Edit Source Information and Make Sure That They Fit Into Your Wellness Plan


Edit Source Information and Make Sure That They Fit Into Your Wellness Plan

Wellness has become a part of our culture and people are looking for ways to get fit and healthy. The term Wellness implies discipline and dedication in all aspects of your life. Wellness is basically the act of practicing good health practices on a regular basis to achieve better mental and physical health results, so you are always so healthy. To know the actual meaning of wellness, it is very important to comprehend how it is associated with physical health.

Wellness is a set of values and principles which have their own dimensions. There are various dimensions of wellness which are interrelated. These dimensions consist of the five dimensions of physical health. These dimensions are: the dimension of your habits. Your habits directly affect your health and wellness. Habits like eating junk food, lack of exercise and unhealthy behaviors are the primary contributors to your poor health.

Another dimension of wellness is your attitude towards life. A person with positive attitude is considered as a person who is vibrant and proactive. Positive attitude is a motivational force that can transform you from a passive person into an active person. The third dimension of wellness is intellectual wellness. Intellectual wellness measures your mental and emotional competencies.

The fourth dimension of Wellness is your lifestyle. This includes the factors that contribute to your physical well being but also those that determine your mental health and wellness. A person who lives by an unhealthy lifestyle is likely to have a physically unhealthy body as well. The factor that makes your lifestyle unhealthy include smoking, alcohol consumption, junk food and poor diet. These factors directly influence the dimensions of wellness.

The fifth dimension of wellness is spiritual wellness. This can be equated with your spiritual beliefs, practices and behaviors. You adopt spiritual beliefs that guide you in living a healthy lifestyle. You also develop practices and behaviors that promote wellness including yoga, meditation, acupuncture and other spiritual practices. Other factors that affect spiritual wellness include social aspects such as having community and social gatherings, being accepting of other cultures and traditions and having compassion for the planet.

There are several factors that affect your well being. Therefore, it is essential to edit source information and make sure that they fit into your overall plan to achieve wellness. This way, you will know that your lifestyle choices are impacting your wellness. Reviewing your Wellness Manual and taking your time in making changes to your lifestyle and habits will certainly help you achieve wellness and achieve complete physical and social well-being.