Women Of The Century – Trailblazers

The article trailblazers the American female community. It aims to celebrate these trailblazers by focusing on the accomplishments of trailblazing American women. These are just a few of the inspiring stories of women who made their way to the top in the United States. You can learn more about the lives and achievements of these remarkable Americans at the link below. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at these trailblazers.

Women Of The Century

USA TODAY NETWORK has launched a Women Of The Century project to honor American women. It has interviews with 50 influential women, including Billie Jean King and Rita Moreno. It has also published a database of biographies of 100 of these women. All of these interviews are online, and you can access them anytime. These stories are part of a celebration of American women. Throughout the project, USA TODAY’s goal is to recognize and celebrate the contributions of American womanhood.

The project focuses on 100 inspirational American women from 1920 to the present. Each woman featured in the list represents a different era in the history of the United States. Besides, each individual story focuses on a different person. In the list, women who have made a difference in society will be honoured. These stories will be written by the most influential women in history. They will also be shown in video and augmented reality. The project is led by Philana Patterson, who has a background in sports.

“Women Of the Century” is a USA TODAY project that celebrates women’s achievements and potential. Each year, the project recognizes 10 outstanding American women and their contributions to their fields. The list will be published in the eight-page section of the magazine today. These lists will also appear in local magazines and websites. You can submit your own videos or photos of outstanding women in history, which will be published in USA TODAY.

The women of the century are recognized for their achievements in history. For instance, Caroline Sinavaiana Gabbard has worked closely with the Kennedys, and she’s also a UH Manoa professor. Her book, “The First Woman in America” is an empowering and influential woman, who has been instrumental in changing the course of society. This award is named after a woman who has contributed to the development of her community in the last century.

The Women Of The Century are a great example of a woman’s contribution to history. The women who have contributed to the world’s development include Queen Victoria, Marie Curie, Cleopatra, and Madonna. She has sold over 250 million records. If you’re wondering about the impact of these women on society, then watch her livestream of her speech. The program will include a virtual event, where six storytellers share their stories about women who have inspired them.

The Meaning of the Word “Humankind”


The Meaning of the Word “Humankind”

The term Humankind refers to all modern forms of human beings, including the early modern human and the extinct archaic species. Homo sapiens is the first species to develop a skeletal structure, and it is also known as the modern human. However, there are two primary categories of humans: the early modern human and the extinct archeic. The early modern human is the more recent and modern form. This is the most common type of human.

It is a turn-based strategy game in which the user is encouraged to rewrite history. It has one million unique civilisations, and is a multi-cultural experience. It was released in August 2021 for Microsoft Windows. It is currently being tested on the Stadia, and will be reviewed on CGM in August. The developers have also announced that they will support ARK: Survival Evolved. The game is a must-have for anyone who enjoys strategy games.

While the Humankind game is the first title to have a major release date in August 2021, Amplitude delayed its release due to the feedback from players. It was originally expected to launch on April 22nd, but the delay was due to player feedback and the fact that the game would be delayed by a few months. But the fact remains that Humankind will eventually be available for both PC and Google Stadia. The sequel is set for release in 2022.

The term “humankind” is gender neutral. Although humans have a large prefrontal cortex, the word “human” is not used as a sex-based term. It is also used to refer to the human race. People who identify with the human species are often referred to as Homo sapiens. The difference between mankind and homo is significant in the way humans view their existence. The name humankind is not intended to be sexist and is not a derogatory term.

Despite the fact that humans are the most common species, there is no human species that is more human than another. We share the same DNA, and the human beings are the most important beings on earth. Unlike other animals, humans have evolved a highly complex brain. The biggest brain of all has a complex structure and a large brain. Thus, the word “humankind” has evolved into a phrase referring to the whole world.

The name of the game is the same as the term for people. This term was originally used for all anthropomorphic species. Since then, humans have been using heat to prepare food. The Neolithic revolution saw the emergence of agriculture, which lasted for around 7,000 years. During this period, humanity also developed civilizations in cities. Besides that, humans were diurnal, which means that they were born in a night.

What Is Wellness?

The World Health Organization defines wellness as a state of good health in which individuals or groups achieve their maximum potential. This state of wellness extends from illness to optimal health, where people engage in behaviors that promote well-being. While many people associate wellness with physical health, it can be a much broader concept. This term encompasses mental and spiritual health, as well as environmental factors. It can be difficult to determine how to define wellness, but it is essential to define it in terms of your personal health.

The word wellness is used to describe the state of being healthy. It refers to not only physical health, but also mental and emotional health. This concept has applications in almost every field of human endeavor, from medicine to education, counseling, and coaching. It is the result of deliberate efforts to improve your overall well-being. The term “wellness” is generally applied to individuals in the helping professions, such as medicine, psychology, counseling, and social work.

The definition of wellness is complicated, but the basics of wellbeing are remarkably simple. It includes the concept of being aware of one’s self and taking responsibility for one’s health and happiness. A well-being person makes conscious decisions and acts with a sense of purpose. Ultimately, a well-being person focuses on daily habits and a strong sense of purpose. A well-being individual is a person who believes in the power of positive values and is committed to improving their lifestyle.

The key to achieving wellness is to maintain good mental and physical health. Both are interrelated. While improving your physical health will improve your overall life satisfaction, it is equally important to work on improving your mental and emotional well-being. The goal is to enhance your overall well-being, and that is what makes wellness so valuable. So, what should you do to improve your wellbeing? Get involved in a wellness program. A good program will help you become a healthier person.

While it is possible to have a wellness plan for your life, the key is to develop a plan. A well-balanced lifestyle will allow you to maximize your potential. The National Wellness Institute says that a person’s wellness is a result of their efforts to balance their physical and mental health. This means that a healthy person spends more time in their career and in their personal life. The key to maintaining optimal health is to find ways to balance each of these dimensions.

The word wellness is a synonym for well-being. It is a positive experience. It includes physical and mental health. It is an ongoing process. Moreover, it is a lifetime process. As a result, it will benefit you for many years to come. You may find that you have many different choices in terms of your life. The key to achieving optimum health is finding out what you’re passionate about. The best way to do this is to be as creative as possible.

Women of the Century

American history has a long tradition of trailblazing women, but this list of trailblazing American women is even longer. These women paved the way for a new American economy and created jobs for generations of women. In this piece, you’ll learn about some of the most notable examples. Here are some of them. They paved the way for a new generation of American women. Read on to find out more about the many women who made history.

Women Of The Century

Some of the women honored this year include the president of the United States, Billie Jean King, and Rita Moreno, the Flint water whistleblower. Other honorees include Billie Jean King, a tennis champion and social justice activist. A full list of women who were named “Women of the Century” by USA TODAY NETWORK news outlets is available online. Some of the notable women interviewed for the list include Billie Jean King, Rita Moreno, and Ann Coulter, among others.

The USA TODAY Network has announced their list of 100 Women of the Century. The list features ten women from different fields. To be listed in the list, a woman must have lived in the United States between 1920 and 2020, and have achieved a significant accomplishment in one of 10 categories. All of them must also be U.S. citizens. While some of the women listed are not well-known, their achievements are still impressive.

The project is part of the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment. The project will celebrate the achievements of American women throughout history. The USA TODAY NETWORK has chosen 19 iconic women for the national list. The company will also recognize 500 women from different backgrounds, including those in the U.S. territories. The USA TODAY NETWORK will also host a virtual event with six storytellers to share their stories. There will also be a “Women of the Century” commemoration that will be live-streamed on Aug. 18.

The Women of the Century list was published on the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which provided the right of women to vote in America. The publication has featured the accomplishments of everyday women in a variety of areas, including politics, medicine, business, and volunteer work. Several other women on the list are also entrepreneurs, small business owners, mothers, and pilots. All of these women are changing the world one relationship at a time.

The Women of the Century series celebrates influential women in the U.S., as well as other countries. The program is a great educational tool for students and teachers, and includes inspiring stories of people who made a difference in their communities. It is an honor to celebrate these extraordinary women. The history of these remarkable women is fascinating. The awards are given to people who have contributed to their community. In the United States, they have made a difference in the lives of their community and the world.

Humankind – What Are the Different Names of Humankind?

Humankind has many different names. Some people use the term early modern human, while others use the terms “early modern” or “anatomically modern”. The early modern human is the closest living relative of the extinct archaic human species. It’s not yet clear which name is correct, but many have speculated that both names refer to the same thing. Regardless of the exact terminology, there are a lot of common traits in both.


Humankind’s map is divided into regions, with each region representing a city. Some districts will be city centers, while others will be emblematic quarters. You’ll need to build up different units to create the most powerful civilization. As your civilization evolves, you’ll unlock different looks, which you can show off to friends and strangers. You can also level up your avatar to get the best possible look. After all, no one likes to see an unattractive character – who wants to be that?

Another common problem is sex. The term “waiter” may be too masculine, but it’s still considered acceptable to refer to a waiter as a man. A waiter’s job is a woman, and using a male term for a woman is considered sexist. But the word “waiter” can still be used in a professional context. Despite the sex-based connotations of the term, it’s still preferred in many instances.

As a student, I often feel the need to use gender-neutral language in my writing. Despite the fact that I’m not a feminist, I believe that it’s a good idea to use gender-neutral language for academic purposes. This is particularly important as we will need to build robots that can survive in harsh cosmic environments. Having the ability to adapt to different conditions is a great step forward in the evolution of our species.

In Humankind, players are able to explore the wonders of the world and build amazing creations of humankind. They can engage in multi-terrain world wars and call in reinforcements. The game is a historical strategy game, and the game allows players to create unique civilizations. It is a popular game for both PC and console. It also allows gamers to explore the natural wonders of the world and learn about different cultures.

The game is an historical strategy game. It has been around for over a hundred years. The free demo offers 100 turns and allows you to make your own avatar. After that, you can download the full version. The demo includes three different historical eras and 14 different cultures. It is highly recommended that you play the full version for the complete experience. You can even rewrite history by combining different cultures. And once you get the hang of it, you’ll be hooked!

The game also features a meta-progression system that unlocks custom looks. The player can choose between an Ancient era Mayan civilization and a Classical era Umayyad civilization. The Meta-progression system is also available for multiplayer games. With a great number of options to choose from, the game can be played for hours. HUMANKIND will keep you busy for many hours. The main objective of the game is to conquer the world and save it from destruction.

Achieving Wellness


Achieving Wellness

There are many different factors that go into achieving wellness. A person’s mental state, physical health, and social well-being should all be considered in order to achieve wellness. People who have good health focus on maximizing their vitality and minimizing stress. Emotional wellbeing is often linked to a positive attitude and lifestyle, while those with poor health are frequently consumed with negative thoughts and feelings. While these factors are all important, people with poor mental and emotional health should focus on their self-worth and cultivate healthy relationships and support systems.

Generally, a healthy state involves two distinct factors. A healthy state means having an active and balanced mind and body. Moreover, a well-balanced lifestyle will lead to an enhanced quality of life. The latter is essential to achieving a successful career. It is important to note that there is a wide range of factors that go into attaining wellness, and an individual should pay attention to all of them. Once these factors are addressed, an individual will experience a greater sense of well-being.

An ideal lifestyle should have a clear sense of purpose, and one should adopt a positive attitude. Being happy and healthy is a great way to enhance a person’s quality of life. A person who is content with their lives has a strong sense of purpose. This attitude is a key factor in achieving wellness. It is essential to embrace a positive mindset because it is essential to one’s overall health and happiness. The best approach to achieving wellness is to start with a healthy diet and lifestyle. A person’s outlook should be a reflection of the person’s value system.

An individual’s attitude towards life and pursuing goals is a very important aspect of overall wellness. This is why it’s important to practice daily healthy habits and to have a supportive network. There are many ways to improve one’s happiness. Aside from a healthy lifestyle, an individual must practice mental and emotional health. A healthy diet is essential for a person to improve their wellbeing. Exercise are vital aspects of emotional and mental health.

Another aspect of wellness is environmental health. A person’s environment is very important, and a healthy lifestyle requires balance. The goal of health is to be whole and enjoy life fully. A healthy life is dependent on a balanced mind. While there are no single behaviors that contribute to happiness and wellbeing, one must strive for a balanced diet. While the individual should not neglect their mental and spiritual well-being. Ultimately, all aspects of physical health are vital to ensuring a high quality of life.

While most wellness models are based on a single dimension, experts have found that the concept of health has many dimensions. This includes the physical, social, and emotional health of an individual. Besides, the individual should also be concerned about the physical environment, which is the core of wellness. The person should be aware of their own lifestyle and abide by it. A healthy lifestyle also means eating right and staying away from unhealthy food. If one does not eat, the body may not be functioning properly.

Women of the Century

The history of American women is replete with trailblazing American women. Here are some of the most inspirational and influential trailblazers of the twentieth century. Let’s examine each woman’s life in order to get a better understanding of what they contributed to society. Listed below are some of their accomplishments, contributions. You can explore each woman’s biography to learn more about her accomplishments and achievements.

Women Of The Century

One of the best-known lists for women is the “Women Of The Century.” This list honors the outstanding achievements of women in the fields of law, entertainment, philanthropy, civil rights, sports, the arts and literature. This list is compiled annually by the USA TODAY Network, which began the nomination process in January. For its inaugural list, the network named 10 women from all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

For the 2018 list, USA TODAY NETWORK news outlets asked the public for nominations and then engaged local experts to name ten “Women of the Century” in each state. The final list, featuring 10 American women, will be published in mid-September and will be available online. The winners are recognized as women who have contributed greatly to their respective states, their country and the world. The list is published in conjunction with the United Nations’ Millennium Initiative.

The list includes Marie Curie, the first female Nobel Prize winner, and the most popular female music artist of all time, Madonna. The project is part of USA TODAY’s 100 Women of the Century project and is distributed in print, digital, and augmented reality. Additionally, the list will be published on USA Today’s websites and in local print publications. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get the list. You’ll be glad you did.

USA TODAY has published the list of Women of the Century. Currently, it includes 500+ women from different fields. The list also includes 100 women who were influential in the past century. The list is backed by an advisory board of prestigious women. These women are among the most influential in their fields. The women in this list have made a difference in their communities. They have fought for equality and a more equal society.

The 100 Women of the Century project is an educational resource for both women and men. The project is a multimedia project that highlights the accomplishments of women throughout history. Each chapter of the book is a unique and inspiring experience. In addition to the livestreamed event, there are two augmented reality experiences of the women of the century. The “Women of the century” video series will feature six famous women. The other is a virtual event with six “Women of the century” in different countries.

What is Humanity?

With all of the wars and political unrest in the world today, humanity needs to come to some sort of understanding. This war, between East and West Germany, was a battle between civilizations, in a land without a continent. Yet mankind has attempted to cross continents and destroy each other on countless occasions. Now that the two nations have reunified, they are bound to work together to ensure that humankind can live in peace.


Humanity’s flaws have been exposed through history, but those events need to be addressed so that humanity does not continue down the path of destruction. One such flaw is that of mankind’s self-interest. Humans have created technology which is superior to everything else on the face of the earth, including itself. This creates an illusion for humans that they are in control of the entire universe, when the truth is that they are one mind, and part of a complex organism which controls the earth and its environment. If humans would stop looking up at the stars and down at the ground, they would realize that they are part of a much bigger picture.

Another flaw humanity has is that it tries to regulate itself through laws and force. Humans need to evolve into something more than violent animals, as they are the ones who created the violent planet we call Earth. Through the laws that humans have made, they have tried to control their society and their environment, which only creates more problems. Humans need to look for other ways to live.

There are other species in the universe which share our interests, which will help us better adapt to life on Earth. One such creature is Chimpanzees. These creatures have shown a greater interest in objects than humans, which has led to the development of science. Humans are still stuck in their old ways, trying to figure out how to use the universe they are living on to make themselves and their civilization survive. This is a big problem that needs to be solved if mankind wants to continue being a part of this universe.

There is another problem in existence, which is mankind’s attitude towards their neighbors. Many times, neighbors will do things that are negative to our interests, which leads us to war. We need to change our way of thinking before we start wars. Since the beginning of time, people have been fighting among themselves, which causes even more deaths and damages. If we want to have peace in the world, we need to change the way we look at others and the way we look at ourselves.

It is said that all of the greatest minds to have existed in history have one thing in common, which is that they were all great intellectuals. In order for mankind to move forward, it needs intellectual leaders. The first step to doing this is to become aware of the problems that mankind has created in the past, in the present, and in the future. In doing so, one will be able to look for solutions for these problems. Then, mankind can once again emerge as the dominant species that it deserves to be.

Interpreting Wellness: The Dynamic Process of Healthy Living

Wellness and health go hand in hand, as both are related to your mental and physical well being. Wellness is the act of regularly practicing healthy habits on a regular basis to achieve better mental and physical health results, which in turn, enables you to live more comfortably and feel happier. How to know the importance of wellness? Well, to know the importance of wellness, it is essential to first understand what it is associated with.


The meaning of wellness can be seen in the dimensions of activity that one engages in. An active lifestyle that includes sports, dancing, working out at the gym, etc., all contribute to wellness. The dimensions of wellness can also be seen in the dimension of mental health, which consists of aspects such as mood stability, motivation, and sleep habits. A good night’s sleep is necessary to maintain a good mood. The dimensions of wellness and health can also be seen in the dimensions of a person’s physical health. It is important for one to engage in a regular exercise regime to maintain a fit body.

The dimensions of wellness and health can also be seen in the dimensions of emotional health, which is the result of engaging in meaningful activities, taking part in social events, and having high levels of self-esteem and personal confidence. Emotional wellness is essential to one’s emotional health, as negative emotions can cause physical health issues. The emotional dimension of wellness is often thought to involve the physical dimensions of being fit, as well. Emotional wellness can be measured through the dimensions of sleep, exercise, and depression. The six dimensions of wellness and health are important components of an effective mental, emotional, physical, and social health plan.

The spiritual dimension of wellness refers to any practices we engage in that promote a sense of connection with a higher power or other transcendent source. Spiritual wellness can be measured through any of the dimensions of environmental health: physical activities (such as exercise), spiritual reflection, interpersonal interactions, and social interactions. By integrating spiritual wellness with environmental wellness, we can address the threefold challenge presented by modern lifestyles.

The third dimension of wellness is the complete physical being. This dimension considers the physical, mental, and emotional being of an individual. By focusing on the complete physical being, we can better understand the concepts of environmental health, emotional health, and spiritual wellness. In terms of environmental health, an environmental wellness approach focuses on changing cultural patterns and behaviour, and reducing environmental harm through active involvement. An emotional wellness approach focuses on enhancing individuals’ happiness and wellbeing, while a spiritual wellness approach highlights life satisfaction as a key indicator of overall health.

The dimensions of wellness can be viewed from a variety of perspectives. These include scientific perspectives, sociological perspectives, and those drawn from different areas of expertise such as psychology, sociology, health, and counselling. Each perspective on wellness invokes different interpretations of wellness and their relative importance in the dynamic process of healthy living. Interpreting wellness therefore requires an understanding of the dynamic processes that go on between the dimensions of wellness.

Women Of The Century – Lessons From America’s Greatest Women

Women Of The Century

Women Of The Century – Lessons From America’s Greatest Women

Interviews with trailblazers American women who continue to do the extraordinary work women have always done in their communities both on the front lines and off. We want to bring you these trailblazers and hear what they have to say. These are women who are pushing the bounds of gender and equity, they are blazing a trail which is still not fully traveled by most Americans.

We are talking to 10 women from all over the united states and we will ask them all the same questions. We want to know their opinion on media, education, business, politics, personal relationships, the future of the world and their view on augmented reality. We want to know where they are going next, where they are at least trying to get to and what their goals are. We also want to know about what challenges stand in their way between now and then.

One of the early trailblazers for the women of the united states was Anna Jarvis. She ran for President on the Reform Party ticket in 1900 and went on to become one of the few women ever to be elected President of the United States. She fought for women’s suffrage, fought for the fourteenth amendment and fought for the right to vote. Although her path was difficult she achieved many things. She founded the National Woman’s Party, fought for the nineteenth amendment and fought for the twenty first amendment. Anna Jarvis the political pioneer of the century is today an icon in the eyes of many.

Another trailblazer for the women of the century was Ellen Cussler. Cussler organized and funded the women’s suffrage movement in the early part of the 20th century. She was a managing editor for the women’s magazine Womens Health and was a leader of the nationwide civil rights movement. She managed to rally women from all over the country to put their voices together in support of the ultimate goal of women’s suffrage.

Probably the most trailblazer for women of the century was Margret Patten. As a managing editor for Doubleday book publishers she did much to advance the cause of the suffrage movement. She wrote several books on animal science and published one herself entitled “The Woman Who Could Not Bear a Husband.”

Today we have yet another trailblazer in our midst. That is Oprah Winfrey. Born into poverty as a young girl, Winfrey has become one of the world’s most famous celebrities. In her role as a writer and talk show host she has raised millions for various causes including the cancer research that eventually led to the creation of the first cancer cure. Oprah Winfrey is probably the best example of what a successful, trailblazer a woman can be. And she is one of the best examples to be found in Women Of The Century.

Is It Time to Retain the Definition of Humankind?

