Managing Editor For Women of the Century

Women Of The Century

Managing Editor For Women of the Century

Women of the Century is a team of women who played a key role in preserving women’s rights and shaping women’s empowerment. Their task was to pick a diverse group of women who have made a tremendous impact not only in the state but also on a global scale. Numerous Oklahoma women have garnered the honor of Women of the Century, however the ultimate responsibility was to pick 10 who have made a lasting positive impact on society at large, in politics, in civil rights, in the media, in sports and the arts. These women from other states have contributed greatly to the world we live in today. Each one is a true representative of strength, courage, perseverance and resilience.

Still on pace, the Women Of The Century are among the leaders who continue to lay the groundwork for advancement. It is their noble fight for women’s equal rights that has helped pave the way for today’s women. They have accomplished much in the form of advancing women’s suffrage, setting the wheels in motion for the 20th amendment, and made substantial contributions towards the preservation of women’s civil rights. Each one has set a benchmark that the rest of us will follow with much more determination.

One of the remarkable women who managed to be recognized by the United States Congress while living under the Articles of Organization was Mary Mitchell Clark. Mary was a black woman who went on to become one of the first African American congresswoman. She managed to garner the support of her colleagues and rise to be a well-known and highly respected member of the Congressional black minority. This was a great feat in women’s history and she was definitely one of a kind.

An event of such magnitude like the women’s suffrage bill should be recognized by the nation. Every milestone that is achieved by women makes our country more just. And since this particular occasion is the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment, it is fitting that notable women from our past will be honored. Representing herself was a very courageous step for black woman. And because of this, they have been given the opportunity to be listed along with those who fought for their rights.

These days, we celebrate the women who made significant contributions to the success of our country. And these achievements are commemorated in the United States with various statues and structures. But what we also celebrate is the fact that the suffragists stood up for their rights. Although the 19th amendment gave women the right to vote, many did not feel it was fair to cede their rights to white males. And although the 19th amendment did away with slavery, some whites still owned black Americans.

Now that we have the chance to honor these trailblazers, it is our obligation to do so. And the way to go about honoring these important women is to create an enduring historical monument to these trailblazers. By creating an American Woman of the Century monument, we can not only honor their role in preserving and advancing our nation’s values, we can also honor each woman of the century and make her the most prominent woman of the 21st century. To make this possible, we need to create a program to honor these important women. To learn more about this type of program, please see the resource box below.