Protecting Mankind From an Asteroid

What could be the most dangerous asteroid ever found by humankind has been found by a telescope on Earth that crosses the face of the sun every day. asteroid 1999 AB is thought to be even more dangerous than the big one that hit the Earth a few years ago. It passed very close to the Earth’s surface.


This Near Earth Asteroid is now considered a Near Earth Asteroid (NEO) and is the largest asteroid to pass by Earth in over a century. It is also the first asteroid to pass by our planet that is larger than 5 km in size. It has a radius of about 1.6 Astronomical Units. That means it is smaller than the asteroid belt, which is filled with debris from comets. The asteroid is believed to be made up mostly of ice and rock. It is located near Sedimentary rocks which are a type of sedimentary rock.

The threat posed by this huge space rock is a serious one for our species. If it was to impact the Earth and cause massive changes, it could wipe out life on Earth quite rapidly. The asteroid could cause tidal waves, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions too. It could wipe out all life on the surface of the Earth within days. And that would be bad news, as we know that life on Earth is threatened by extinction.

There are many other space rocks floating around in our Solar System and they are likely to crash into the Earth at some point. And some have already done so. Comet Shoemaker-Koning is thought to be a comet that could impact Earth in 2021. So it is in everybody’s best interests to take preventative measures and stay away from these potential space rocks.

In fact, recently a asteroid was suspected to be on a collision course with Earth. It came within 3 million miles from our planet on March 13th. It is a big space rock and was suspected to be very near to becoming an asteroid that could cause significant damage. But it turned out to be nothing to worry about and the asteroid wasn’t even considered a threat. It passed safely by.

There is no doubt that if an asteroid is going to hit the Earth, humankind should get ready. Luckily we have developed very robust space weaponry which can shoot it out of the sky and hopefully save our planet from destruction. Such weapons are also designed specifically to shoot down such space rocks. These technologies are available to us today and we need to use them. Please consider all this.