By definition, mankind is a species of animal. However, the term “man” can be used to define mankind as a group of individuals who are related genetically through their shared ancestry. Early modern humans or anatomically primitive human beings are often referred to as man. Modern humans have developed much over the course of history, but remain recognizably related to each other and to their ancestors. To this end, there have been multiple waves of immigration across Earth’s history.


Throughout history, the species of humankind has always dreamt of evolving into a species that would exceed its contemporaries. Throughout that time, mankind has struggled to define itself and remain consistent with its values, intellect and species identity. Throughout the process of evolution, throughout the history of mankind, there have been many different definitions of humanity. Man is a species that has always lived in a subjective state of continual flux, changing with each generation.

One of the most significant developments in recent times is the affirmation that mankind is not monolithic, but contains diverse and interesting subspecies. Humanity is thus a unique species that is both inherently progressive. While gender-neutrality is a concept that is consistent with these evolving definitions of humanity, there is still significant diversity within mankind.

There is still significant diversity within humankind despite the fact that the word “person” or “humanity” has been reduced to a singular term. There are two fundamental types of definitions that are used to classify human beings. Often, these two types of definitions are referred to as sociological or biological definitions. The former refers to the classification of human beings according to their place in society, their gender-neutrality, their intelligence, and their place in the genealogy of humankind. The latter refers to the classification of human beings according to their place in the animal kingdom, their gender-specific traits, their intelligence, and their place in the ancestry of all other animal species.

As previously stated, the push towards equality is a core component of progress. However, the push towards equality in this regard does not necessarily require that we reduce the definition of mankind to its present level. The question we should ask ourselves is whether or not our current definitions of human nature are progressive, sustainable, or even useful. The definition of mankind ought not to be reduced to its historical roots. Instead, we should explore the definition of mankind in relation to the diverse array of possible future civilizations – whether or not each of these civilizations can evolve technologically to the point that it can support a meaningful technological growth.

The push towards equality within the definition of mankind also requires that we examine what constitutes the ‘line’ between humans and other animals on the evolutionary, developmental, and cognitive spectrum. We also need to examine the definition of humankind in light of the fact that we are likely to become a much more diverse species as time goes on. Humans may have an advantage in brain power over animals when the brain’s capacity for intelligence is analyzed in full detail. However, the ability to fully describe the brain’s functionality – and its ability to evolve – is going to become a much more complex endeavor in the coming years.

The Active Process of Wellness

Wellness is a lifestyle, the act of living healthy lifestyle on a consistent daily basis in order to achieve better mental and physical health results, so that rather than simply surviving, you excel. To know the importance of wellness, it is absolutely imperative to understand first how it is related to overall health. Health is the state of complete well-being including complete physical and psychological health. It includes your ability to be creative, able to think critically, to interact productively with others, and most of all manage your emotional and physical states efficiently. In other words, health means being able to cope up with the demands of life.


As previously mentioned, there are several dimensions or elements that comprise the concept of wellness. These elements include physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. There are several factors which contribute to the wellness of an individual and these factors are interconnected and interdependent. For instance, in order to live a satisfying life, one must have strong healthy emotions, as well as strong supportive physical and psychological wellness. This will also affect your ability to think critically and to live life purposefully. In essence, wellness aims to make you feel, act and think positively, in a manner that enhances your fulfillment and well-being.

Wellness and spiritual wellness are interrelated dimensions that essentially deal with the dimension of social wellness. These dimensions are related to each other because they are both about acceptance and care. People who embrace different types of spiritual traditions or cultures are generally healthier than those who do not, as spiritual wellness involves accepting and caring for other people in a humane way, with compassion, consideration and kindness.

Wellness and emotional wellness are closely related and can be a complex combination. Emotional wellness measures your emotional well-being through the four dimensions of stress, anxiety, depression and fatigue. People who suffer from depression may be highly stressed, while others may experience extreme fatigue. Stress management activities, such as exercise, meditation, yoga and other stress-busting activities, can be very effective in reducing emotional disorders and their associated symptoms, as well as their impacts on your health and well-being.

Spiritual wellness refers to the holistic dimension of your being and the overall connection between mind, body and spirit, and to have a sense of connectedness and spiritual wholeness. Spiritual wellness is about having a sense of your personal relationship with God, an understanding of the Divine and an awareness of your place in the world. People who are spiritually focused are generally happier and healthier. A well-balanced and emotionally healthy individual is able to establish a deep and meaningful relationship with their God and their fellow human beings.

Wellness and emotional balance refer to the ability to make healthy choices toward achieving wellness. You have to be in good physical, mental and emotional shape to be at your best. With wellness as an active process, you set your sights on the future by making choices toward achieving the things that will make you feel physically, mentally and emotionally well. This active process is what wellness really is all about. You don’t get well today; you become well tomorrow.

Celebrate A Centennial Year With The Women Of The Century

Women of the Century will be published by Melville House soon. I’ve read the book and I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens in this series of articles. What I’ve seen so far is impressive, to say the least. Articles that take the reader into the lives of ordinary women living their lives in twenty-first century America. Interviews with trailblazers American women who reveal more about their lives and the amazing work women are doing at home and in their communities.

Women Of The Century

What I’ve seen so far is a culmination of many years of research done by various experts in the field of history, sociology, education, technology, business, and leadership. These experts have all formed an online organization called the Women of the Century Association. Women Of The Century is a website that will allow users to register and login and become a member of the influential women of the century.

One of the most interesting areas of the Women of the Century site is the Women of the Century/Arbeitmus Project area. Here you’ll find profiles of the women of the past such as Carrie Preece, Ella Bartley, Ida McKinney, Susan B. Anderson, Anna Jarvis, Frances Sandesquet, Ida Young, Mary Ware White, etc. Among the most exciting achievements of these women is the National Women’s History Museum created by Carrie Preece. This museum is located in Atlanta, Georgia. The museum exhibits relics belonging to some of the most influential women in American history, including the ones mentioned above. It also showcases works from other cultures around the world.

The most exciting feature of the Women of the Century site is its calendar. The site offers exciting information concerning the past, present, and future of women throughout the century. This calendar offers exciting news blurbs about the most important women of the century such as the first African-American president, trailblazers, suffragists, and more. In addition, it features an impressive list of the most influential women from our country and throughout the world. The list includes former first ladies such as Eleanor Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, and latter presidents such as wife henry clinton. Aside from the important people and personalities, the site also includes information on interesting moments in history that can teach us something about the world today.

The Women of the Century calendar can be customized and designed according to one’s tastes and interests. It can also include a personal message from the first female President of the United States, a favorite quote of the first lady, or any other choice desired by the user. The calendar can be personalized with personal messages from First Ladies, suffragists, or political figures, all while featuring the most influential women of the past, present, and future.

If you want to celebrate one of the centennial anniversaries of the first Women’s Rights National Convention or one of the other important events in the history of US women, you should definitely choose the Women of the Century Calendar. Aside from helping mark important milestones such as the first black president, the first female president, and women’s suffragist icons, this calendar will also inspire and educate you. This unique online gift will not only serve as a memento of your celebration but also as a teaching tool to inspire and educate you on the important women of our nation and around the world.

A Gender Neutral Language May Be the Most Important Invention in Mankind’s History


A Gender Neutral Language May Be the Most Important Invention in Mankind’s History

Old World, Old Bones and Paleolithic man are terms occasionally used by anthropologists to differentiate prehistoric human beings from anatomically modern humans or those of early archaic human group who lived some thirty five thousand years ago. Although the fossils of Old World and Old Bones only give us a rough idea about the history of early mankind, it is evident that the lifestyle of these archaic people was quite different from ours. They had less dense skulls and teeth, larger brains and jaws, shorter legs and hands – all features that are unique to us. These differences have led anthropologists to conclude that paleo-ethnology provides only a partial picture of the history of early mankind. Recent studies of dental pathology, however, have shed more light on the evolution of early mankind.

Ever since the appearance of first humans, humankind has been dreaming of escape from the pains and sweats of nature. Ever since then, mankind has been trying to recuperate itself from the devastating ecological changes it has undergone, by looking outside itself for external help. Looking for it within ourselves, through natural selection, has always been man’s attempt to create an environment that would help him escape the harsh conditions he is exposed to on a daily basis. During the Paleolithic period, this quest for an external environment produced both the problem of fighting off climate changes and the need for establishing order out of chaos, among other problems humanity was struggling with.

When gender-neutrality was introduced, humanity could finally look to nature for help and sanctuary. In fact, nature gave mankind a sort of shield against climate change, thanks to its adaptation to interchanging climates during the Neolithic period. This helped to regulate human reproduction and increase the size of their population numbers until they became more competitive with the other inhabitants of the planet. This led to the birth of the first races of men and women who came together and began to form family units. Gender fluidity was a welcome addition to the biological makeup of humankind.

However, the continued expansion of humankind into the Neolithic era and beyond brought with it a whole new set of problems. Men and women were no longer able to simply self-identify as a single gender. Instead, each pair of people could take pride in being members of two distinct genders. Even to this day, there are many instances where people present themselves as both male and female. While this may seem like a strange and complicated concept, it is an important one to humanity as a whole, especially when discussing matters of social gender roles. In recent years, with the advent of various technologies and the further evolution of computers, the possibilities for expanding humankind’s borders have become vastly expanded.

The advent of technology allowed people to communicate and interact with each other across great distances, something that was unthinkable not long ago. At the same time, the Internet has also opened up new possibilities for expanding humaneness across geographical lines. All of these factors point towards humankind’s expanding connectivity, and language is a fundamental aspect of communicating and interacting with others across this vast distance. If you consider it from this perspective, it makes perfect sense that we would want to have a gender-neutral language.

Indeed, gender-neutral languages may very well be the most important invention humanity has made. As a result of its seemingly obvious qualities, it may very well have the ability to bridge all of the gaps between men and women, between different races and ethnicities, and between generations and periods of history and civilization. It is truly a wonderful thing to contemplate.

Are You Sure You Understand the Nature of Humanity?


Are You Sure You Understand the Nature of Humanity?

The word ‘humankind’ is derived from the Greek word ‘humm’, which means ‘of human kind’. Early modern humans or anatomically modern humans are presumed to be the first race of beings to utilize tools. These tools have helped them to make a living and obtain what they needed. They have also allowed them to advance their culture and science, all of which would ultimately help them evolve into what we know today as mankind. Early humans built houses, developed complex languages, managed their ecosystem, and eventually created art.

Throughout history, many different theories have attempted to describe the characteristics and origins of mankind. In some instances, humankind is considered to be a single species with all of its different traits and physical appearances attributed to particular breeds. In other cases, humanity is divided into two sub-species, the Old World and the New World, with each of these containing unique traits. For instance, the Old World contains people who have red hair, dark eyes, and blonde or grayish skin. On the other hand, the New World consists of individuals who possess pale skin, dark eyes, brown hair, and red hair or blonde hair. In both instances, all other variations are regarded as mutations and are not present in original humans.

In recent years, a new theory has emerged to explain the characteristics of human beings and why they have become the way they are. According to this new theory, humans are a result of two different hominid species that interbred and separated from each other millions of years ago. One of these hominids was the Neandertals, who are the ancestors of modern humans. In contrast, the other hominid species that interbred is the Chimpanzees, who are the direct descendants of the modern Humans. In this theory, both the Old World and the New World were populated by different species of hominids, and later after migration, different human beings evolved into distinct species.

In addition to these species, three other ones were also present on the Earth before humankind, and they are the Peking Man, the anatomically Modern Human, and the Denisova Human. All of these species left traces behind on the genetic material of the modern humans, which were then incorporated into the genetic codes of various portions of the chromosomes in the DNA of all later humans. This is how the concept of mankind was formed. It is important to note that this definition of mankind does not incorporate the concept of gender-neutrality, as all previous theories have. In fact, it is very possible for there to be a person who fits into the definition of mankind even when they exhibit gender-neutral behavior.

If we take for example the so-called’Malaysian Special’ (MSC), which is a popular online game, and we compare this to the definition of humanity, then the conclusion would be – there is actually a player who fits the definition of humankind, and that is Lucien van der Haeckel, better known as Sonic the Hedgehog. However, this particular character has been portrayed by numerous other players through the years, most notably by his former CounterStrike colleague, Christianoxide. This would indicate that the term “mankind” is indeed relative, and this does not encompass gender neutrality. Furthermore, the term is only a relative term, as according to a Wikipedia article, the term “mankind” is not derived from any kind of a human being, and this definition was used long before gamers began playing computer games.

Thus, to conclude our discussion on the nature of mankind, it can be said that a lot of misunderstanding and miscommunication surrounds the term “mankind.” While there are definitions existing on the Internet that are agreed upon by many people, the fact remains that there is no concrete meaning or definition because it is relative. To put it simply, we can say that all of us are created equal, but we also all differ in gender, race, intelligence, culture, and so on. We are all unique individuals, which makes us special in the eyes of God – and that is why it is important to have a powerful and fast Internet connection, because doing so would allow for you to join in the conversation with all of Earth’s great individuals, instead of just being left out and alone in this cyber universe we call home. In short, it is important to have a powerful computer system, if you wish to play with any of the online games that require a large amount of interactivity, such as World of Warcraft.

The Importance of Wellness For Your Financial Health

Wellness is a discipline that focuses on your life-style and helps you to live a better life. It is not an optional exercise; it is a way of life. The main objective of Wellness is to achieve balance in all aspects of your life. It is not a fad diet or a series of supplements or meal substitutes. Wellness is an actual lifestyle, the pursuit of which leads to improved health and well-being.


Wellness is your intentional act of practicing good health practices on a regular basis in order to achieve better physical and psychological health results, thereby, allowing you to “outlive” yourself. Many key areas of your life are believed to be dimensions of well-being. These areas include but are not limited to, being social, spiritual, physically healthy, psychologically healthy, mentally healthy, emotional health, sleep quality and quantity, weight, alcohol or drug use, depression, self-esteem, stress, and many other aspects. In order to maximize your Wellness experience, it is important to practice wellness on all dimensions of these areas. This is achieved by a combination of daily Wellness practices, proper nutrition, and a positive mindset.

Practicing Wellness requires daily habits of the mind and body. First, it requires you to make an intentional decision to practice wellness. Your commitment to wellness begins the minute you decide to live better through better nutrition, regular exercise, and a positive mindset. It is essential to make a lifestyle change in order to experience the health benefits of Wellness. Therefore, it is imperative that you first commit yourself to changing your habits for health.

There are several dimensions of well-being, including but not limited to emotional well-being, physical well-being, vitality, and self-regulation. Emotional well-being is associated with your physiological responses to stress, your sense of achievement or failure, and your relationships with others. These dimensions are also influenced by environmental factors such as your social environment and your genetics. Physical well-being is associated with your organs, your daily routines, and your activities. Lastly, self-regulation is related to your attitudes and beliefs regarding food, weight, exercise, and your general health and well-being.

As you can see, the primary goal of Wellness is to promote total well-being through the promotion of physical health and physical activities. Wellness promotes mental health through the promotion of mental wellness (i.e. self-awareness and self-regulation). Finally, Wellness provides support to those who practice it, providing a sense of purpose and direction to their life.

The importance of Wellness practices for financial wellness is intertwined with the goals of Wellness itself. Financial wellness is an aspect of a person’s overall well-being. If your financial situation is not in good shape, then your sense of well-being is suffering. On the other hand, if your financial situation is excellent, then your sense of well-being is likely thriving! Thus, it makes sense that practicing Wellness can lead to a healthier financial situation. Therefore, you may want to consider implementing a few of the well-known habits associated with Wellness into your financial planning.

Women Of The Century – An American Woman’s chronicle of historic events, politics and woman’s rights from the first decades of the twentieth century up to the 100th anniversary of the First World War ( WWI). By: Martha Brill

This is an interdisciplinary book about women of the century. Author Sharla Bidwell uncovers stories from many historical and contemporary times. She interviews women from all walks of life, and each one tells her story with humor and grace. Interviews with trailblazers American women who reveal their amazing work done right in their community, and even more.

Women Of The Century

Sharla Bidwell places the voices of several famous women from the past, today network leaders, politicians, businesswomen and socialites into a portrait of the changing America. These pioneering women were there before Bidwell wrote her book, they listened to her stories, and even more importantly they responded to the message. She writes as if we were in the presence of these great women, as if we were privileged to know them, and as if she was able to walk among them as if they were her guests. It is truly an inspiring text about the changing America, and a valuable addition to any library.

The Women Of The Century contains a very revealing chapter on the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment. Sharla Bidwell writes that after the Great Depression and the onset of World War II, many of the Greatest Ladies Of Our Day lost their homes and their ability to vote. Yet they did not lose hope and they helped to put the United States back on track by electing a man they felt could lead the country. Although she notes the glass ceiling for women had been shattered, yet the glass ceiling is still there, stronger than ever, for women of today.

Women Of The Century provides an excellent insight into some of today’s most influential women. A number of these prominent ladies received the National Woman of the Year award from President Clinton in 1993. Among those included: Oprah Winfrey, Lucy Stone, Florence Henderson, Betty Jo Crisler and Ann Taylor. Although only a part of the book, this particular chapter definitely shed some light on some of today’s most influential women.

Managing Editor: Martha Brill. This work is a very good read for anyone interested in history, in politics, in life, in women’s issues or in newspaper business. Martha Brill, who worked as an assistant to president Roosevelt during the early stages of his campaign for re-election, managed to bring a new perspective to the media. It was her belief that television news was not an effective way of conveying information. As a result, she managed to launch what is now known as the nightly news. Her book, Women of the Century, provides an insight into the lives of influential women and how they chose to manage their careers, their finances and their social lives.

Foreword: The author would like to thank everyone who has read her fascinating book Women Of The Century and shared it with their friends and family. She would also like to express her appreciation for those who have helped her over the years. Special thanks to Avi Frister, who arranged the reprint of this collection in paperback format and made it available to all interested American women. Special comments are due to Earl Nightingale, director; Victor Kiam, editor and Ruth Stone, copy editor. The United States publisher has agreed to withhold the first book in this series until all the reviews have been received.

The Proof That Converts Religion to Religions

The concept of God is not in doubt, even in today’s world. Religion tells us that there is a God and that he is responsible for our actions. But the question that arises is: what would be the description of God given by someone other than religion? In this article, I will attempt to answer that question.


The whole idea of God can be described in one word: Love. All the greatest spiritual teachers, from Buddha to Mohammed, to Krishna to Moses, to Mother Theresa, to al Qaeda, to Jesus, to Muhammad, to numerous lesser teachers, all express the same message of love and compassion for the world and for each other. This is perhaps the most important lesson of all time: there is more to love than to possess.

Man is not responsible for his deeds and there is no God to punish him for those deeds. Man is responsible for his own actions. In order to love someone and be loved one way, it is necessary to be able to measure that person by his actions. One must be able to measure such things as love by his actions.

Religion provides us with a definition of God and an understanding of his attributes, but it does not provide a description of any of the essential characteristics of God. So long as we have religion, we will never come to understand God’s attributes. For if religion provides a description of God, it will only describe a particular type of God. If we have a universal God, we cannot say that he has certain attributes that we attribute to all men, because each of us has our own unique attributes. Thus, we have no way of knowing whether there is a divine being or beings at all.

Science has provided us with many other ways to understand God and the attributes that he possesses. We now know that God is omnipresent in all things (including man) and is omniscient in all things (including man’s actions). We also know that God created the universe out of nothing. We do not need a philosophy or religion to explain these facts. We just need to believe them.

If you want to believe in a divine creator, one that predates the universe and all that came into being through the actions of one finite creature, then you have the burden of proof. You must show that there is a divine being or beings existing today that have specific attributes that are identical to those of God. If you can prove that, through scientific methods, you are correct, then you have established that there is a divine being and beings existing today that are in a position to perform the same set of acts as God. These attributes must be able to be found in material objects. If you can’t find evidence for the existence of God, then it shows that the religious institutions of mankind are wrong!

Health and Wellness – Self Awareness and a Well-Being

Wellness is a state of balance and harmony that is achieved by regular exercise and proper nutrition. Wellness is a collective discipline which encompasses many activities that bring about a sense of wellness in all of us. The pursuit of Wellness can be a lifelong journey. The first step toward Wellness is identifying your personal situation. The second step is establishing the wellness goals you wish to achieve, the third step is developing a plan to achieve those goals and finally the fourth step is perseverance in achieving your goals.


Wellness is basically the act of consistently practicing certain healthy habits on a consistent basis in order to achieve better mental and physical health results, therefore you become thriving instead of just surviving. Several dimensions of wellness are considered as dimensions of overall Wellness. These dimensions are emotional, spiritual, physical, mental and social aspects of a person’s life. The following are the main dimensions or elements of Wellness, they are Emotional Balance, Spiritual Balance, and Mental Balance respectively. In this article we will discuss more about each of these dimensions, how they affect your Wellness, and how they can be achieved through appropriate practices.

