Can Man Make Another Man subdue The World and Still Live in It?


Can Man Make Another Man subdue The World and Still Live in It?

Throughout the eons of human history, mankind has been faced with a multitude of challenges. Throughout those challenges, humanity has learned to conquer them and move on. There have been wars, plague, starvation, disease, and all manner of environmental disasters that humanity has had to deal with throughout its history. While some of these things are unavoidable, other problems seem to be completely beyond our control and perhaps even mankind’s ability to repair.

In order to understand what mankind has been able to control and overcome in the past, one must first understand what mankind is not capable of controlling or even stopping. The man cannot stop his own destruction. Although man may be able to stop other individuals from destroying him, the damage that another person’s actions can cause can only go so far. Even if humankind is able to prevent other individuals from attacking him, that does not give him the power to destroy everything on Earth with a single act of aggression. Man cannot kill God, nor can he kill all of creation. These acts are forbidden by both moral and natural law.

Still, there have been many times when mankind has overreached its own limits and has caused greater harm to himself and to other living entities. When this occurs, usually it is not because of a lack of warning. When this happens, usually those responsible for the overreaction feel terrible; however, all is not lost. As we have seen, there are still many ways to go about attempting to control mankind’s behavior, although the ones mentioned here are not those that are most commonly used.

It has been said many times that those who wish to rule the world; whether they be individuals or groups; must first establish an organizational base. Without such a base, it is difficult to actually control any given nation or group. However, in the case of mankind; it has become necessary to take the individual out of the equation in order to gain the power to fully influence the masses. It has been said that those who wish to rule the world; it is important to control the masses through popular opinion; but how is this done?

First, one must decide what his goals are and then he must determine which ways are best suited for attaining them. Many have used methods such as brainwashing and manipulating mass media; all in the hopes of getting more power for their side of the story; and in the end, their actions prove to be disastrous. Others have used subtle techniques such as bringing in “New Age” leaders; but once again, those who do so; have failed to create any change in their societies.

The final option, and one that is growing in popularity, is to simply wait for mankind to achieve its own goals and regulations. There are those who believe that mankind is so much smarter than all of us combined, and therefore we should let them run things. Of course, those who believe this have not considered the implications of such a decision. In fact, they are also afraid that this might happen; and thus they are making every effort to keep control of the masses. Which ultimately leads to the question, can mankind really be controlled?