Emotional balance refers to the absence or excess of emotional trauma, pain, anger, depression, mistrust, and other unpleasant feelings. By overcoming these negative emotions, one is able to enhance his/her Wellness and achieve optimal health and wellness. Emotional well-being is crucial for one to maintain a positive outlook in life, it is also important for one to be aware of and avoid negative psychological and physiological symptoms such as anxiety, panic attacks, irritability, and other similar conditions. A holistic approach to wellness means accepting that there are both positive and negative components to every experience, and that there is a delicate balance between the two. This also includes the fact that some people are born with unique personality traits and characteristics that tend to make them prone to specific emotional extremes.

Physical wellness refers to the quality of your physical body, mind, and spirit. Physical wellness is achieved when you are healthy and you are emotionally and mentally balanced. It is important to develop a balanced lifestyle that involves eating nutritious foods, avoiding nicotine and alcohol, and getting regular exercise. It is also recommended to supplement your diet with quality vitamins and minerals. Holistic health is a way of living that values all the factors that make up your physical being; it combines your thoughts, emotions, and body in order to achieve a state of wellness that covers all your three domains.

Mental wellness aims to keep you upbeat, centered, creative, and innovative. By making the decision to live a holistic life, you will find that it is easier to accomplish your wellness goals. Being in touch with your inner self is one of the best ways of achieving emotional wellness. However, if you feel that you need help with your mental and physical wellness, there are many options available to help you reach your wellness goals; you can get help from a qualified counselor, visit a wellness center, or learn meditation techniques.

The purpose of these wellness programs is to teach you how to cultivate positive habits that promote well-being. If you make an effort to adopt a healthy lifestyle, you will find that your health will improve as a direct result of your new habits. Holistic programs teach you how to change your thinking to become more in touch with yourself and your inner and outer world. These changes do not happen overnight and need consistent support. But after you have made some progress toward your goals, you will enjoy a sense of pride and accomplishment, as well as a sense of improved self-awareness.

Women Of The Century – A National List

This is an interview with a women of the century, a trailblazer revealing her views on gender roles and how to change them for the better. I asked her to offer her perspective on what America needs today and how she sees future generations. I also asked her about what it would be like to live as a woman of the century and what her hopes and dreams are for herself. Below is an exclusive article I recently published on our site in which I interviewed this trailblazer.

Women Of The Century

This is an interesting article that I enjoyed sharing with you today. It gives a glimpse into what some prominent women in the USA today are doing to mark the 100th anniversary of the first World’s Columbian Exposition. It also includes the view from a woman who lives just across the street. I interviewed Dr. Mona Hannah-Attisha, a world famous author, social activist, academic and humanitarian.

You may know Dr. Hannah-Attisha by her popular book called A Nation Under God: A Manifestation of Women’s Power and Equality. She is also famous for her work with the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. She is also a professor at Columbia University School of Nursing. Through her work, she has made a name for herself as a leader in the efforts to secure the rights of women globally and for that matter, in every country. The United States chapter of the World Organization for Women (WOMEN) is represented by Dr. Hannah-Attisha on its board of directors.

Through her talk with us, it is apparent that Dr. Hannah-Attisha has a strong belief in the value of augmented reality. She explained to us that once the idea became mainstream, she had been surprised that so many people were embracing the concept. She also shared with us that when she shared the thoughts with her close colleagues at Columbia University, they were quite skeptical at first about the success of such technology. However, once they tried it themselves, they realized how effective it could be.

Through the help of Dr. Mona Hannah-Attisha, we can look into the future and see how important it will be for us as women to fight for our rights. In the past, we have been denied the right to vote, get an education, hold a managerial position and have a say in how our lives are being run. However, with the help of Augmented Reality, everyone can participate in those activities and enjoy them in their own way. According to the organizers, the first woman to do this would be the first US President of the United States of America, Mrs. Michelle Obama.

Today, over half the states have already passed the women’s suffrage bill and it is expected to become a national issue very soon. The Augmented Reality Technology can also be used by women to register to vote and get other related activities done. This technology has already helped women achieve something that until now had seemed almost impossible – equal rights with men. It is great to know that there are people out there who are willing to take part in making this dream come true. So, if you want to be one of the first to be registered, all you need to do is to visit the website of Dr. Mona Hannah-Attisha.

What Makes Mankind So Great?

One of the most powerful forces on earth is mankind. For without mankind there would be no gravity, no satellites, no airplanes, no automobiles, no telephones, no radio, no television, and no money. The power of mankind can never be subdued. From the earliest days of our species to this very day, we have been resourceful and ingenious. That is why it is with a mixture of awe and utmost confidence that humans travel, learn, explore, thrive, and build.


The great thing about this magnificent creature is that its not human; it is superhuman! There are times when humanity has been kind of ruthless and cruel. Such as the Biblical plagues in Egypt, which resulted in the deaths of thousands of people. But in this case, God gave a way back into the world through an offering made by an angel, and in return, Pharaoh offered peace and forgiveness.

In another instance, there was man created by God to show forth His glory and to fill the world with His mind and wisdom. Man is a model of purity and innocence, something which is not often depicted by the species. By the use of scientific, technological, and social ways, humankind has reached great heights in all fields. There is not one single department in which mankind has failed to rise above its peers. It is only because of their incredible levels of intelligence, ingenuity, and hard work that we are on this planet today.

Through the ages, mankind has strived for perfection. Science and technology have done great things, but only through the efforts of mankind, have these things come to pass. Only by the exertion of will and strength has man succeeded in creating life. One such example is the space race that commenced with the United States and Russia after World War II.

In the past, man has not been so successful. For instance, in prehistoric times, when people hunted animals to death for their bones and teeth, the population was very small. Humans developed agriculture only about ten million years ago. They did not have the sophisticated tools that we use today. Their tools included stone and bone as well as hunting and fishing implements. It would seem that the competition among species was quite fierce during this period of time.

Later on, as farming became more developed, human populations boomed and along with it their tools and over-all population size. Mankind’s inventive genius, which drives the species forward, is probably what is responsible for the vast increase in artistic and cultural expressions that we enjoy today. The incredible progress that mankind has made is widely shared throughout the world. Indeed, each generation sees new and better products, inventions, and discoveries to add to the great advancements that have been made. The future belongs to mankind and the greatness of its species.

What Are the Dimensions of Wellness?

Wellness, as an overall concept, is a great way to enhance your well-being. It is about being proactive, getting informed about your health, finding healthy solutions for problems and finally feeling good about being you. Wellness is a proactive approach to improving your health and actively making decisions towards a fulfilling and healthy life. This holistic approach is truly individualized and self directed with the intention of reaching one’s ultimate potential.

Wellness encompasses a variety of wellness approaches that include physical, mental and emotional aspects. The best way to understand wellness is to look at it in physical terms. Wellness begins with a well balanced diet that provides the necessary vitamins and nutrients to maintain a balanced mind and body. The second step is to get regular exercise which improves your health and strength. Physical well-being is directly related to emotional wellness and vice versa.

The third dimension of wellness is related to spiritual well-being. Spiritual wellness is about integrating your sense of self with a belief system that is centered around a particular religious or spiritual belief system. This belief system can encompass all or some of the following dimensions of wellness: human rights, social justice, compassion, non violence, and a belief in the importance of conscious creation and the ability of nature to affect our lives. Each of these aspects of spiritual well-being has unique characteristics and ways of promoting spiritual growth and mental peace.

There are several additional dimensions of wellness and each is directly related to the four primary dimensions. These dimensions of wellness include but are not limited to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. As mentioned before, there are four primary dimensions of wellness including: psychological, occupational, nutritional, and spiritual health. In addition, there are several additional dimensions of wellness such as: work-related, learning and behavior, and occupational function.

The fourth dimension of wellness is related to self-responsibility and its impact on health and physical activities. It defines self-responsibility as the capacity to make choices that are grounded in ones own values, principles, and behavioral skills. This dimension of wellness considers that individuals can choose to lead healthy lives and become more effective and successful if they make personal choices that support their values and principles. Self-responsibility also encompasses one’s sense of responsibility for their health and their environment. It includes communication and power to affect change.

Each of the dimensions of wellness can be influenced through the implementation of various behaviors and habits. These behaviors and habits include but are not limited to positive self-care practices, physical activity (exercises), balanced diet, good dietary supplements, and self-responsibility. The health and physical health benefits of incorporating holistic health and fitness into one’s daily life can be realized by practicing the various dimensions of wellness. Holistic health and fitness encompasses all aspects of wellness and promotes overall health and well-being.

Women Of The Century – An Event

“Women of the Century” is a bi-national, bi-weekly magazine. It is a magazine that features women from all corners of America, with special emphasis on women from the Corn Belt, Southwest, Pacific Northwest and Northern California. The magazine also features women executives from all levels of government. Interviews with trailblazers American women who show off the amazing hard work women are accomplishing in their communities, as well as women from other countries.

“Women of the Century” will feature interviews with women from all over the world, and give an in depth look at what the past 100 years has meant for womankind. The magazine will use historical and current research to present the past century, and what the future holds for womankind. With a magazine that features trailblazers from every walk of life, “Women of the Century” will be able to present the most diverse set of women in history. The magazine will feature women in politics, business, running a home and working with the public.

The magazine will carry articles on such topics as health care, education, business, art, film, children, and CPA, which are all topics that are considered to be important to womankind. The magazine will be publishing an in depth feature each month with the best quotes and most influential women from all over the world. Each month, the magazine will feature a different political leader, an entertainer, a CPA, an athlete, a chef, a farmer, a nurse, a teacher, a researcher, a lawyer, a businessman, an entrepreneur and a technologist. There will also be an interview with every one of the above, as well as a written feature with an insightful quote from the interview. Each month, the magazine will review the best sellers in books, movies, music, television, electronics and other categories. “Women of the Century” will have a complete list of what it is reading each month.

On the other side of the issue is a video series that is called “The Womankind Report” where Pat Patterson will be interviewed by W. Kamloops and Jennifer Lopez. This video series will give W. Kamloops and Jennifer Lopez insight into womankind’s issues, problems, concerns, ideas, and solutions. In this video series, the first installment was released just a few days ago and you can find more videos coming your way.

The “Women of the Century” will be hosting a forum at the “Voices of Change” conference in January. The forum will focus on changing our culture and changing the laws of our country so it is a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-economically diverse group of individuals living in the United States of America. Pat Patterson will be one of the many individuals that will be discussing issues of diversity and social justice on this very powerful forum. The forum will provide an opening for people from all different walks of life to come together and make changes in their communities, schools, businesses and in this nation. The “Voices of Change” conference will also offer funding opportunities for small organizations and individual women who are interested in using technology to enhance their lives.

The “Voices of Change” conference will continue its mission of uniting a diverse group of individuals who have different beliefs and goals, but have the same goal of making this nation a better place for everyone. One of the greatest parts of this conference is that it will allow the women from all different areas of the world to unite in order to make this nation a better place for everyone. Each and every speaker at the “Voices of Change” conference will speak about their personal life and how their personal beliefs influenced the way they lived their life. There will be discussions about topics such as civil rights, equal opportunity, women’s rights, gay and lesbian issues, global warming, poverty, business, education, immigration, terrorism, and health care. The “Voices of Change” conference is something that you should definitely be a part of and take part in to help change the world and make our country a better place for everyone.


(n.) A group of people who are not related by blood but who share a common culture, language, traditions and beliefs. (pl.) People of the same ethnic, cultural, linguistic or genetic background. (expanded definition adapted from Wikipedia). The members of this group typically share the same ideas, values, practices and lifestyle.

(p.) “The superiority of man lies in his using his intelligence and powers for the improvement of his kind. Man is thus the creator of life, the maker of culture, the author of his own biography and the designer of his physical world”. Darwin on Man. New Gene-editing technologies have given humankind the capacity to cut and paste genetic material from one species into another’s genome with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency.

Mankind has the power to shape its own definition and values by means of political and religious rhetoric. Since man is the only animal among mammals that has brains that function without the help of emotions, intellect and desires, these definitions and values are established and enforced by him alone. Humans have re-discovered the soul of the planet Earth through self-godliness.

“Man is an experiment which Nature has conducted upon herself, and through which she may perhaps again repulse her offspring”. Darwin on Man. The pre-historic age of mankind was filled with violence and conflict as hunting and gathering were the order of the day. Society was complex and tribal customs served to regulate and guarantee rights and duties.

“At the close of the prehistoric era, the development of social organization appeared to have attained its highest pinnacle. The arts, the sciences, the useful arts and the useful industries provided the material foundation on which the various portions of society luxuriously flourished. Men in these early societies developed a consciousness of their inter-relationships and their relations to each other, and the influence of the spiritual world became predominant in their thoughts and feelings”. Man. His Descent into Society.

“If we analyze the development of the faculties in man, we shall find that he at the first stage of development invested more effort in his spiritual character than in his physical one. He attained his sexual side only later, at the time when he had developed the other three powers of body and mind”. Darwin on Man. The Descent Into Society.

” Mankind exists, above all other things, to propagate its species. But it has not, in all ages, achieved so far, a successful development”. Darwin on Man. The Descent Into Society.

” Civilization, far from being a creation, is an evolution, a modification, a triumph of civilized institutions. Every race or tribe, under every circumstance, has, in some way, attempted to regulate its social institutions; and, in doing so, they have left their written records, to which we are still apt to look for the history of humanity, and for a history of civilizations”. Darwin on Man. The Descent Into Society.

Understanding Wellness – The Different Dimensions of Wellness

Wellness is the act of regularly practicing healthy habits on a regular basis in order to achieve better mental and physical health results, which in turn, so that you are thriving instead of just existing. To know the importance of wellness, it is really important to realize just how it is related to good health. If you do not take good care of your wellness, then the reverse is true as well. You will begin to feel horrible and eventually lose your mental and physical health along the way.

A lot of people seem to be confused about wellness and health. They believe that wellness consists of physical fitness and nutrition. Wellness has to do with your emotional and spiritual well being. There are three aspects of holistic healing, which include, but are not limited to physical wellness, mental wellness, and spiritual wellness.

The first dimension of wellness pertains to your physical health and wellness. The second dimension is related to your mental health and wellness. The third dimension is related to spiritual well-being and vitality. It is important for you to recognize that wellness encompasses all dimensions of your life. It does not matter if you are a child, an adult or a senior citizen; as long as you are healthy, then you are on the right track.

Many people mistakenly think that wellness means good health, but this is not the case. It is true that you need to keep in shape and eat healthy foods, but in addition to that, you need to learn to practice healthy habits. By including yoga, meditation, exercise and breathing techniques, into your daily regimen, you can get in touch with your body and mind. By practicing these various techniques, you can bring your mind, body and spirit into complete balance. By doing so, you will be on your way to achieving wellness.

Another common misconception about wellness is that it only includes a physical lifestyle. This is not the case because well-being also encompasses a sense of mental well-being and emotional well-being. As you practice positive habits like meditation, yoga and writing, you will gain the self regulation benefits that allow you to live a peaceful and happy life. When you practice positive habits like these, along with healthy foods, exercise, and relaxation techniques, you will be able to overcome any obstacles that you face in life.

All aspects of wellness can be brought together. You do not have to choose to live a life of stress, pain, anxiety and depression. By making the decision to make changes in your lifestyle, you will be able to achieve the level of mental health and physical well-being that you need for complete wellness.

Women Of The Century – Google Changes The Map

For the past forty years, I have been conducting interviews with hundreds of women of the century. What I have discovered is that these women have very different definitions of themselves, but they all live by the same spiritual principles. This book is a remarkable collection of these interviews, as well as a history of the women who have come before. Through this book you will discover how these women lived their lives, what their spiritual principles were, and how their lives impacted the world around them.

Women Of The Century

“”Women of the Century”” is the first book to be published from a ground breaking team of researchers and experts, consisting of five female experts. These experts include: timelines, linguists, inventors, business executives, and scientists. Within “Women of the Century,” you will discover how these legendary women impacted history, their influence on today’s women, and the areas they each held prominent places in their respective careers. Along with an abundance of historical information and personal anecdotes, “Women of the Century” offers new perspectives on women and leadership, as well as a wealth of personal anecdotes, insight, research, and background.

A portion of the book includes a revealing look at the lives and times of Amelia Earhart, one of the most influential women in the early history of the United States. This fascinating woman managed to cross the Atlantic ocean between Europe and South America, traveling throughout the continent, and even all the way to Australia, where she established a colony. She is also considered the first trans-national woman, as she also visited Chile. During her short time in South America, Amelia Earhart lived in a small log cabin on a Buenos Aires beach, where she became known as “The Queen of the Pacific.” As you read about her life, you learn that she was deeply concerned for the welfare of all humans, particularly the poor and unfortunate members of her community. As a result, she made it a point to visit local schools, assist the poor, and speak out for the rights of these local people.

Another aspect of “Women of the Century” focuses on the contribution of famous women in the digital age that has become a part of our everyday lives. In particular, Google Trends reports that searches for the names of famous women are significantly higher now than they were in preceding years. In fact, Google searched for just these names: Oprah Winfrey, Sarah Palin, Condoleezza Rice, Butterfly Foster, Rosie O’Donnell, Tina Fey, Celine Dion, Pamela Anderson, Ann Perkins, Halle Berry, and Gloria Steinem. In addition, the book discusses the importance of social media for providing platforms for social interaction and political engagement. As we watch these prominent women achieve their goals, it becomes clear that this type of networking has far reaching ramifications for everyone. Google Trends additionally reports that searches for augmented reality, the term used to describe the use of holographic technology to create realistic computer generated images, is increasing.

The book talks about political activism, as the internet has provided a means to access information that was previously unavailable. In addition, Google Trends reports that searches for the terms “encyclopedia” and “encyclopedia information” are increasing. The political context of the 19th amendment’s twenty-first amendment provides an example of how its provisions can further empower women. As we noted in our book, the provision refers to equal protection under the law, which is the right to be treated equally in all cases by the state. It is likely that the inclusion of the twenty-first amendment in the Constitution will further benefit women in accessing information that might otherwise be denied them.

Google Trends also reports that searches for the terms “black lives Matter,” “cop killers,” and “killers of white men” are on the rise. Although no study has compared searches for the names of George Madison, James Madison, and Thomas Jefferson to Google’s “Women of the Century list,” the inclusion of these names provides additional evidence that Americans are embracing a more progressive, less exclusionary view of the role of government. Google’s new search function provides a way to find information not only about individuals but also specific topics, such as the nineteenth amendment. If searches for this particular wording increase, it is possible that more citizens will turn to the internet for their research needs. If Google’s recent changes continue to prove that they are committed to providing an inclusive experience, this view may grow into a trend. As social media continues to expand its influence over our culture, this trend will become even more pronounced.

The Two Future Primates of Mankind – Humankind And A Technology Stable Period


The Two Future Primates of Mankind – Humankind And A Technology Stable Period

When we talk about the future of mankind, we must first consider what kind of mankind we are and where does it lie today. The definition of mankind has changed a lot through the centuries. For some people the definition of humanity has stayed the same. They believe that humankind is one of several species that walk among us, evolving here on Earth, but becoming extinct elsewhere in the future. Some other individuals believe that we are a very special species and there is a different civilization far higher up on the food chain than we are. This latter group often calls themselves anthropologists and they study the history and cultures of all types of people to determine the direction of human evolution and what species may live on in the future.

The question as to the future of mankind is much more complicated than answering the question ‘what is mankind?’. This question was not even formulated in order to find out what sort of species of mankind would live in the future. It is much more important to ask ‘where will humanity be in the future?’ This is because all forms of life, not just human life, have existed for billions of years and we know very little about how they evolved and how they might evolve in the future. Without some method to measure the future of mankind in some way, it is impossible to say what type of species will live in the future and what kind of civilization will arise from it.

The reason for this is because all of these forms of life that we observe today on the earth have lived in a very similar environment for millions of years. And if we look back at the history of the world, we can see that some of these civilizations flourished at the height of the Ice Ages and others fell apart at the height of the great volcanic eruptions. So it is quite likely that some of what we observe today in the form of civilizations will either start flourishing again or will simply disintegrate in the coming centuries. Therefore we cannot make any claims about which of the past forms of life we will witness in the future, as all of them are very likely to have developed into something completely different.

Now let us look at some of the possible types of civilizations that could emerge in the coming millennia. One of the most common predictions is that after the next few million years, the most probable one will be a Very Small Advanced Civilization (also called a Pleurotic Civilization). This type of a civilization will be highly developed technologically and economically, but it will also be highly isolated and confined to its own habitat. It will appear like a huge bird with only its head visible above the green vegetation. It will resemble the moderns of the Near East, but it will be much smaller and could be hiding in the leaves of the trees.

The second most common prediction is that after another million years, there will arise a Technology Stable Period which will allow the rise of a new type of a civilization. In order for such a civilization to emerge as a ‘developed’ one, it will have to be highly advanced in all the sectors that concern technology. And it will not be surprising if it appears as if the current technologies which we use today will be obsolete within a very short period of time. However, what everyone will not realize is that the current era (the future) can already be considered as being the era of emerging Super Technologies.

Super technologies are those which are expected to emerge in the future and which will be far too advanced for mankind to be able to control and use. Some of these technologies can be seen in various sci fi movies such as Star Wars. And many futurists and researchers believe that such technologies are on the verge of creation. And they see the potential value of such a civilization to mankind. Thus we can take a look at the future of man and predict what kind of civilization he might develop in the future.

Wellness and Well-Being

Wellness is basically the act of regularly practicing healthy living practices on a regular basis in order to achieve better mental and physical health results, which in turn, enables you to be able to survive. To know the importance of wellness, it is important to first understand just how it is related to overall health. Wellness encompasses all the aspects of your life from your personal relationships to your professional one. As humans, you need to know what type of well being you have in order to achieve the goals that you set for yourself. When you are trying to reach wellness in your life, there are four primary areas of focus that you should pay close attention to.


Intellectual dimensions refers to your level of knowledge, where you are now and where you want to be. Intellectual wellness pertains to your ability to think critically and understand information. People who are intellectual possess higher levels of concentration and can solve complex problems with multiple ideas. A person who lacks an intellectual dimension is likely to become overwhelmed by the complexity of tasks at hand. Thus, you will also need to consider your occupation as well as the types of intellectual activities that you engage in when determining your intellectual wellness.

Physical dimensions refer to your current health condition and how it affects your ability to carry out your activities of daily living. In addition, the quality of your physical activity and your general health can also affect your well-being. When you engage in physical activities, you get the proper nutrition that you need to perform properly and efficiently. In addition, your physical activities can provide you with the energy and the nutrients that you need to maintain a healthy level of nutrition.

Self-directed wellness refers to your sense of direction in both your professional and personal life. Self-directed individuals have a greater sense of personal responsibility and control over their lives. These people are also more likely to take responsibility for their own health and their own behaviors. The goal of self-directed individuals is to achieve their full potential in all areas of life. The ultimate success of a self-directed individual is dependent upon their own personal efforts and commitment.

There are four primary dimensions of wellness that you need to consider. The first dimension of wellness is your physical health or your general health. Physical dimensions include your body mass index, body fat percentage, blood pressure, and your cholesterol level. Occupational dimensions include the type of job you do, the type of occupation you are engaged in, and the level of responsibility that you are responsible for in your job. The second dimension of wellness is your mental health or your mental well-being. Mental dimensions include your mood, your cognitive functioning, and your attitude toward your work, family, and social relationships.

The third dimension of wellness is your social well-being or your interpersonal relationships. These dimensions of wellness include your relationships with other people and your social network. Your family and friends can have an enormous impact on your health and your mental and physical well-being. The fourth dimension of wellness is your emotional well-being or your emotional health. These dimensions of wellness are influenced by your daily life, including your sleep, your diet, your spirituality, your exercise, and your finances.

Women Of The Century And The United States

Women Of The Century

Women Of The Century And The United States

Women of the Century is an awesome book by feminist journalist, organizer, and activist,izons Journalist, Wendy Martin. This book covers many different topics including; women’s rights, history of women’s organizing, politics, personal relationships and so much more. I especially like how she examines women’s leadership, what makes a great organizer, what the definition of a “good” organizer is, and more. This book will definitely give you many new ideas on how to improve your own organizing skills and how you can empower other women.

Within this collection, Martin provides a history of organizing, historical organizing movements, and highlights some of the pioneers of today’s cooperative movement. The contributors also discuss alternative sources of energy, food, medicine, child care, money, art, literature, and politics. I particularly enjoyed her discussions on politics and personal relationships, where she discusses the importance of organizing to create healthy bonds between people, and how organizing can also benefit our economy. There were even several sections that provided information on the history of the suffrage movement, and how organizing differs from suffragism. The archives also provide background information on famous women, such as Mahatma Gandhi, Betty Shabazz, and Ida Ranks, and the role they played during the Suffragette movement.

Another aspect of Women of the Century that interested me was the section on organizing, where Martin provides an introduction to managing editors and amplifies on the concept of management/administrative skills. I especially found the discussion of what she calls the “shift manager” interesting, and how she uses animals in organizing to get things done. The editors she uses include: Karen Bass, Linda Ellis, Bethany Blank, Les Frankel, Karen Porter, and Carol Washburn. In this volume, each chapter is self-explanatory.

Another aspect of Women of the Century that impressed me was the editors’ comment on what the 19th amendment meant for organizing the workforce. According to them, the amendment gave management more power than ever before, and management was beginning to abuse this power. This is a sensible point, and I agree with them. Further, the fact that the amendment gave black citizens the right to own property, and therefore, have an economic stake in the system made this aspect especially relevant.

What struck me as interesting, and what we will be discussing in later chapters, is that although the suffragists made important points about equal rights and justice, and the importance of preserving the social welfare state, they also made some mistakes. For example, in the paragraphs that follow after the first paragraph, Martin quotes Black suffragist organizer,etta Hampton regarding the white men who did not sign on the 19th Amendment. She states, “white men who didn’t sign the guarantee were either afraid of white men, or afraid of black men.” This comment makes a very big mistake, and shows a lack of understanding on the part of the author. Obviously, she doesn’t have the slightest idea of what she’s talking about, and that’s unfortunate.

In addition, she also seems to forget the part of the 19th amendment that allowed for the Representation of the People by Women, which is another mistake that could have been avoided. The second half of the amendment says: ” Neither shall any person be denied the right of fair trial, nor shall any person be imprisoned for any crime, unless by the law of the state.” There is no reference to the blacks having any right to be confined in any way, nor to any actual sentence. Had these facts been corrected, there would have been no need to bring up the issue of black civil rights during the Women’s Rights Movement.

Gender Fluidity – Myth Or Reality?

Commonly used and popular scientific terminology often misleads people into believing that modern man is somehow different from prehistoric man. Early modern man or modern homo sapiens existed approximately six hundred million years ago, a time frame considered as the dawn of modern civilization. The term “man” was used then to designate a group of human beings. As civilization began to emerge, the classification of humans became more refined, eventually covering all the various types of behavior considered typical for the species. This period known as the Neolithic Era is often referred to as the dawn of civilization for this reason.

Since early days of civilization, the meaning of the word “man” has been determined by the classification of people into various ethnic groups, indicating their level of development and their ability to produce offspring. In modern times, the meaning of the term “man” has been somewhat controversial. Some people argue that modern man is merely a modern version of what was already regarded as mankind in prehistorical times. On the other hand, other people believe that humankind itself is an evolved species that evolved into a different species through natural selection.

Throughout much of history, humankind has always dreamt of expanding its empire to the stars. One example of this is the idea of sending explorers to the moon. Although this never came to fruition, the dream did materialize during the Cold War era. Another example of mankind dreaming of conquering space is the space race that arose during the 1960s. As the United States and the Soviet Union were trying to outdo one another in space, others dreamed of sending people to the moon.

During the height of the Space Race, there was a push by some in humanity for a gender-neutral language. This would have allowed humanity to communicate with members of other species even if their genders were irrelevant. Unfortunately, such a language never came to pass. Despite the push for a neutral language, few if any, members of the scientific community embraced such ideas. After all, if two genders had equal importance in the eyes of the scientific community, then how could one define which gender was “the” gender?

In addition, there was a push within humanity for a common written language. By doing so, it was hoped that people would not only be able to converse with each other, but also converse with others from other parts of the world. Such a system would eliminate the language barrier that kept humans isolated from one another during the time of exploration and travel. A common written language would have enabled people to write down some of their histories, arts, and philosophies. Some even believed that it would have prevented the spread of civilization among the peoples of the earth.

Today, there is still much skepticism about the theories that lay behind gender fluidity. Instead, most scientists agree that the concept of a gender fluidity exists, but that it does not affect the development of all aspects of the development of a person. The existence of gender fluidity only affects how an individual or a child’s body feels, thinks, and behaves when a particular sex or gender is present. Gender fluidity exists, but it has no bearing on a person’s mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual development as a person.

What to Look for in Wellness Manuals

Wellness is essentially the act of practicing healthy lifestyle habits on a regular basis in order to achieve better mental and physical health results, so you are thriving instead of merely surviving. To know the true importance of wellness, it is necessary to comprehend how it is related to overall health. A well-balanced and healthy diet and exercise plan will provide your body and mind with the necessary nutrients for optimal functioning, thus leaving you feeling energized and able to tackle whatever challenges you may come across in your day-to-day life. A well-rounded approach to lifestyle will not only make you feel healthier, but it will also have a positive impact on your relationships and productivity at work.

The first dimension of wellness pertains to physical aspects; this includes the general health of the body, which may include overall body weight, muscle tone, and muscle thickness. It is also important to consider the cardiovascular and digestive systems, which include the functionality of your lymphatic system, your liver and colon, as well as the state of your lungs and heart. These aspects of wellness are often overlooked when it comes to overall health, but they truly do play a significant role in your mental well-being and overall health. Poor health can cause serious negative consequences such as mood swings, depression, and anxiety, and poor health can result in such illnesses as high blood pressure and diabetes.

The second dimension of wellness relates to the chemical and metabolic components of our bodies, which include the chemical makeup of our tissues and organs, as well as the balance of our hormonal systems. The third dimension of wellness relates to our psychological health, which refers to our ability to learn and adapt, as well as our mental well-being. In essence, all three dimensions of wellness are interdependent. A good diet and exercise program, for example, will not only enhance physical health, but will also enhance mental health and wellness through their impact on the chemical and metabolic systems of the body. A poor diet and exercise program, on the other hand, will have little impact on any one of these dimensions of wellness.

The fourth dimension of wellness is related to our social and environmental wellness. People who are successful are those who enjoy a wide variety of social interactions, and who are able to live an integrated life that includes both their physical health and their mental well-being. Those who are unsuccessful are those who are isolated, and who spend most of their time by themselves, feeling alone, and suffering from symptoms that do not subside until they have lost contact with the social network that they created through their employment or their educational endeavors. While intellectual wellness is primarily learned through the life experiences of others, physical wellness is something that can be impacted through the person’s participation in community activities and events.

All these dimensions of wellness need to be considered and edited carefully, since there are likely to be many conflicting opinions about them. Many professionals suggest that there are six wellness dimensions, and while the specific dimensions that they refer to vary, the general idea is that they are not inconsistent, but rather independent. Still, the fact is that many people draw their definition of what wellness means for them directly from their personal experiences and their observations. In this way, when they edit source dimensions in their work, they are necessarily drawing from their own unique perspectives on their own experience.

The ultimate goal of any well-being project is to lead to well-being. If you want to edit wellness in your own life, make sure that your edit sources reflect your unique perspective on wellness and give you insights into how you can improve your life as a whole. These editors should provide comprehensive and insightful insights into health and fitness, relationships, nutrition, work and home life, and spirituality. The editor of a Wellness manual can only offer you advice on what to do, and the extent to which the advice is beneficial to your particular needs. It is up to you to choose the health and wellness manual that will give you the insight, knowledge, and tools that you need to transform your life.

Women Of The Century – A Short History Of The Women Of The Century

Women of the Century will be the first women’s movement in 100 years to use the word ” feminism” in its modern sense. It will be an historical event because it has happened before. Women have been working towards equal rights for women, but often get erased or are considered a nuisance by mainstream America.

Women Of The Century

Women Of The Century will be the first feminist video series of all time to take a peek at what is happening in the world today and why we need the feminist movement. I am a huge fan of Sarah Palin and what she represents as a woman, but the fact that she is a woman is just one part of what a feminist is about. We need more women of color, more disabled women, more women of all ages working in every walk of life. This is not a time for politics, it is time to bring our nation together. A major part of this video series womankind will be a discussion on why we need a woman’s movement, and also a timeline of the major events of the past century that effected the women of the past centuries.

We are fortunate that we live in a time when the suffragists were successful, and the women ofrend these rights. We will also be lucky to have the first woman prime minister in the history of the twentieth century. Apart from that we should also be grateful to women who managed to fight for the right of suffrage for women. Without these battles for women’s rights we would not have women in offices, in combat, leading our forces in World War One. A major part of the campaign was the creation of the Women’s Commonwealth which helped women all over the UK to travel, and learn about the Civil Rights Movement.

The famous women of the early part of the twentieth century had to deal with prejudice, harassment, and limited choices in clothing. Suffragettes changed the face of the entire suffrage movement, and changed the landscape of the world for womankind. These suffragettes were a huge inspiration for the women of today.

It is amazing how the laws and legal systems of various countries can differ, and yet still be able to apply to womankind. For example the 19th amendment of the US constitution grants women the right to vote. It shows the profound impact that the suffrage movements had on the evolution of law and country. We now have a female prime minister in Norway, and a number of countries across Europe have women heads of government. This means that the basic principles of participative politics apply to womankind globally.

Regardless of the fact that there are several powerful women alive nowadays, the fact remains that womankind still has a long way to go. In some parts of the globe like the east Tennessee, for example, women do not have the same rights as men. However the spirit of the suffragettes lives on, as you will find the slogan “One hundred women vote” in every political rally I attend. It’s time that women got together and got their fair share.

Race – What Makes Us Unique?

Commonly used to refer to all of mankind, the word ‘humanity’ encompasses all the generations of humankind as well as all the types and phases of humanity as it has evolved and changed through time. Early modern or early human is a term used to distinguish anatomically modern humans from archaic humans who existed before recorded history. Modern humans are a diverse race because they have spread across the world and are characterized by a common genetic blueprint and highly developed technologies.


There is no one single definition of what constitutes humanity, as each race has its own traits and characteristics that set it apart from all other races. However, some current definitions do still adhere to some general qualities shared by all races. It is a common belief that all human beings are a part of a larger group of species known as a species. This is supported by the evidence that all human beings, regardless of race, are related to a branch of the genus Hominidae that can be found both in humans and in animals.

Humanity has existed since the dawn of culture and wrote all of our oldest records. All forms of recorded history can be placed into one of three categories: antiquity, pre-classification, and race. The first two times our species existed on earth, it was nothing more than a small tribe of humanoids who populated a small portion of the ocean. Over time, as their numbers began to swell, they eventually became a fully fledged species that would eventually become the modern humans we know today. As we have evolved so did our population, and race came into being as another subdivision of the species. Today, race is still one of the most heavily used classification systems in the genealogical sciences.

Since there are so many subspecies of humankind, there are multiple possible combinations of genetic programs that could produce different results in humanity as a whole. For example, a mitochondria DNA ( mitochondria being the place where DNA is produced within the cells) combination that is passed from one female to her mate, the male must pass it on in order for it to be passed down to the next generation. This could produce humans with completely different characteristics than what their parents would have brought. In fact, there has been testing carried out that shows that this very scenario is possible. Even though the DNA has been manipulated somewhat, the results of the tests have still proved that humans are indeed different and that they do differ amongst each other.

When it comes to race, it has long been said that all races of mankind are equal. However, the results have proven that there are some differences between races. These differences have been proven to be especially noticeable in areas such as brain size, body structure, and overall intellectual capacity.

Humans have been in existence for quite some time, and we have been evolving for much longer than anyone realizes. The purpose of leaving all of these details up to science is so that future generations can study these various aspects of the species and attempt to figure out what exactly separates us from other creatures. In the end, all of us will be considered to be a part of this great experiment that has been done to make sure that all of Earth is able to survive. There is no doubt that our species is unique compared to all other forms of life, but we all share the same genes and a common ancestry with all of the other species on Earth.

The Science of Wellness


The Science of Wellness

Wellness is an essential part of healthy living. Physical well-being encompasses healthy habits and practices to promote overall physical well-being, avoid chronic diseases, treat acute pain, improve quality of life and promote mental, social, and spiritual well-being. The focus of physical well-being is improving the function, maintenance, restoration, maintenance, security, mobility, and aesthetics of the physical body. This area of wellness encompasses everything we do to manage stress, pain and illness.

Holistic wellness combines both physical and mental aspects of wellness to promote total well-being and health. This approach to wellness combines physical education, lifestyle counseling, nutritional assessment and an eclectic combination of therapies such as yoga, acupuncture, meditation, Reiki, and other complementary and alternative medicine techniques. This holistic approach encourages taking good care of the body with respect to diet, exercise, substance abuse, exposure to toxins, and the regulation of the mind, emotions, and body. In this way, holistic health and physical fitness are integrated.

The practice of daily physical activity is an important factor in achieving wellness. It promotes the maintenance of a fit body and helps you deal with stress and other negative emotions, including depression and anxiety. For physical wellness, you need to be active throughout the day. However, if you find it difficult to get up and move around much, you should consider incorporating some form of exercise into your daily routine. If you have trouble waking up in the morning, or you find yourself becoming lethargic during the day, you might benefit from a combination of yoga and other forms of physical activity.

Stress can be very damaging to our well-being and can even lead to disease, premature aging, mental health issues, and poor performance at work. To reduce your risk of these common illnesses, you should develop a well-rounded wellness plan that includes a balanced diet, regular exercise, and adequate sleep. In order to boost your mental health, you should try to attend at least one or two counseling sessions per week to address any stressors in your life that are contributing to your emotional state. You may also want to attend counseling sessions held by a spiritual community.

A well-balanced lifestyle includes a healthy diet, sufficient sleep, regular moderate to vigorous physical activity, regular drug and alcohol therapy, and a healthy mindset about self-care. A self-care mindset means maintaining a balance between work, home, school, social activities, and personal relationships. This balance encourages you to make wise choices regarding what you choose to do in your personal and professional life. While these lifestyle choices are important for overall wellness, holistic health and physical fitness are also important components of self-care.

Holistic health and fitness combines all areas of wellness and promotes overall emotional well-being. This combination is important to improving your quality of life and relieving the symptoms of your symptoms. Holistic health and fitness requires you to take some personal responsibility for your health and fitness and to make lifestyle and dietary changes that lead to better emotional wellness.

Women Of The Century – A Book Review

Women Of The Century

Women Of The Century – A Book Review

“Women of the Century: A History of Women’s Rights” by Beverly Barton is a fascinating glimpse into the past and future of women. Interviews with trailblazing American women who reveal the amazing work women do in their communities both in and outside of government. This book features women from all different types of backgrounds and walks of life including teachers, businesswomen, and mothers. This is a book that everyone should read. It should also be on the bookshelves of every American woman.

In this book, you will learn how influential famous women have been in our country’s and throughout the world’s history. You will learn about the trailblazers who changed our country and the changes they made. You will also get to learn how they became famous, how they reached their level of fame, and what lessons those women have had to teach us. Through this text, you will understand why many women are upset that they are not receiving high paychecks, and what the reasons are for that.

The author, Beverly Barton, has written a very interesting historical book, which covers the years 1960 to present. That time period represents one of the most important turning points in the history of the United States. One of the interesting things that you will find is how each of the first women on this list achieved her goals. Each woman started at the bottom, worked her way up, and became one of the first women to achieve the status of “first woman president”.

First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Author: This author has done a fantastic job of recreating the political climate during this era. She provides an inside look at the pressures women faced during those days, and how those pressures were used to guarantee the eventual victory of the suffragist movement. This is a great read full of information on one of the most important moments in the development of our nation.

National Book Prize winner: The memoirs of America’s fifth female President, Ellen Mitchell Brown, was chosen as one of the National Book Prize winners. This is a superb book, which gives a detailed description of the development of our country at that time in history. It also chronicles some of the hurdles that were faced by women before the US entered the twentieth century. Women Of The Century, the book itself, is a beautiful example of augmented reality.

Women Of The Century, the National Book Prize winner, is another great installment in the Women Of The Century series. This one gives an excellent historical account of the development of the suffrage movement in the United States. augmented reality provides an excellent means to examine historical and political issues of the day. As another example of how accurate many of Cherries reality-based books are, it can be said that this one is a definite must-read for all who value accuracy when studying history.

Space Travel


Space Travel

Any one of these better exemplifies the broader and clearer vision that a manned space flight will provide humanity. The two billionaires, both men, have put their personal ventures in the perspective of what would happen if humans went to the next step and ventured into space. Both are quite confident that mankind will achieve this. But the similarities end there. Indeed, these billionaires have different visions, but they also share a lot of the same assumptions about space travel, which should be examined carefully by the public.

To start, both share the assumption that space is not a vacuum, but it is filled with gases, liquid water, and (at least some) particles of life. The public assumes (perhaps falsely) that such a world-class atmosphere would be conducive to human activity. If humans could live in it, they speculate, would they be able to produce art, architecture, buildings, food, clothing, shelter, and medicine? And would there be anything we wouldn’t need, since all these things are needed for sustaining life? Could we send robots into space to take care of those “ecological” issues? Will we ever know?

The public also assumes that any biological life, whether on Earth or in space, would be self-sufficient, requiring no external support. This assumption seems reasonable, since no other life form has been discovered yet. However, just because no other life exists, it doesn’t mean this life wouldn’t require an atmosphere capable of supporting it. In fact, it would need an environment which is Earth-like, at least in composition.

As for whether or not living in space would be “good” for mankind, both agree that it would. Since neither knows the answer to this, it is impossible to tell whether or not this would be good. It’s also impossible to tell whether or not doing so would be good for all of humanity, since we don’t know if life would even exist in such an environment. Would we be foolish enough to send robotic beings into space? What happened to the dinosaurs?

Some people claim that if we sent astronauts into space, they would find that they had very different diets from the people of Earth, in that they would eat a lot less vegetables, or perhaps never eat at all. Others say that this would not be a bad thing, since we would learn about the possibilities of plant and animal life in space. Still others believe that space travel will help us better understand ourselves and our surrounding universe.

Whether or not humans will go into space is unknown. Even scientists have many theories as to what it might be like to live there for a substantial amount of time. It might be a very different place from Earth, or it might not. What is clear is that space travel will be a huge part of humankind’s past, present, and future. We may not know what it’s like living in space for a decade or two, but one thing is for certain: we will witness amazing new things in our solar system and beyond.

The Four Dimensions of Wellness


The Four Dimensions of Wellness

Wellness is about the practice of healthy living, usually on a day-to-day basis, to achieve better mental and physical health results, in order that rather than just surviving, you flourish. To know the importance of wellness, it is essential to realize just how vital health is. In fact, it may be considered to be one of the most important factors determining whether or not you live a full life. Health conditions can affect the mind and the body, which is why it is crucial that we treat them as soon as possible. Even something as simple as a cold can be problematic, with serious implications. So, if you find yourself feeling unwell, regardless of the cause for your feelings of illness, then it is advisable to get medical treatment as quickly as possible.

A person’s state of wellness is determined by many aspects, which include the quality of their relationships, their physical health and their social well-being, amongst other things. These three aspects can often be affected through dietary choices, social choices and the way one goes about dealing with stress and their own bodies. The good news is that wellness does not need to be achieved solely through diet and exercise. In fact, there are several other elements that come into play through making healthy lifestyle choices.

One of the main dimensions of wellness is physical health, which refers to a person being in excellent overall health, with no signs of any major illness. This dimension can be enhanced through making positive lifestyle choices such as eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy weight. Being overweight can exacerbate any existing medical conditions, and can lead to other complications and diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

Another dimension of wellness is mental health, which defines the state of mind of an individual. It can be defined as one’s ability to think rationally, compassionately and holistically and to manage one’s emotions. This aspect of wellness is related to the emotional health, as people who are emotionally healthy are more likely to be physically healthy. Emotional wellness is a combination of all of the physical and mental dimensions of wellness.

Another important component of wellness is emotional well-being, which includes a person’s capacity to manage their emotions, such as their stress levels, and their ability to get along with others. It is related to the active process of living, as it encompasses the person’s experience of wellness as a whole, rather than being restricted to a single aspect. In order to edit source material, a person must be emotionally healthy in order to ensure that the information they gain is true, relevant and meaningful.

These dimensions of wellness can vary from person to person and can be influenced by various factors. However, it is important that if one is seeking to improve their wellbeing, these components must always form part of the equation. The key to wellness is to create balance between the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of one’s life.

Women of the Century by Dr Rita Bettick

This is an historical look at women of the century. Women of the century; trailblazers, visionaries, trailblazers, pioneers, trailblazers everywhere! Over one hundred years ago there were no computers, no television, no internet, no phones, and no one to tell us how things were done. Today women have a range of opportunities, education, and skills to contribute to society and lift up the lives of all around her.

Women Of The Century

This is an amazing journey and book, the story of one hundred years of womankind. This is a call to all women to join in, fight for what is right and fight for change. It tells the amazing story of trailblazers, American women, who showed the world what can be done when we all reach our full potential, and persevere, even through times of adversity and turmoil. These women deserve our thanks, our appreciation, and our leadership.

Managing Editor, Allure magazine, April-June 2021. I was asked to write an article about the first woman US President, Woodrow Wilson. I did a great job of chronicling her historic achievements, and laid out my reasons for supporting her. Because I am such a strong defender of women’s rights, I felt compelled to write this firsthand article on America’s First Woman President, as she seeks re-election this November. Please consider all this.

This informative book is a personal chronicle of America’s First Lady, Sarah Palin. As Governor of Alaska, she was widely regarded as a polarizing figure, with her abrasive personality and controversial decisions. This book covers some of the controversy surrounding her, as well as her personal life in general. What is not discussed, is her role as a mother, wife, and a successful businesswoman, and all the important elements that come hand in hand with being an “eligible female” in our society. She is also an accomplished and popular educator, with a master’s degree in communications. In other words, augmented reality, as it is called, was a big part of her overall success, both in business and in her personal life.

Women of the Century, by Dr. Rita Bettick, is a quick read with lots of relevant and interesting information. A lively discussion with lively writing, and a great bibliography, this is an exciting book for anyone interested in the First Ladies and the issues that affected their lives. Women of the Century, will make a good addition to any library, as it will draw out new ideas, and offer fresh perspectives. For anyone who likes to think of history and the future in terms of social change, this book will be enjoyable and enlightening. No matter if you are already a member of the USA Network, or just looking for additional reading material, this is a must have title.

In Women of the Century, Dr. Rita Bettick provides insight into some of the most important historical women of the United States and Canada. This is an excellent text to add to your USA network membership library, and especially if you are already an active member. As with all videos series, Women of the Century can also be purchased on video from many of the leading distributors online. If you love history, and you are interested in changing the world for women and young girls, this book is an excellent addition to your collection.

Artificial Intelligent Machines to Take Judgment on Mankind

In a recent article on the Financial Times website, Professor Stephen Wolfram discusses; “The Future of Mankind”, a book written by him. In this book he suggests that we will soon have machines which can understand all the languages of humanity and in which case the communication process would be completely automatic. He also points out that super intelligence will enable machines to predict all future events in all human societies. He also predicts that within fifty years from now human beings will not be able to distinguish between reality and fantasy, this will be achieved by AI. The other day in an online think tank a gentleman made a comment about AI and he stated; “If you believe in God, as I do, then it will be possible to get AI to replace every human on the planet, because AI is the replacement of human intelligence.”


Indeed, I would like to ask you a question, does god exist? And if he does then why isn’t he already doing what he is supposed to do, raising up humans and creating humanity in his image and likeness? Would you like to have your own personal robot, do you think that is possible? What about artificial insemination with sperm from your partner and then the implantation of the embryo in your wife? Personally as a futurist I can tell you that these are all possible within the next 50 years.

So either God doesn’t exist or he is very confused, but neither one is a certainty. If God did act in such a way it would be obvious to all, including those who would see the creation of life through the eyes of a scientist. Personally I don’t believe in God, I believe in the almighty mind existing at the beginning of time and in a perfect state from the beginning of the universe until all time. And there has been evolution in that sphere of existence since the beginning of time. Therefore I do not see any reason at all to have a belief in the concept of a creator.

Artificial intelligent machines which can think and reason like humans, may be able to achieve some things that a human could never even dream of doing. It may be possible that such machines will help us solve some of the mysteries of life on earth, like the origin of life on earth. However if we built such robots which had religious faith they could easily turn against us and take our robotic engineers along with them to deliver judgment upon us.

Is it possible for man to control these artificially intelligent machines which could be sent to take judgment upon the humans on earth? Can we trust these machines with our lives? I honestly answer no, absolutely not. The chances of that happening are simply inadvisable. However there are already some attempts to do just that with neurocomputers which are programmed in such a way that they could learn and store the data of a person’s life and then pass that information on to another person if that person’s life depended upon the stored data.

Some of these robots are called superintelligent robotic androids. These artificially intelligent machines are to be placed by human beings on earth to take care of their needs such as taking human food and water which they cannot do by themselves. Some of these machines are also to be placed on distant planets to plant life for them. If this is done correctly the human population on the distant planet can be kept quite healthy without them knowing it.

The Connection Between Wellness And Lifestyle Choices


The Connection Between Wellness And Lifestyle Choices

If you are looking for a way to improve your well being, you need to incorporate some type of health and well being into your daily life. Many people do not realize how much their lifestyle affects their health, and what they can do to make their lives better. Stress is a contributing factor to poor health and wellness, and can manifest itself in many ways. Stress can affect your mood, energy level, immune system, sleep patterns and your emotions. It is important that you learn how to manage your stress and improve your overall health and wellness.

The three components of well-being are: exercise, diet and self-awareness. They each have an influence on your emotional and physical well being. By making healthy and easy choices in your life every day, you are on your way to achieving positive social interactions, managing stress and ultimately achieving optimal well-being. Achieving wellness requires you to become self-aware of your behaviors and the effect they have on both you and those around you.

When it comes to your mental well-being, there are four dimensions of it that affect your mood, energy level, immune system and sleep patterns. If you want to know how to integrate these dimensions of wellness in your life, it helps to understand the relationship between your mental, physical and emotional health and how the dimensions of wellness affect each other. The dimensions of wellness are connected with the following four aspects:

Mental wellness is influenced by aspects of your personality, including self-esteem, cognitive abilities and social connections. You may also enhance your mental wellness through engaging in activities that you enjoy, such as music or meditation. Being able to work effectively and efficiently at home and at the office is another important dimension of wellness. And finally, spiritual or religious beliefs and practices can have a profound impact on your mental state. All of these dimensions of wellness are interrelated, which means that if one aspect of your life is thriving, it will inevitably lead to the other dimensions, as well.

The physical aspect of wellness is influenced by your quality of life: your ability to get out of bed in the morning, walk to the supermarket with a positive energy, enjoy a relaxing meal and so on. However, the quality of your life is affected by your physical health, which includes your body’s ability to be flexible and healthy. Similarly, the quality of your mental well-being is determined by your level of physical health, which can be enhanced through regular exercise and eating a healthy diet. Another important dimension of wellness is physical health, which refers to your ability to move and maintain your body’s internal balance. It is influenced by your level of fitness, as well as your level of activity, your diet and your general health and well-being.

In conclusion, all of these dimensions of wellness are intertwined, and any one of them is significantly affected by all of the others. Your lifestyle choices, as well as your emotional state and experiences, will affect both the quality of your life and your physical well-being. This means that if you are trying to achieve optimal health, regardless of what the specific aspects of wellness involve, you must take steps to improve each one of them, including your physical health and your mental well-being. This way, your lifestyle choices will have a far more significant impact on achieving optimum health and wellness.

A Review Of “Women Of The Century: A History Of American Womanhood” By Pamela Patterson

Women Of The Century by Pamela Hillman is a unique book in the sense that it is actually an autobiography of two very influential women of the late 19th century. These women were instrumental in the suffragette movement. However, they also had other accomplishments such as being the first black woman United States Senator from New York. I found that Hillman takes a positive approach to addressing issues like racism and sexism and deals with these topics head on. Therefore, this is a book that will make you think rather than just agree with what has been written.

Women Of The Century

The author chose to write this memoir because of her own personal experiences as a suffragette and later as a managing editor for a women’s magazine. I found that this was true of the many other biographies that I have read. The fact that Hillman shares her personal story is very valuable to those who are considering pursuing a career in the civil rights movement or in women’s studies. It reminds us that these women were not the first, but they certainly did stand out from the rest of their fellow women.

The book starts off by delving into why we need to keep up the fight for women’s rights. As explained by Hillman, we have entered into a new era where the civil rights of all have been threatened by similar efforts by big business. Women Of The Century provides a history lesson as to how these powerful forces are attempting to control our government. For those of us interested in augmented reality and the future of technology and artificial intelligence, this book is a must read.

Just as important is the way that Pamela Pat Patterson writes about important topics. Patterson is an excellent writing coach and this book contains some of her best work. I especially appreciate the way she uses personal anecdotes to illustrate her points. Patterson takes us back to the historical context of the 19th amendment and what it meant for women and America. This engaging read keeps readers interested in participatory democracy.

The third section of Women Of The Century looks at what the future might hold for women. Following the 19th amendment, women now have a broader political role in the nation. However, Patterson points out that just being a registered female is no longer enough. Women of the century must take on greater responsibility now that they are a major part of the citizenry.

There are many interesting areas of interest in Women Of The Century. This is an excellent book that takes us back to history and provides current insight into the changes that have occurred in civil rights over the last 100 years. If you are an American woman, I would highly recommend this text. Women Of The Century should be added to your library.

Unraveling the Mysteries of the Human Mind


Unraveling the Mysteries of the Human Mind

Do you know what mankind has achieved so far? How can we as a species still continue to push the bounds of our imagination? The short answer to this is: We’ve already accomplished so much! It’s really amazing all the things mankind has accomplished, it seems that we’re just getting started. The key is to continue to ask questions and to follow the progress of mankind in order to keep our heads firmly on track.

What can you do today to help make humanity a better place? One of the first things I recommend is to invest in yourself by making sure you’re living your life to the fullest. There are so many opportunities for personal growth within each of us, it’s up to us to seize them and use them to grow and expand our horizons. Read books, attend seminars, and network with like-minded individuals – anything you can do to become the best you can be.

Have you ever noticed that people tend to look toward history and future events rather than into the past and present? The reason for this is simple: People want to live in a society that they perceive will be alive and thriving for a very long time. It’s comforting to think that things are getting better but unfortunately, we don’t. What’s the reason for this?

The short answer is: Our species has yet to discover the answers to many of the most important questions concerning life and the universe. This is why we’re stuck on this treadmill of life and death for our species, we need to discover these answers and discover them fast. If we are to continue to exist on this planet, we must change the way we think and move in our minds if we want to survive. Fortunately, scientists and other interested individuals are working day and night trying to help humankind figure out these mysteries and unlock the answers to man’s next step forward.

You might be thinking that this entire endeavor is nothing more than another ploy by scientists to grab our attention and prolong our species’ existence. It’s hard not to be skeptical when it comes to something as important as the mind and how it works. But the truth is, all that’s being said here today is based upon actual and tangible evidence that points to us understanding more about the mind and how it operates. While the answers to these questions may still be several years away, you and I can take comfort in knowing that there is a whole lot of research being done on this particular topic and the results are already in place. With the collective knowledge at hand now available, hopefully sooner than later we’ll be able to take advantage of this and truly move forward on advancing the knowledge and effectiveness of the human brain.

As mankind progresses, more of the unknown mysteries surrounding the human mind will slowly be unraveled. In the meantime, science will be able to better direct its efforts toward finding the actual answers that will help mankind move forward and be better prepared for whatever lies ahead. The current theory on how the mind functions states that our minds are essentially like computers and that information is processed in the same way. While this may seem esoteric, it has been shown time again in numerous scientific experiments and research projects. So it seems that even though the answers to the mysteries of the human mind are still elusive, the current theory and research are still very much a hot topic. For those that are not interested in such esoteric topics, you may well be interested in reading more on this particular topic that has been generating some intriguing theories lately.

The Importance of Wellness


The Importance of Wellness

Wellness is a way of life that entails the habits of daily living designed to promote good health and well-being. Wellness is a collective term encompassing the concepts of healthy eating, stress management, exercise, healthy communication, and spirituality. Wellness is the deliberate act of practicing good healthy habits on a regular basis in order to achieve better mental and physical health results, which in turn, enables you to live well. However, to fully understand the true importance of wellness, it is critically important to comprehend how it is related to total health.

When we speak of wellness, we generally think of the mental or spiritual aspect, but there actually two sides to the coin. The two aspects are not mutually exclusive but can be used positively to improve one another. Through practicing good well being habits, your physical health will improve because you will have more energy and can fight off illness more easily. When your physical health is up, your spiritual health automatically improves, and vice versa. Thus, the two factors, when used together, work hand in hand to ensure that you achieve wellness.

The best way to start thinking about wellness is to make a list of your overall wellness goals. These should include things like having more energy, losing weight, feeling better emotionally, and just general better health. Your wellness goals should also be realistic so that you don’t set yourself up for failure. Also, make sure that you are physically healthy so that when you reach your wellness goals, you are also mentally and emotionally healthy.

A healthy lifestyle is essential to achieving wellness, but this is only the beginning. You must also incorporate a regular exercise regimen into your life and get involved with activities that are good for your body, mind, and spirit. In fact, the best way to look at your lifestyle is as an active process that feeds your wellness and helps you maintain wellness. When your life is an active process, you are always striving for the best and are not satisfied with what you have because you are always working towards improvement. This active process is what you call wellness.

Nutritional education and counseling are important as well. There are many nutritional programs available today and it is important that everyone has access to them so that people can develop a healthy relationship with food. Proper nutrition and regular physical activity go hand in hand to help you maintain your wellness. You can lose weight and become healthier by using wellness resources and by changing your lifestyle.

Intellectual activity has long been associated with good health. Being healthy means that you have a good understanding of both your body and your mind. Thus, intellectual pursuits and a healthy lifestyle go hand in hand. No matter how much physical activity you do, if you do not pay attention to your intellectual health, you will never achieve a state of good health that will last for a lifetime.

The Women Of The Century – Parton Vs Tennessee

Women Of The Century

The Women Of The Century – Parton Vs Tennessee

It seems as though the suffragists in the US are going to have more luck than we had in Tennessee. According to the New York Times, there was an effort to get a citizen into Congress by Tennesseeans who wanted the suffragist amendment to be passed the same day as the 19th amendment. The amendment failed by a vote of 34 to 36. This comes as a huge victory for the amendment’s champions and one that throw a wrench in the business community’s ability to push for corporate welfare.

The entire argument in favor of the 19th amendment was that poor white women in the US today were denied their right to vote, which in turn stripped them of all of the rights and freedoms that they had gained through the progress of the nation. By allowing women the right to vote, they would be able to gain all of the advancements that they had previously only been given on a governmental level. So, why did this happen?

The answer to this question is complicated, but we can point to several reasons. First, some feel that the expansion of the suffrage movement was not done properly. For example, it was not widely recognized at first, so many of the citizens of the United States felt that the expansion of the amendment was simply a way to make everyone equal under the law. Once the amendment was officially passed, it was widely accepted throughout the country, so many people didn’t even realize that the 19th amendment was a thing of the past.

Additionally, some feel that the expansion of the suffragists was not done evenly throughout the country. During the early years of the movement, African-American women made up the largest portion of the activist community. However, after the First World War, white women started to feel more empowered and pushed for the right to have a say over their reproductive rights. The second most influential women of the late 19th century were Tennessee women. They were able to draw the support of prominent men in the country for the expansion of reproductive rights, and they made sure that the 19th amendment passed with the majority of the southern states.

Finally, there is the issue of race during the course of the 19th century. African-American and European-American women were seen as very influential throughout the nation, and they made a lot of difference in the shaping of the amendments that were eventually passed. As a result, when you look at the official list of the influential women of the late 19th century, you see women such as Lucy Stone, Frances Morrison Lowe, Ida B. Wells, Anna Jarvis, Florence Nightingale, and Tennessee women’s delegate Betty Price. In short, these are some pretty incredible names that could easily make the list of the most influential women of the late twentieth century.

Clearly, parton was a powerful woman. She was no doubt a tireless worker for justice. She was no doubt an inspiration to many other working-class women of the late nineteenth century, especially those in the south. And she was clearly a friend to suffragists everywhere. It’s only fair to count her as such, because without Parton there wouldn’t be the National Woman’s Party, and women wouldn’t have the right to vote.

Protecting Mankind From an Asteroid

What could be the most dangerous asteroid ever found by humankind has been found by a telescope on Earth that crosses the face of the sun every day. asteroid 1999 AB is thought to be even more dangerous than the big one that hit the Earth a few years ago. It passed very close to the Earth’s surface.


This Near Earth Asteroid is now considered a Near Earth Asteroid (NEO) and is the largest asteroid to pass by Earth in over a century. It is also the first asteroid to pass by our planet that is larger than 5 km in size. It has a radius of about 1.6 Astronomical Units. That means it is smaller than the asteroid belt, which is filled with debris from comets. The asteroid is believed to be made up mostly of ice and rock. It is located near Sedimentary rocks which are a type of sedimentary rock.

The threat posed by this huge space rock is a serious one for our species. If it was to impact the Earth and cause massive changes, it could wipe out life on Earth quite rapidly. The asteroid could cause tidal waves, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions too. It could wipe out all life on the surface of the Earth within days. And that would be bad news, as we know that life on Earth is threatened by extinction.

There are many other space rocks floating around in our Solar System and they are likely to crash into the Earth at some point. And some have already done so. Comet Shoemaker-Koning is thought to be a comet that could impact Earth in 2021. So it is in everybody’s best interests to take preventative measures and stay away from these potential space rocks.

In fact, recently a asteroid was suspected to be on a collision course with Earth. It came within 3 million miles from our planet on March 13th. It is a big space rock and was suspected to be very near to becoming an asteroid that could cause significant damage. But it turned out to be nothing to worry about and the asteroid wasn’t even considered a threat. It passed safely by.

There is no doubt that if an asteroid is going to hit the Earth, humankind should get ready. Luckily we have developed very robust space weaponry which can shoot it out of the sky and hopefully save our planet from destruction. Such weapons are also designed specifically to shoot down such space rocks. These technologies are available to us today and we need to use them. Please consider all this.

The Important dimensions of Wellness


The Important dimensions of Wellness

Wellness is the practice of practicing natural healthy habits on a regular basis to achieve better mental and physical health results, to be more like well and alive. Many important areas of your life are regarded as dimensions of overall Wellness. These areas include but are not limited to, your relationships with yourself, with others and with God. The idea is to cultivate a mind-body connection to realize wellness in all areas of life. To put it differently, to feel good on an individual level and to help others do the same, whether these individuals are family members friends or co-workers.

Your relationship with your personal Wellness coach will play an important role in determining the ultimate wellness goals. When you first meet and interview your wellness coach, ask questions regarding their background and education. Also find out what type of training and credentials they have obtained. It is always a great way to begin to get to know each other when you are seeking counsel from a professional in this field.

A wellness coach works to assist individuals in developing and implementing healthy lifestyle choices. This might include diet control, weight management, fitness training, stress management, alcohol and drug prevention and treatment, and healthy relationships within the work place. Most coaches provide a variety of resources to their clients to assist them with the components of their particular lifestyle. These components include activities, diets, exercise routines, and stress management skills, just to name a few. As previously mentioned, the goal of any coach is to assist their clients in creating or improving a lifestyle that meets the needs of the individual person for optimum physical, mental and emotional health.

Along with the physical aspects of Wellness, there is also the aspect of mental health and wellness. This involves training and learning how to live an active and satisfying life free from the pressures of modern day living. Coaching can include techniques for reducing stress, improving self awareness, improving self esteem, increasing productivity, communicating better, and fostering positive relationships. Mental health, if not addressed, can have a devastating effect on physical and emotional well-being. That is why it is such a great way to enhance the quality of life of clients who are working to achieve wellness.

Many people who are working towards wellness also work toward achieving emotional balance. Emotional balance encompasses all aspects of an individuals daily life including their relationships, work, hobbies, spirituality, and social activities. It is quite common for many individuals to have an unhealthy relationship with their physical health and their emotional health. Through Wellness Coaching and the many workshops and seminars offered, individuals can learn how to maintain a balance in all areas of their lives.

Wellness Coaches can teach individuals about the importance of eating well, staying fit, and is promoting good health and fitness. They can also instruct their clients on how to live a healthy lifestyle by incorporating exercise into their lifestyles as well as introducing healthy food choices. Wellness coaches are able to assist their clients on their path to wellness by offering educational information and resources on nutrition and physical activity. Whether they are dealing with issues related to health and wellness or those of an emotional nature, individuals can benefit from working with a Coach who is trained in all dimensions of wellness.

Women Of The Century – A Brief History Of The Fight For Women’s Suffrage

Women Of The Century

Women Of The Century – A Brief History Of The Fight For Women’s Suffrage

USA Today Women of the Century: More Women of the Century: A History of Women’s History in the United States. USA Today is a women’s magazine that takes pride in telling the women’s stories of everyday life. Their mission is to tell America’s women what they do, who they are, and why we need them. Their readers will be inspired by the stories, by the way the women are portrayed, and by the way they move the Nation and our world forward.

This article will focus on one of their most famous stories, one that has taken place in the last year, of Victoria Skaraborg. Victoria Skaraborg is a world famous woman, and the founder of Acton Skaraborg, a company that manufactures prosthetic limbs and other prosthetic. She has also been an entrepreneur and served as the Executive Vice President of Skaraborg, Inc. for many years. She has been a strong voice for women, and she has achieved tremendous success both in business and in politics.

Victoria Skaraborg was born in Omaha, Nebraska, and earned a bachelor’s degree at Harvard University in Politics. Following graduation she worked for the Peace Corp., but then went on to serve her country in the Peace Corps. After that she went to work for the International Rescue Committee, also working with Third World countries. She was active in volunteering abroad, particularly with the ICBMF, which was an international organization that operated flights to deliver supplies and help people in Third World countries.

Then, in 1947, Victoria Skaraborg co-founded the National Women’s Party, which was formed to fight for women’s rights. Her vision was one of promoting women’s suffrage, and she was very instrumental in getting women’s suffrage granted in the United States by the United States Congress. She was also very instrumental in popularizing the Women’s Rights Movement in other countries, and the efforts were often joined by other women, as was the case with the famous women of the 20th century. Today, in every country in the world there is a political party that represents or seeks to empower women. These political parties are known as Women Of The Century.

Women Of The Century has been working towards empowering women all over the United States, and they have fought for civil rights and against discrimination against women in employment. They have fought for equal rights in education, health care, and in the political process. They have been involved in drafting the 20th amendment to the US Constitution, which guarantees a right to vote for all citizens, regardless of gender, race, religion, or ethnicity. In addition, many Women of the Century members have also been instrumental in preserving the rights that were won in the past, such as the women’s rights movement in Germany before World War II, and the fight for the Equal Rights Act in the United States.

Women of the century were also instrumental in preserving and enhancing the lives of their children, particularly mothers. They have done so by passing the appropriate laws that promote education for mothers and also by ensuring that children who grew up in poverty and were left alone in the rural areas of our nation are provided with the opportunities to pursue higher education. Without the groundwork being laid for these children in earlier years, it would be very difficult for them to develop into fully grown adults. So, as a whole, the role of women of the past has been to ensure that the people of this nation have had the opportunity to develop, learn, and move forward as a result of this paved road that was built for them by other generations before them. We owe it to our mothers and grandmothers to recognize their work and their sacrifices and to celebrate their role as we continue to move our nation forward.

Does the Feminine Language Empower Humankind?

What is going on in the world today? One has to ask this question especially when we have all heard of the recent natural calamities which seem to be increasing with each passing day. We have also all heard about all the technologies developed for different reasons but how do these technologies affect mankind? Many theories have been formulated to explain the mysteries surrounding mankind and its future however all points still remain unproven in many aspects. This is probably one of the biggest conundrums in the field of science today.


If you had to place a finger on what is happening to mankind today, you would probably be unable to point any finger or pinpoint the exact cause of this phenomenon. Is humankind in danger of being Extinct as some believe, or maybe it is a gradual process of evolution, changing the characteristics of man as he interacts with his environment? Well, some scientists claim that the speed of evolution is too fast to be noticed by human intelligence and that indeed the human race is in danger of being Extinct. The current theory suggests that mankind’s close genetic relative, the Chimpanzee, is the reason why the human race exists today. What better time to grapple with these dangerous tendencies and their destructive effects on humankind and nature?

With all this in mind, we cannot deny the fact that the current arguments raging in the media about the reduction of the number of women in the workforce is having a devastating effect on the morale of a large percentage of the female population. Is humankind doomed to be Extinct? The possibility of such a scenario is highly unlikely given the immense number of technological advances made in the past few decades and the vast amount of effort put in to finding alternative energy sources. Moreover, with the right education and information available, any individual can easily learn how to protect himself and his loved ones from harm and that too within a very short span of time. In other words, humankind is not at risk of being Extinct and there is no immediate threat to the existence of the human race. On the contrary, we can see a positive future for the humankind and the earth as a whole as we work towards achieving gender equality in all aspects of life.

However, the reduction in the percentage of women in the workforce has resulted in some disturbing changes in the way men and women interact with one another. This has led to some negative implications in the way human beings used to interact, even before the coming of the women in the workforce. For example, it was not long ago that a woman could take on the role of the breadwinner in the family. Women were considered to be the natural protectors of the family, the provider of the children, and the keeper of homes and properties. Now, with the number of women in the workforce, the roles of men are reducing and that too with alarming speed.

Furthermore, the erosion of the gender balance in the workforce also poses a threat to the future sustainability of the human economy. Since the ratio of men to women has been declining steadily over the years, the only way out that has thus far remained open is through international trade. But the introduction of a gender-neutral language, namely ‘Herman’, has threatened to throw this lifeline into the wind. In such a situation, what was earlier considered to be a safe move, the adoption of gender-neutral language, might seem to be the last alternative left, a move that may lead to the complete destruction of the human economy.

So is the introduction of a new universal language a sensible solution? It is hard to say. If we look back at history, language was an important factor that helped people communicate across geographical boundaries. It was not long ago that the local dialect of a country could be understood across the world with relative ease. With the advent of machines, communication has become a very expensive proposition and a universal standard language seems to be unlikely to make things easier for humanity.

The Importance Of The Word Wellness


The Importance Of The Word Wellness

Wellness is an action plan that guides you on how to achieve wellness in all aspects of life. Wellness consists of proper diet, fitness, and exercise that give you optimum performance in work and personal life. Wellness is the act of adhering to healthy lifestyle practices on a continuous basis to achieve better mental and physical health results, so you are well equipped to survive any health challenge that comes your way.

To understand the relevance of wellness, it is crucial to understand first how it is connected to good health. Wellness and good health are directly related, since well-being is about adopting healthy habits and behaviors that promote overall wellbeing. Adhering to these habits allows you to cope up with stressors and live life comfortably even when encountering difficulties. The three dimensions of wellness are Physical, mental, and social aspects.

Health behaviors that are essential to employee wellness include giving 100% of your effort; taking responsibility for your own health and welfare; accepting and able to acknowledge mistakes and improvements; actively participating and communicating with your colleagues. These behaviors help an individual to develop self-awareness, interpersonal skills, and adaptability to various situations. Being self-aware motivates an individual to take necessary precautions to prevent sicknesses and diseases. Moreover, accepting and able to acknowledge improvements in oneself reflects positively on an individual’s work performance and creates a conducive environment for productivity and effectiveness. By developing and implementing workplace health promotion programs, an employee wellness program assists employees in achieving their optimal work capacity.

In fact, wellness practices not only help in improving employee health and productivity, but also helps in creating a more positive work culture. A positive work culture encourages employees to become dedicated and perform at their optimum. Wellness programs not only give employees an opportunity to enjoy their work and benefit from educational and recreational activities, but also gives them the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others. A significant role in employee health and wellness is being able to make contributions to a better society. In fact, studies have shown that well-being benefits corporations more than any other type of business venture.

A corporate wellness approach promotes healthy lifestyles in the workplace. Healthy working environments foster better communication, increased productivity, improved mental health and stress management, and healthier employees. Studies have shown that the majority of companies that offer wellness benefits also provide opportunities for learning and development at all levels. Wellness programs not only promote better work-health relations between employees and employers, but also improve company profitability by reducing overhead costs, increasing profits, and overall business performance. Thus, a corporate wellness initiative can not only lead to greater profitability, but also strengthen the company’s ability to compete and succeed amidst a competitive marketplace.

There is no denying the importance of the word wellness when it comes to corporate wellness. Today, many people are aware of the need to maintain their physical health and can identify with the motivation that comes with being able to get treatment when needed. In addition to offering medical and other services to improve quality of life, corporate wellness programs help employees deal with stress. By teaching employees how to effectively handle themselves and others, wellness professionals contribute greatly to the success of a company’s operations.

Women of the Century – A Celebration

Women of the century will always have a special place in the hearts of the millions of American women and their moms who fought for the rights of suffragettes. Some will say that suffragettes were no more than a bunch of whining, sore losers looking for attention. But who ever said that? The women who were willing to stand up for what was right and to be heard have become known as the “enchanted thrones” according to one of our nation’s founders, George Washington.

Women of the century will always be remembered for their patience, unselfishness and commitment to the men and children of this nation. Women of the century helped make this country a better place to live in and they are still respected for all that they did and didn’t do. A great many lives were touched by their efforts in the cause of women’s rights and their endurance in the face of adversity.

Women of the century made some history and set a precedent for the future women of the United States of America. What is certain is that women of this day and time were never equal to men. Men had full rights while women were denied the right to vote until the 20th amendment was passed in nineteen twenty-six. Women of the century changed the course of world history in more ways than can be counted. The suffrage movement did not end in eighteen ninety but it came back four more times before finally reaching its ultimate triumph over male dominance.

There are women of this century who have been acknowledged throughout the world. They have won the right to be called “Americans” by the United States government, have been granted the right to vote, have access to higher education, and are now allowed to hold their own for just about any reason that they may need to. Who knows what next these women of the past will accomplish? Women of the past had dreams of owning a restaurant, riding a horse, living in a white house with her own children, and they were considered unachievable by either men or society when they shared their dreams.

We are approaching the one hundredth anniversary of the first black president of the United States. Some people may not know that President Obama was once a radical fringe leader of the anti-segregationist movement and that he once bragged about hating white people and believed that white people were evil and needed to be destroyed. We are also only two hundred days away from the one hundredth anniversary of the infamous Enclosure Acts which made many poor neighborhoods in the United States of America totally unlivable and forced countless people to leave the cities for fear of their safety and the safety of their families.

It is indeed an amazing time in our nation’s history to celebrate the accomplishments of these two outstanding women. Let us raise a glass and give them the plaques that they deserve so that we can all learn from their great legacies. There are many women of the past who should be honored on this day such as Susan B. Acidic Springs, ammonia Tonzetich, textile worker, Emmeline Sweetness Smith, along with many more. Let’s make this day a great learning experience and celebrate these two great ladies from our past.

Lessons From The Message of Moses


Lessons From The Message of Moses

All of mankind has some form of spirituality. This spiritualism is manifested in various forms. Some of these manifestations are religious, some are political, and others are personal. In any case, all of us are deeply connected to the essence of mankind.

People who consider themselves to be spiritual are often called “healers.” Healers assist humankind by providing an opening for understanding, healing, and hope. Some healers go beyond the call of duty and go beyond their specialization to help humanity as a whole. These types of people have a tremendous amount of empathy, and they give without expecting anything in return.

When we are in need of help, we expect someone or something to help us. If there is no such entity – if there is nothing that can bridge the gap between us and the things that are needed most, then we are sunk. But when we encounter other lives who are in the process of trying to bridge the gap, we realize we don’t have to be frightened – we just have to follow the lead of the other in our own way.

One of the more poignant messages from God to Mankind in the Old Testament is found in the parable of the talents. In this parable, the people of the city of Sodom were upset because they felt as if they were not worthy to inherit the land of Eden. Their pride caused them to spit on the newly born son of God. This act was so destructive to the purposes of creation that it brought disaster. But when Jesus Christ performed the act of baptism by dipping Him in water, He set the stage for all of mankind to gain favor with God – because He could go under the water as well as above it! (Mt 9:1-2).

Another important message from God for all of us is found in the Sermon on the Mount. When Christ went to the Mount, He gave His life as a sacrifice for all the mankind on the mount including the stones that were thrown at Him. It is important for each one of us to translate and understand what Jesus told those who assembled there on the Mount. All humanity should come to the realization that Jesus is Lord even though they have forgotten or refused Him. The last things we will ever do as mankind are those things we did for Him while He was on the Mount of Transfiguration – which is a preview of the final destiny we have for Him.

What Jesus taught those that assembled on the Mount of Transfiguration reveals the path by which we must travel in order to achieve everlasting life. We must honor the Master by living according to His word. Those who truly honor the Master will live with Him eternally. As long as they live in accordance with the ways of the Master, all will profit – and all will receive the blessings of the Father.

The Concept of Wellness Explained


The Concept of Wellness Explained

Wellness is an umbrella term that encompasses many things into one including wellness coaching, wellness camps, fitness centers, spa visits and yoga classes, wellness resorts, as well as the many aspects that make up a good life. It is a process that helps you enhance your health and well-being in your daily life activities. This is done by creating awareness, promoting better eating and exercise choices, teaching you how to manage stress and anxiety, and helping you to gain confidence in yourself and your capabilities.

Wellness is about much more than just improving your health and well being though. wellness is also about achieving goals, implementing solutions, implementing strategies, and enjoying greater levels of personal and professional fulfillment. Wellness is the act of constantly practicing healthier habits on a regular basis in order to achieve better mental and physical health results, which in turn, allows you to be more well-rounded and more successful. Several key facets of wellness are viewed as important dimensions of wellness. These key aspects include physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, and behavioral health, and management support.

A major part of wellness is a lifestyle that promotes wellness through the implementation of healthy behaviors and practices such as healthy eating and physical activity, as well as ongoing mental and emotional health promotion techniques. Some examples of these practices include yoga and Pilates, as well as meditation and spiritual prayer. Another aspect of wellness is a well-balanced diet that includes a variety of food choices that are low in fat, high in nutrient-rich foods, and contain enough water to facilitate proper digestion. Lastly, practicing regular preventive maintenance hygiene and regularly visiting your general practitioner are other facets of wellness.

Emphasis on wellness is also based on the idea that people are best served when they are well-informed about their own health and how their bodies respond to their behaviors. Many people are unaware that poor self-care can have serious consequences for their physical health and their mental well-being. Through various research methods, there are several theories that focus on the relationship between wellness and behavior. These theories focus on the importance of self-regulation, emotional intelligence, and social intelligence, self-esteem, and cognitive and emotional health.

The concept of wellness is an issue of personal choice and each person chooses what dimensions of wellness they find important to them. People may place greater emphasis on spirituality, physical activities, mental health, or social well-being. Within each of these dimensions, there are multiple dimensions and combinations of elements that can be included. People who want to promote their well-being will likely choose one of the dimensions and incorporate it into their lives.

People will likely place greater emphasis on some aspects of wellness and less emphasis on others. Exercise for example, might be something of interest to a person who wants to live a healthier lifestyle, while being active. However, if the person were interested in improving their mental health, they might consider reducing their intake of sugary beverages and increase the amount of exercise that they get each day. In addition to the dimensions, there are many additional factors that influence a person’s well-being and quality of life. These factors, such as the quality of the environment, their physical health and their relationships, can all be considered in the concept of wellness.

Exhibitions For Women Of The Century

Women of the Century, a traveling exhibit of sorts that travels to five continents over the course of the 20th century, celebrates the accomplishments of women and archives the many strides that women have made throughout the history of the world. Visiting these sites highlights the contributions women have made both in politics and in the private sectors. It also showcases women from various cultures, occupations, education levels, and backgrounds. The tour is organized by the United Nations Office on Women. The goal of this traveling exhibit is to celebrate the progress women have made both in the private and public sectors. The women of the century visits five continents including Europe, North America, South America, Asia, and Oceania.

Women Of The Century

The first woman US president, Ellen Roosevelt was the driving force behind the women’s suffrage movement. The suffragist movement transformed the face of the century and changed the course of history. Also represented at this exhibition are suffragettes from other eras such as Annie Atkins, emate Tubman, and reformer Victoria Wood Boyse. These women of the century exhibit focuses on issues important to women across the globe and the role they have played in changing political, social, economic, and cultural norms. Representing the first women’s US president, this exhibit will allow audiences to imagine the impact the first woman would make if she were still alive today.

An exhibition entitled Women of the Century: A Global Journey will highlight the accomplishments and contributions of women around the globe have made. The women showcased in this prestigious US network are those who have made significant contributions to the shaping of the US. Representing Canada, Asia, Central America, the Caribbean, and Latin America, this showcase will feature the accomplishments of the ten women from each of these regions. Also featured are achievements in the fields of politics, science, technology, medicine, and education. The first Middle Eastern woman to become a US President, the first Asian-American first lady, the first Chinese American first lady, and the first Native American first lady are also represented in this exhibition.

At the United States pavilion in Paris you will find the twentieth century exhibit devoted to the suffragettes. Representing a period that marked a significant moment in the progress of women’s rights in the United States, this exhibit will allow audiences to learn more about the pivotal moments that shaped women’s rights in the nation. Representing the temperance movement, which was a decades-long effort for women to achieve equality in civil and political rights, suffragettes were determined to make their mark on history. Featuring beautiful photographs of historical events and discussions by leading American women, this exhibit allows an updated understanding of what suffragettes accomplished. Also featuring an exhibition on the nineteenth amendment, this display is designed to allow visitors to explore the meaning of this amendment, why it was passed, and what it meant for the future of the United States.

The exhibit entitled Women Of The Century: A Global Journey will feature leaders from every continent of the world. Featuring women such as Suffragette leader Amelia Earhart and her fellow suffragettes from Europe, this display will allow visitors to learn about the travels of these pioneering leaders and how they effected change. Also featured are conversations with noted women from the Americas including Congresswoman Tulsi Gordon, a Native American rights activist, as well as other prominent Americans.

Each of the Women of the Century exhibitions is designed to celebrate the contributions of women throughout the century made to the advancement of womankind. By bringing these influential women to display, the organizers hope to stimulate thought and discussion on important issues concerning women’s rights in society today. In addition to the exhibition itself, there will be additional lectures, educational films, music videos, and womankind video series held at the Women of the Century program’s designated venues. With this exhibition, organizers hope to promote greater awareness of women’s rights and empower women around the world.

The Definition of “Humanity” and Its Application to All People

The issue of humanity has been a touchy subject lately, especially after the recent tragedies in the middle east and in Nigeria. There are some people who would like to see people of all races and creeds killed off in the name of “saving humanity” or in order to prevent it from becoming a multicultural society like the UK. These types of people have a difficult time seeing how other ethnic groups in the world can behave in a civilized fashion without abusing others due to their own ethnicity or religion. It is not only these people that need to wake up and realize that the issues regarding humanity aren’t limited to the middle east. In fact, they’re issues that plague every part of the word.


In one case that thankfully makes the news, a student at a prominent University was recently punished for using the term “humankind” in a paper that he was writing for a class assignment. This student had the opportunity to write an essay about the topic of humankind, and when he used the word “humankind” it was taken as “bigger than human.” This is an obvious violation of academic standards, yet it is totally irrelevant to those who enforce the rules and standards in universities. To call mankind “great” species is a crime against humanity.

In the real world, however, the issue of humankind is often times a tricky one. It’s hard to argue with the facts that we all know and recognize – that nine out of every ten people on this earth share a common ancestry, that most humans live in a planet of water and land, that there are six billion human beings currently on this planet, and that there are several different types of these human beings. Is there any question then, that humankind is very real and important species? And if so, then why is there such a hue and cry about its “eligibility” for a certain language? Why would the humans be denied their right to talk about themselves as part of a group? What’s the big deal?

The phrase, “humanity” is used to describe a concept, not an individual. Therefore, anyone who would apply the phrase must take into consideration what kind of individual they would want to claim to be. Someone who intellectual, creative, inventive, and observant – someone who might be called a “humanity” in the broadest sense. But just what kind of individual is going to be defined by this phrase?

Well, let’s put it this way. It’s a term, which is used almost daily by people in every walk of life, in every country on earth. A person who is not part of any group, nation, race, religion, or culture may very well qualify for this title. So the phrase “humanity” is not an easy concept to apply to. To those who are defined as a “humanity” by this phrase, the definition is simple – each and every person on earth deserves to be called a “humanity”, because they have all been given the opportunity to become anything they could possibly dream of becoming.

If you wish to apply the phrase “humanity” to yourself, you can do so by thinking about yourself as a person, a unique individual with your own set of goals and ambitions, which you have chosen to pursue. You have the ability to shape your own future, and no one else can do this for you. No one else can live up to your expectations. And you alone have the power to define, limit, and control your own destiny. So why not use the power that lies within you to truly make of your life what you want it to be?

Wellness and Pet Health

Wellness is a non-judgmental, non-competitive active discipline of making personal choices towards a fulfilling and healthy life. It’s more than being cured from the disease, it’s a creative process of growth and transformation. A state of total well-being; a satisfactory or positive condition of life; complete welfare, which includes physical, mental, social, emotional, spiritual, and creative aspects of one’s life. Wellness, as John Hills describes it, is “the vital force that unites the elements of vitality and life, creating a positive balance of the three.” The definition of what wellness is has changed over time but has remained a goal worthy of achievement for all individuals and groups who try to achieve it.


Some elements of wellness are behavior and psychology; others are medical and biological, with well-being being defined in part by the extent to which these elements are integrated in one’s life and practice. In fact, well-being is not only about diagnosing a disease or injuries, but also about addressing and dealing with those events that impact a person’s life on a daily basis. While there are many components of wellness, including self-care, social well-being, occupational well-being, family well-being, and environmental well-being, veterinarians should be at the top of the list for any definition of self-care. It is important to provide daily personalized self-care for pets as the animals are a special part of the family.

Pet wellness involves physical, mental health, and self-care; while all three areas are intertwined, it is important to address the issues that directly affect the animals in the home environment. Animals in the home deserve better conditions and greater care than they are currently receiving. Allowing for wellness and encouraging your pet to be healthy will benefit you, your home, and your animal. Pet wellness extends to the environment where your family members are living, working, playing, and interacting with your animals.

Environmentally, a caring and complete physical wellness program for pets should be a high priority. Making sure that the surrounding environment is free of toxic and other chemicals can help promote good health for all. In fact, some toxins act like toxins in humans, potentially weakening the immune system, increasing the likelihood of developing illnesses and diseases, and causing more serious after-effects. In addition, an adverse environmental environment can also promote unhealthy responses from pets to stress and other experiences, causing confusion and behavioral problems. The emotional well-being of both humans and animals is affected by the health of the surrounding environment.

Wellness and pet wellness are intertwined for many reasons. Pet owners need to know and understand the difference between caring for a pet in a way that promotes health, and caring for their pet in a manner that will promote well-being. The active process is necessary to promote wellness, because it involves taking time to get together with your pet, exercising together, playing with each other, and spending quality time with each other. It requires being physically and emotionally fit to facilitate the active process. It is no wonder that many pet owners find themselves feeling less stressed and more fulfilled in their relationships than they have in years. This active process is what is meant when a word such as “wellness” is mentioned, and it connects you back to a time when people felt mentally and physically whole and vibrant.

Wellness and pet wellness are closely connected because both involve the active involvement and physical activity that create a sense of well-being. Pet owners who spend time together physically and mentally improve their relationships, and they learn how to make and keep good connections with others. Pet owners who exercise together to improve their physical health and increase their emotional wellness. The active process is what is meant when a word such as “wellness” is mentioned, and it links you back to a time when people felt mentally and physically whole and vibrant. Pet owners who take part in wellness activities also help to save energy and money. Pets and well-being go hand-in-hand, and pets can be treated as a member of the family – a natural leader of wellness.

How Did Humanity Get Here?

Are you ready for the next level of evolution in humankind? Do you want to see mankind rise up and become a new, higher species? Do you want to see a change in the way we govern ourselves and the way we interact with one another? If so, then I have some news for you: You CAN have it!


This is not about religion or being a religious person. It is about being a thinking human being and making decisions that affect your future. The time has arrived for a different breed of man. A higher, evolved kind of being. One that has a clear conscience, one that doesn’t hide in the shadows and corners of a cave. One that have a higher, more evolved set of moral standards and ethical guidelines, one that realizes that all living things have an obligation to society, the greater good, and the well-being of all mankind.

There are those who would like to keep us behind locked doors and locked in cages. Those who want to keep us poor, miserable, and chained to whatever they feel will benefit from our efforts. Those who would rather keep us in ignorance, apathetic, and inert, knowing full well that as time goes on, our time, our resources, our possibilities will diminish. And those who would rather push us into greatness, pushing us out into the sunlight where no one knows if we will shine or burn. Well, those times are now gone, and we are already living in the greatest age of human history.

We have the knowledge, technology, and power to take half of the world’s population and give them what they truly deserve, a better life, with the technology available to make their lives better. We have the intelligence to compete and win against any and all enemy and danger – both foreign and internal. We have the will to advance; to continue on our journey towards becoming the most powerful civilization in the history of mankind. It is time for a new beginning, and we are in the middle of a giant technological explosion. Which means, that we are in the middle of a renaissance.

In the Renaissance, people were living longer and happier, and the human mind was developing at a rate never seen before or since. Today, that has given way to an extended age of intellect and enlightenment. Science and technology have advanced to such a degree that it has become almost inconceivable; we have created automobiles which can cross the universe, ships which go on planetary voyages, and satellites that orbit the earth. We are literally able to see other planets and other star systems from here on earth. And we are traveling to these destinations faster than ever before.

If this civilization which thrives so immensely on the earth is not maintained and kept in good repair, the potential for destruction is unlimited. Which means, that the potential for war and destruction will always be present, unless human beings start being less selfish, more civic minded, and realize that they are responsible for their actions. Only then can we hope to move forward, and stop the deterioration of the human civilization. A better tomorrow begins with responsible citizens exercising their right to vote and protect their civilization from its enemies by exercising their right to vote; and vote wisely. This ancient wisdom goes along way in protecting humanity from destruction in every walk of life.

Creating Wellness – An Active Process

Wellness is basically the act of regularly practicing healthy habits on a regular basis in order to achieve better mental and physical health results, so you become well. This is not a new concept as ancient Asian societies knew about the benefits of staying healthy. In fact, they have recognized the value of physical fitness since ancient times. The word wellness actually goes back to the early Persian and Greek cultures. According to these civilizations, wellness was equated with religious and philosophical discipline. So if you were religious or had strong philosophical beliefs, then you were said to be wholesome.


The modern concept of wellness evolved from this ancient culture. Today, the term holistic has gained popularity. The meaning of wellness today is getting connected to the concept of natural health, because many believe that the best way to maintain good health is to stay away from synthetic and man-made products, which usually include drugs, alcohol and other unnatural substances, and instead turn towards natural alternatives, which include vitamins, exercise, proper nutrition and other alternative, holistic practices. In this article, we will look at what is wellness and how it can help you live a longer, disease-free life.

One of the biggest benefits of being well is your mental health. Being well-informed about nutrition is one important aspect of maintaining good health. Your food choices and eating habits can have an impact on your long-term health and wellness. Eating the right foods and engaging in daily physical activity are great ways of maintaining good nutrition, which can lead to a long life and a positive mental state. As such, wellness can also be linked with mental health, as well.

Mental wellness has many aspects and values, including self responsivity. If you feel you are capable of taking control of your life and your health, then you are already on your way to better mental health, or if you feel you need more help, then you should consider seeking out spiritual wellness programs or classes. By becoming spiritually aware, you can take part in the healing process of your mind and body and use your knowledge of self-responsibility and the power of positive thinking to make positive changes in your life. Spiritual wellness can lead to a general sense of well-being, but there is a spiritual side to mental health as well and it should not be ignored or underestimated.

Creating a balance lifestyle includes making healthy choices and being attentive to your physical, emotional and spiritual needs on a day-to-day basis. It is important to learn how to listen to your body so you can respond positively to any health challenges. A holistic approach to nutrition, meditation and exercise can help you keep your body and mind healthy while promoting wellness in your spirit. Holistic health is important to all of us and it can help you live a longer, disease-free life. The holistic approach encourages self-care, which can be considered a complete change in lifestyle, habits and choice.

Health is a multi-dimensional concept that involves both internal and external factors. It means becoming educated about your body, your mind and your spirit in order to choose the best options for your individual needs. Creating a better quality of life starts with you making personal choices, then taking personal responsibility for those choices, and then providing a supportive, active process for self-responsibility. Creating wellness is an active process that calls upon you to develop your own sense of self-responsibility.

Women Of The Century – A History of the Women of the United States 100 Years

Women Of The Century

Women Of The Century – A History of the Women of the United States 100 Years

Women of the Century is a refreshing new take on the classic political theme of the women’s movement, but it is in a new time and place. Where are the suffragettes? Well, if we’re being honest, no one really knows where they are! Yet in our own times, things are certainly looking up for the woman as we have only been told about them, but not seen them. This new book by whistleblower Dr. Mona Hatsitiya sheds a whole new light on women’s rights, and more importantly, the abuse of women within the men’s Rights’ movement. In Women Of The Century, Mona Hatita provides much needed insight into the miseries of the male gender who use women’s suffrage as a club to beat down on women and discriminate against them.

Women Of The Century is a detailed look at the origins of women’s rights, how the suffragettes created an influential women’s movement, and how that same movement paved the way for women’s empowerment today. Through her research, she uncovers unethical and often devious behavior on the part of men who use their influence to benefit from women’s lack of support. Mona tells of how female attorneys were attacked by men for providing equal representation, and how some men would even go so far as to hire a sniper to kill female attorneys. How does this fit into today’s world? Mona heads to a fictional town, where the headstrong protagonist faces a different set of social problems brought on by her gender.

In Women Of The Century, Mona Hatcher provides readers with a dose of historical perspective on why the 19th Amendment was passed in the first place. At the time, many felt that women were second class citizens, that their rights had actually been stripped away. Women were denied the right to vote, and while the suffragettes were a small minority, they represented a significant portion of the American population. Their demands for equal rights and representation ultimately pushed the country towards the new representative government known as the US constitution.

Although Women Of The Century focuses mainly on the suffragettes, it also covers a number of important historical moments that paved the way for women’s civil rights to become a modern reality. Two decades before the 19th amendment was passed, women were denied access to financial loans, which kept them from pursuing their career ambitions. Another historical moment that comes to light in this book is the fight for women’s suffrage. Organized labor and other groups were fighting for the right to vote, which is still a source of dispute today.

As part of her research, Mona has filmed many Suffragette videos, and she hopes to create a documentary series chronicling the lives and adventures of these legendary women. She also wants to create an interactive website and YouTube channel to document women’s rights and help inspire other women to fight for what they believe in. The first of these videos will be dedicated to Anna Jarvis, who died in 2021 at the age of 75. As she states in the video, “Anna Jarvis wasn’t just an extraordinary woman, but also an extraordinary woman with vision.”

In the next installment, Mona will chronicle the efforts of other suffragists such as Florence Kelley, Frances Wright, Margaret Anderson, Anna Jarvis and other luminaries who changed the landscape of womankind in their time. Women Of The Century: A History of the Women of the United States 100 Years is scheduled to air on PBS in 2021. Although the timeline seems rather detailed and lengthy, Mona admits that in order to successfully complete this project, she needs to spend four hundred hours studying each historical figure, which she intends to do.

Why Use “Unisex” Language Of Humankind is Really a genus of Mutes?

Today, humanity has the technology and sciences to literally destroy itself in self-defense or to give to others as abundance. Inner space is unfortunately a common legacy of all mankind, to be enjoyed and shared with wonder. Some individuals have done so much to humanity that their very names alone write history into the stars. Consider some of these incredible individuals.


Sir Alfred Wallace is remembered for his contributions to the field of linguistics, specifically the study of grammar and languages. Much of what he and his co-workers were able to achieve was based on their theories of gender-fluidity. Much later in life, Wallace became a beloved figure in quantum physics with a controversial interest in how intelligent human beings and the planet Earth may exist in multiple universes at the same time.

Niels Bohr is considered the father of modern science, physics and cosmology. His book, The Universe and the Big Bang was published in both English and Dutch. His discoveries that quantum theory and general relativity are two of the pillars of science that hold up the rest of modern thinking were revolutionary and were immediately seen by a generation of scientists who could not help but notice them. For this reason, Bohr is revered as the father of modern cosmology and particle physics.

Paulteness, or perfection, is considered by many to be mankind’s ultimate achievement. This definition includes mankind’s ability to produce an enormous amount of technological, artistic and social progress. The quest for perfection continues today, with most humans being obsessed with the quest to reach perfection. One way to describe this obsession is to say that the drive to be great in whatever we do often breaks down the boundaries of our personal lives. It may be related to human selfishness or ego. Whatever the cause, humankind continues to push itself into new realms.

Language is an important force in how we relate to ourselves, others and the universe. Humans live by using language to communicate. The use of gender-neutral language allows individuals who identify as a certain gender the freedom to express themselves without fearing discrimination or scrutiny from those whom they identify with. The freedom to use pronouns like “they”, “it” and “their” allows individuals to live in accordance with their own gender identity, which in turn helps create equality in society.

Humankind is considered by most scientists to be one of the three main genus of mammals. The other two are the chimpanzees and the dogs. Chimpanzees and dogs are the only genus of mammals that have yet to find complete fossils that can be classified as anthropological, or pre-human, remains. It is believed that humankind and all other species of the genus Humankind belong to a single genus of mammals that split off from a group of closely related species called Multituberculata. Although there are some disagreements among anthropologists about the exact relationships of Humankind to other species of the genus Multituberculata, the majority of them believe that Humankind belongs to this group.

Edit Source Information and Make Sure That They Fit Into Your Wellness Plan


Edit Source Information and Make Sure That They Fit Into Your Wellness Plan

Wellness has become a part of our culture and people are looking for ways to get fit and healthy. The term Wellness implies discipline and dedication in all aspects of your life. Wellness is basically the act of practicing good health practices on a regular basis to achieve better mental and physical health results, so you are always so healthy. To know the actual meaning of wellness, it is very important to comprehend how it is associated with physical health.

Wellness is a set of values and principles which have their own dimensions. There are various dimensions of wellness which are interrelated. These dimensions consist of the five dimensions of physical health. These dimensions are: the dimension of your habits. Your habits directly affect your health and wellness. Habits like eating junk food, lack of exercise and unhealthy behaviors are the primary contributors to your poor health.

Another dimension of wellness is your attitude towards life. A person with positive attitude is considered as a person who is vibrant and proactive. Positive attitude is a motivational force that can transform you from a passive person into an active person. The third dimension of wellness is intellectual wellness. Intellectual wellness measures your mental and emotional competencies.

The fourth dimension of Wellness is your lifestyle. This includes the factors that contribute to your physical well being but also those that determine your mental health and wellness. A person who lives by an unhealthy lifestyle is likely to have a physically unhealthy body as well. The factor that makes your lifestyle unhealthy include smoking, alcohol consumption, junk food and poor diet. These factors directly influence the dimensions of wellness.

The fifth dimension of wellness is spiritual wellness. This can be equated with your spiritual beliefs, practices and behaviors. You adopt spiritual beliefs that guide you in living a healthy lifestyle. You also develop practices and behaviors that promote wellness including yoga, meditation, acupuncture and other spiritual practices. Other factors that affect spiritual wellness include social aspects such as having community and social gatherings, being accepting of other cultures and traditions and having compassion for the planet.

There are several factors that affect your well being. Therefore, it is essential to edit source information and make sure that they fit into your overall plan to achieve wellness. This way, you will know that your lifestyle choices are impacting your wellness. Reviewing your Wellness Manual and taking your time in making changes to your lifestyle and habits will certainly help you achieve wellness and achieve complete physical and social well-being.

Women Of The Century – An Inspiring Women’s History

What do we know about women of the century? We know that they were more educated, they had more political clout and they were actively involved in social movements. They were more aware of environmental issues than their predecessors. Women Of The Century is an interesting chronology of the development of women’s rights in the United States and around the world from the early days of the country up to the first decade of the new millennium.

Women Of The Century

Managing Editor: Martha B. Gorkin is associate editor of Women of the Century. She is a professor at the College of Public Health at the University of Minnesota. Through her many years of work in government, she has developed a strong interest and knowledge about women’s health, public policy and the importance of civil rights in keeping our nation free and equal for all citizens. She is a strong critic of governmental overreach and believes that empowering women through the creation of a national list will help us ensure that this vital legislation truly protects everyone.

Associate Professor: Associate Professor Martha B. Gorkin is a nationally recognized scholar and expert on women’s studies and American public policy. Through her many years of study, education and practice, she has developed an expertise about women’s health, economic conditions, politics, culture, animal science, family law and public policy. In addition to being a Managing Editor for Women of the Century, she is the author of numerous books including “How Do You Talk About Women’s Problems? And Other Questions About Women’s History and Civil Rights” (co-authored with Elizabeth E. Shafer), “The Making of America’s Greatest Female: A Critical Review of Critical Theory and Social Thought” (with Beverly Hills Publishing, Inc.) and “A Woman’s History: The Making of an Epitome of Womanhood” (eds. by Rosa Parks).

Content Manager: The United States women’s empire is led by powerful business leaders, which rely on expert content managers to manage their content. These powerful entrepreneurs use the creatively powered augmented reality technology provided by the United States of America’s women of the century, to create new ways for readers to engage with the content. They use the information and content that they have collected to create new products, services and programs to benefit their business model.

Advisor: No one person can claim to be the first woman President of the United States, but no one can forget Lady Gaga when she performed “croogies” to her millions of fans. She did not become famous overnight, nor was she an overnight success. She built a devoted following of devotees that grew with each new release of her self-titled music and tour. This is because she built a huge list of fans that trusted her opinion and were moved by her authenticity. This is the power of the internet and the way that it has connected people around the world to share their stories and to give us direction.

First Woman President Of The United States Of America: It is quite amazing how things have changed in the last half century. While most people would not have even heard of the 19th amendment if it were not for women’s suffrage, it has made a very important contribution to the country. Not only did the 19th amendment to give women the right to vote, but it also gave them the right to stand up for what they believe in. Without this amendment women would not be able to fight for the causes that they do today and it is an honor for every woman in this country to stand up for their beliefs and to fight for what they deserve.

Can Man Make Another Man subdue The World and Still Live in It?


Can Man Make Another Man subdue The World and Still Live in It?

Throughout the eons of human history, mankind has been faced with a multitude of challenges. Throughout those challenges, humanity has learned to conquer them and move on. There have been wars, plague, starvation, disease, and all manner of environmental disasters that humanity has had to deal with throughout its history. While some of these things are unavoidable, other problems seem to be completely beyond our control and perhaps even mankind’s ability to repair.

In order to understand what mankind has been able to control and overcome in the past, one must first understand what mankind is not capable of controlling or even stopping. The man cannot stop his own destruction. Although man may be able to stop other individuals from destroying him, the damage that another person’s actions can cause can only go so far. Even if humankind is able to prevent other individuals from attacking him, that does not give him the power to destroy everything on Earth with a single act of aggression. Man cannot kill God, nor can he kill all of creation. These acts are forbidden by both moral and natural law.

Still, there have been many times when mankind has overreached its own limits and has caused greater harm to himself and to other living entities. When this occurs, usually it is not because of a lack of warning. When this happens, usually those responsible for the overreaction feel terrible; however, all is not lost. As we have seen, there are still many ways to go about attempting to control mankind’s behavior, although the ones mentioned here are not those that are most commonly used.

It has been said many times that those who wish to rule the world; whether they be individuals or groups; must first establish an organizational base. Without such a base, it is difficult to actually control any given nation or group. However, in the case of mankind; it has become necessary to take the individual out of the equation in order to gain the power to fully influence the masses. It has been said that those who wish to rule the world; it is important to control the masses through popular opinion; but how is this done?

First, one must decide what his goals are and then he must determine which ways are best suited for attaining them. Many have used methods such as brainwashing and manipulating mass media; all in the hopes of getting more power for their side of the story; and in the end, their actions prove to be disastrous. Others have used subtle techniques such as bringing in “New Age” leaders; but once again, those who do so; have failed to create any change in their societies.

The final option, and one that is growing in popularity, is to simply wait for mankind to achieve its own goals and regulations. There are those who believe that mankind is so much smarter than all of us combined, and therefore we should let them run things. Of course, those who believe this have not considered the implications of such a decision. In fact, they are also afraid that this might happen; and thus they are making every effort to keep control of the masses. Which ultimately leads to the question, can mankind really be controlled?

The Relationship Between Wellness, Environment, Spirituality & Fitness


The Relationship Between Wellness, Environment, Spirituality & Fitness

“Wellness: a conscious, evolving and self directed process of realizing full potential.” Wellness is more than just fitness, exercise or good nutrition. It’s the full integration of mental, physical, and emotional well being. As such, it’s important for all of us to reach optimal well being in order to curb stress, reduce the likelihood of disease and ensure positive interpersonal interactions. For some, wellness comes naturally; for others, it may take some work and conscious effort to realize their optimal well being.

Achieving wellness includes engaging our body, mind and spirit through a variety of activities that foster health, well-being and mental clarity. Physical activities like regular exercise and walking are essential parts of wellness. However, a balance between exercise and activity is important as too much or too little of any one of these dimensions can cause negative consequences. Other activities that are considered important components of wellness include yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, and other types of exercise and meditation.

Mental wellness can be described as a state of one’s mind and spirit. This dimension of wellness is related to the quality of relationships one has with oneself and with others. In contrast to the intellectual or spiritual dimensions, a person’s mental wellness impacts their ability to function effectively within a work environment and society in general. There are four dimensions of mental wellness which include cognitive, interpersonal, internal stability and behavioral health. The dimensions of social wellness encompass aspects related to how people interact with others such as communication skills, social skills, and attitudes towards safety and security.

Achieving wellness requires maintaining a balanced mental and physical state. For many individuals, maintaining a holistic lifestyle means a complete change of lifestyle and diet to incorporate practices that promote wellness. Achieving a holistic approach to wellness requires a long-term commitment to change. Changing one’s lifestyle to include a healthier diet and a more active exercise program, a reduction in sugary foods, getting regular sleep and breathing techniques, and engaging in spiritual and religious activities can contribute to mental and physical well-being and promote the overall wellness of an individual’s life.

When individuals live a healthy lifestyle, they often report having greater emotional well-being and a higher level of happiness. They also tend to have higher levels of vitality, higher energy, fewer health complications, and lower chances of premature death. Wellness has been defined as a state of complete well-being, regardless of current physical health. Studies have indicated that there is a strong correlation between socioeconomic status and life-savedness and a lesser risk of mortality in those who have attained the optimal level of fitness and health. Achieving wellness requires both voluntary action and the investment of time, effort, and resources to achieve the optimal level of health and fitness for an individual.

Many individuals believe that environmental wellness is directly linked to wellness. Wellness must begin at home through a daily routine which includes resting, eating a balanced diet, exercising, and socializing. It is important to note that environmental factors like pollution, smoking, or general unsafe environment can have an impact on your well-being; therefore, you should take all safety precautionary measures to reduce your exposure to such harmful elements. In addition, a well-balanced lifestyle requires taking supplements and incorporating a good diet and exercise into your daily routine. A combination of these elements can have a significant impact on the quality of your life and contribute to optimum health and well-being,

Managing Editor For Women of the Century

Women Of The Century

Managing Editor For Women of the Century

Women of the Century is a team of women who played a key role in preserving women’s rights and shaping women’s empowerment. Their task was to pick a diverse group of women who have made a tremendous impact not only in the state but also on a global scale. Numerous Oklahoma women have garnered the honor of Women of the Century, however the ultimate responsibility was to pick 10 who have made a lasting positive impact on society at large, in politics, in civil rights, in the media, in sports and the arts. These women from other states have contributed greatly to the world we live in today. Each one is a true representative of strength, courage, perseverance and resilience.

Still on pace, the Women Of The Century are among the leaders who continue to lay the groundwork for advancement. It is their noble fight for women’s equal rights that has helped pave the way for today’s women. They have accomplished much in the form of advancing women’s suffrage, setting the wheels in motion for the 20th amendment, and made substantial contributions towards the preservation of women’s civil rights. Each one has set a benchmark that the rest of us will follow with much more determination.

One of the remarkable women who managed to be recognized by the United States Congress while living under the Articles of Organization was Mary Mitchell Clark. Mary was a black woman who went on to become one of the first African American congresswoman. She managed to garner the support of her colleagues and rise to be a well-known and highly respected member of the Congressional black minority. This was a great feat in women’s history and she was definitely one of a kind.

An event of such magnitude like the women’s suffrage bill should be recognized by the nation. Every milestone that is achieved by women makes our country more just. And since this particular occasion is the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment, it is fitting that notable women from our past will be honored. Representing herself was a very courageous step for black woman. And because of this, they have been given the opportunity to be listed along with those who fought for their rights.

These days, we celebrate the women who made significant contributions to the success of our country. And these achievements are commemorated in the United States with various statues and structures. But what we also celebrate is the fact that the suffragists stood up for their rights. Although the 19th amendment gave women the right to vote, many did not feel it was fair to cede their rights to white males. And although the 19th amendment did away with slavery, some whites still owned black Americans.

Now that we have the chance to honor these trailblazers, it is our obligation to do so. And the way to go about honoring these important women is to create an enduring historical monument to these trailblazers. By creating an American Woman of the Century monument, we can not only honor their role in preserving and advancing our nation’s values, we can also honor each woman of the century and make her the most prominent woman of the 21st century. To make this possible, we need to create a program to honor these important women. To learn more about this type of program, please see the resource box below.

Tree Preservation – Save Mother Nature

The human species are a part of a group that consider themselves as the sole creators of all the natural wonders in our world. For such reasons, it is only fitting that we honor and recognize the fact that we are the makers and creators of all life upon Earth. This means that we hold full rights to all the beautiful places on Earth, including all the trees that bear our fruits, seeds, and leaves. By doing this, we are in fact giving ourselves a heavy responsibility and it is our privilege and obligation to protect all life. In doing so, we will also be creating the future for humanity, which should be a bright and happy day indeed.

As people around the world celebrate International Arbor Day, which is also known as World Tree Week, it is important to note that it is mankind’s responsibility to protect the trees that provide all the fruits, nuts, and leaves needed by all the human civilizations in existence. Through the efforts and perseverance of people like conservationists and scientists, we can make sure that future generations will be able to enjoy all the natural wonders that we have given them. In doing so, we give our children a piece of the greatness and knowledge of humankind, and they will grow up to be the greatest generation that has ever been created.

Since the beginning of civilization, man has always been aware of the importance of trees. Through the ages, our ancestors have managed to grow certain trees that provided the foundation of the very civilization that they built. For instance, some of the most powerful men in history, such as Alexander the great, managed to dominate the entire land using their newly discovered technologies. Similarly, some of the earliest civilizations on Earth were built using the trees that are now destroyed.

Through the ages, man has tried to understand and interpret the natural laws that govern the growth and development of trees. From his observations, he was able to come up with theories that explain why certain trees grow faster than the others, and why some trees have a more stable root system. In recent times, a lot of innovative technologies have been made use of in order to save trees. A lot of people who are engaged in tree-planting activities employ different methods such as using DEDs, or dynamite fertilizers, and other machinery in order to speed up the rate of tree growth. All these efforts are aimed at preventing the death of mother nature’s natural wonders and at preserving our world environment.

The need for tree preservation is greater than ever. Trees play a vital role in the cooling of the climate; they also help in preventing flooding and erosion by controlling the water levels. If we don’t take proper care of them, we may end up destroying these natural wonders that have helped mankind for ages. At the same time, humanity is putting its own life at stake by depleting the forests that serve as the roots of natural wonders. It is our duty to save them from destruction, and the best way to do this is by ensuring that they remain protected from all forms of damage.

We can achieve tree preservation by ensuring that we recycle paper waste, use eco-friendly materials in manufacturing, and take care of trees that are already in existence. However, there are certain areas that require additional measures, such as those where the tree stands in a vulnerable position. If this happens, then tree removal and plantation management have to be implemented. The best thing that we can do is to plant new trees in these areas and ensure that the surrounding area is kept clean and healthy. By doing so, we will be ensuring mother nature’s natural wonders get the attention they deserve. After all, we cannot surpass her when it comes to preserving our world.

Emotional Wellness Vs Environmental Wellness

Wellness is the act of regularly practicing certain healthy behaviors on a regular basis in order to achieve better mental and physical health results, which in turn, enables you to live better and longer. When you engage in a regimen of healthful behaviors such as eating right, staying active, and getting regular exercise, you are practicing the discipline of wellness. To fully understand the importance of wellness, it is very important to comprehend just how it is associated with good health. The concept of wellness is really very simple; it is about living with integrity and choosing decisions that are grounded in character and responsibility.


In order to begin the well-being journey, you need to choose and create your own sense of wellness. This can be done through consciously choosing positive and healthy behaviors toward your own self, others, and your environment. In addition, wellness needs to involve the connection between your physical health and emotional health, your spiritual health and your relationship with God or your Higher Power. Once you are on your way to wellness, you will start out each day with a fresh slate and have the ability to make good choices toward your well-being.

Living a healthy and fulfilling life also requires being actively involved in the physical aspects of this journey. For example, if you are involved in a spiritual or religious tradition that focuses on fitness and health, wellness becomes even more important. By being physically fit, you are making sure that your mind, body and spirit are operating in an optimal state of efficiency. This translates into feeling mentally and emotionally healthy, as well as having a strong body that can sustain the challenges that life brings.

A key element of wellness is regular physical activity, and many people overlook this fact when they focus on their overall well-being. As we age, we usually become more inactive, which can affect our mental and social well-being in many ways. A good way to keep both your mind and body active is to incorporate a daily regimen of exercise into your lifestyle. Many veterinarians recommend yoga as part of a quality lifestyle because it encourages proper posture, increased flexibility, and breathing techniques that are beneficial to both the mind and body.

Another component of a healthy lifestyle is diet. The proper diet provides the necessary nutrients to promote well-being and can alleviate many health conditions, including chronic pain, depression, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and other conditions. The goal of a well-balanced diet is to eliminate or minimize the risk of disease and injury, while maintaining a consistent and reasonable dietary level.

Overall, environmental wellness encompasses a combination of all elements of physical, mental, and social well-being. This approach promotes long-term well-being by improving your life satisfaction and reducing the potential for disease and injury. Creating a balance between the physical, mental, and social aspects of wellness can significantly improve your quality of life. To learn more about the science of environmental wellness, contact a local veterinarian.

Women Of The Century – Important Women Of The 20th Century

Women Of The Century

Women Of The Century – Important Women Of The 20th Century

In the year 2021, after a bruising campaign by Bill Clinton and his strong support from within his own party for his wife Hillary Clinton, the former First Lady was elected for her role as the first women U.S President. Although the historic nature of this feat has not faded, it has certainly changed the landscape of American politics and paved the way for women in general to become more politically active. Not only have women become more involved in local, state, and federal politics, but they have also gained ground in the executive branch of government. And perhaps one of the greatest strides in women’s political activism has been the push for women’s suffrage. The 19th amendment to the constitution granted women the right to vote.

Since then, many groups, including third parties and interest groups have fought for women’s suffrage. Recently, a popular argument against women’s suffrage is the idea that we live in a “patriarchal” society where men are the leaders. This argument is essentially a cultural conservative viewpoint about the nature of government. Although it has been a popular argument throughout history, it is now gaining more prominence in the 21st century. One of the most compelling arguments against women’s suffrage is the belief that we live in a “glass house” society – whereby men are the only ones that can lead.

The Augmented Reality (AR) theory suggests that people are much more proactive in their everyday lives due to technological advancements. According to augmented reality theory, people do not only see what they want to see, they also see it surrounded by a multitude of different images. This type of technology allows people to be “smart” by picking up on patterns and behaviors that others around them do not. For example, a doctor may use an app to see what a patient is eating. This doctor may not be able to read minds, but he or she can observe a different menu than those at the table.

Another influential woman of the early twenty-first century was Frances Woodrow Wilson, who as president of the United States passed the nineteenth amendment. The nineteenth amendment gave women the right to vote. Women Of The Century can thank the 19th amendment for having the chance to gain the right to vote. If women had been granted the right to vote before the nineteenth amendment, many women throughout the country would not have the opportunity to gain the right to stand up for themselves. Women Of The Century believes that the nineteenth amendment gave women the chance to achieve equality in the eyes of the law, which in turn gave them the chance to determine their own destiny.

One of the most influential and important women of the early twentieth century was Anna Jarvis. Anna Jarvis was born in 1905 and was a pioneering African-American women’s rights advocate and social justice organizer. She is regarded as one of the single most influential women of the century, along with Amelia Earhart. Anna Jarvis believed in a strong women’s right to be self-sufficient and protect her rights as well as the rights of all other women. This is what was known as civil rights at that time.

Anna Jarvis had this to say about civil rights “I am an African American woman in the United States of America and I believe in the equality of men and women and I also believe in the goodness of people and love them because I see the beauty of our common humanity shining through every shade of custom, race, creed and color. We must work to stop discrimination and prejudice and we must help one another. Now is the time to come together and not separate ourselves by lines demarcating geographical locations. Let us live, breathe and love as we know you do and believe that this day is a day of joy for all of us.”

What is Wellness?

Wellness is not something that we hear much about these days. The main reason for this could be the lack of awareness of what is involved in good health practices. Wellness is also the practice of practicing certain healthy habits on a regular basis in order to achieve better mental and physical health results, so you are always thriving instead of simply surviving. So, how do we define wellness?


Wellness has two dimensions. On one hand we have environmental wellness, which is the result of following healthy habits such as eating a balanced diet, exercising and socializing. On the other hand there is spiritual wellness, which is the result of following religious or spiritual beliefs. In other words, spiritual beliefs are beliefs based on virtue ethics, virtue morals and values. In other words, the two dimensions of wellness are the same but only one is focused upon more widely in the public consciousness.

Environmental wellness is an active process. It is a matter of following good dietary guidelines, making sure your body gets all the vitamins and minerals it needs, using organic products that don’t contain chemicals, eating a proper diet that contains the nutrients your body needs to function at its optimum level and getting regular exercise. These factors are vital to a healthy eating program. However, environmental eating is just one component of a healthy eating plan.

The second dimension of wellness is mental health or self-esteem. When we consider the second dimension of well-being, we find that it encompasses several components that are all related to your physical and psychological health. These components include social interaction, physical exercise, mental health and self-esteem. Mental health includes your attitude toward life, your feelings and thoughts, your motivation level and your ability to deal with change and difficulties.

Another dimension of wellness is spirituality. Spiritual wellness includes following a religious tradition or having beliefs and thoughts that are relevant to your spiritual journey. Spirituality is a way of approaching life that can make you feel whole and help you deal with situations that you might otherwise find overwhelming. It can be a positive impact on your physical health as well as your mental wellness and spiritual wellness.

All these components are important components of wellness. A person who is healthy physically is also healthy mentally and spiritually. A person who is healthy spiritually is a balanced person capable of experiencing happiness and sadness. And a person who is maximizing their optimal health through a proper combination of good eating habits, regular exercise and appropriate stress management techniques is going to be a happy person who is at peace in both their mind and their body.

The First Women Of The Century Timeline – A Look At The Era That Shook The World

Women Of The Century is an outstanding exhibition of photography taken between and before the turn of the twentieth century. It features many familiar faces from our American digital age – such as snapping a picture of Selena Gomez, catching some amazing sports, and watching a little girl light a birthday candle. I’ve always found this type of exhibition very inspiring, as American art has been virtually closed to the masses up until now. Women Of The Century helps us to see the great women of our past in a contemporary light. The photographs themselves are extremely well developed, showing clear color throughout the image, even though there are some minor corrections here and there which detract from the quality somewhat.

Women Of The Century

Women Of The Century also attempts to combine the medium of art with the medium of digital photography, to provide what some call “augmented reality”. This concept is somewhat of a misnomer, as reality is not really altered by viewing these images; rather, the viewer is merely added to the digital image, which already exists in some form. Still, the concept is mind-blowing, as we are introduced to the idea of the media and technology that are increasingly transforming the way that we live. In a way, Women Of The Century encourages us to step back and look at the history of the digital revolution and consider how it has affected American and world politics, and also changed the way that we interact with each other on a daily basis. In a sense, augmented reality can be seen as a continuation and evolution of the feminist movement in the United States, a movement that made women more visible and influential in society.

As Women Of The Century points out, the nineteenth amendment to the constitution of the United States gave women the right to vote. Though the amendment didn’t give women the right to vote themselves, rather either support their husbands or fellow suffragists, it did mark a major step forward for the female population. For decades, however, the suffragist movement was a victim of exclusionary political policies and laws, which kept women from achieving the equality and freedom that they had been fighting for. Now, with the help of augmented reality software, the future of the suffragist movement and women’s rights can be secured. This is because the United States government has recently passed the 19th amendment, which will expand upon the rights and power of women in all fifty states of the country.

This means that through an internet connection, you can access the history of the women’s rights movement, find out about the latest happenings in the Supreme Court, and even upload your own digital copies of your own civil rights testimony. In fact, Women Of The Century provides you with a detailed, history-driven timeline, which guides you through all of the important events. By using the “age of women” timeline, you can see how the evolution of women’s rights throughout the nineteenth century progressed, from the first major court case to the first successful social welfare legislation. This digital tool was created by a company based in Columbus, Ohio, called Lantern Women’s Press, which is led by twenty-nine-year-old Sarah Anderson. As a managing editor for the company, Sarah has seen the site become so popular that she hopes it can one day replace women’s magazines altogether.

If you would rather skip reading this history lesson, in the past the mainframe in which the Women Of The Century timeline is set is called the Tangle, and in the future it will most likely be the World Wide Web. The reason for this shift in the timeline is that the 21st century will see more augmented reality applications than we have seen before. Augmented reality, also called ‘augmented reality’ is the term for the merging of computer technology with real world data, in order to provide users with a completely realistic experience in virtual reality.

For example, consider how the National Park Service could benefit from the use of augmented reality. Right now, the agency is working to create digital tours of the Grand Canyon, and they are hoping to take advantage of the new technologies being developed by the National Park Service to make that reality experience as real as possible. If you like to know what your next trip to the Grand Canyon will look like, an augmented reality application for your smart phone may be just the thing for you.

Is Humankind a Subspecies of Chimpanzee?

In recent years, the subject of humanity has been somewhat obscured in much the same way as the subject of race. We know all too well that humans are of one race – all of them human. Yet, we ignore or choose to ignore the otherness of all human beings, even as we pride ourselves on our diversity and ability to mix and match. The trouble of mankind is that we are diverse and yet remain inseparable from each other. The problem of humanity is that all of us are not identical. The issue of humanity thus re-emerged with a vengeance recently in the form of an allegedly frivolous incident involving a school student who was (Reportedly) punished for the use of a term that, when used in conjunction with another word, describes mankind as a whole: mankind in a single phrase.


Although the story sounds like a movie starring Tom Hanks, it’s anything but. The story began at Union County College in North Carolina, where a math teacher assigned to the classroom of a Mathematics professor, Cross-iburton University, made note of a word appearing in a student’s assignment that was being used to describe mankind as a whole. The word, according to the professor, was “mankind.” A heated debate followed which spilled over into the classroom and eventually spilled over into the classroom room, forcing the professor to resign his position.

Although the debate was framed around a matter of academic disagreement, the dispute was about free speech as it relates to humanity and perhaps more importantly, was about free thought as it relates to humankind. If the whole world could be defined in terms of gender-neutral pronouns and a few adjectives such as “humanity” in the future, then people would be very restricted as to how they could think or argue. It is beyond doubt that most people in the world have thought or argued without even using pronouns such as “I”, “you”, or “our.” There are many grammatical structures in which the use of pronouns can cause problems in arguments or discussions. The use of pronouns such as “I” or “you” can cause some individuals to feel very threatened or uncomfortable. If there is no room for questioning, then progress cannot occur.

For example, a group of anthropologists who were studying chimpanzees at St. James National Park, found themselves trapped in a cultural war of sorts, when one group of scientists wanted to define the genus of Man. According to them, only six different species of human existed. They also claimed that chimpanzees were completely unrelated to all the other species that make up the genus of Man. This caused an immense rift between the chimpanzees and humankind and a scientist who wanted to include chimpanzees in his taxonomy of Man began to argue that Man was only one species of another.

Science has since advanced to the point that this is simply not true. Furthermore, the Chimpanzee genome has shown that Chimpanzees and Humans are highly related. Therefore, if the hypothesis is that chimpanzees are less related to Humankind than Man himself, then Humankind must be placed in its own genus with a few subspecies thrown in. Even if one wishes to call Humankind species of Chimpanzee, it is still possible to use language that is gender-neutral, so that both male and female chimps are included in the family tree of humankind.

Although there has been much confusion about the place of Humankind within the animal kingdom, and whether or not the species we are known as Humankind is really a species of Chimpanzee or a subspecies of Chimpanzee. The most accurate way to classify a species is to take an individual from the immediate family (offspring) and look at whether or not that individual will grow up to reproduce independently. If that individual does not, it will be classified as a species separate from Chimpanzees. This is the same method used to determine whether humans, as a species are indeed separate species from Chimpanzees, and not merely a subspecies of Chimpanzees. It is possible that the taxonomists may change the biological classification of Humankind into subspecies later on, but until then, it appears that the present scientific definition of Humankind is a chimpanzee.