Creating Wellness – An Active Process

Wellness is basically the act of regularly practicing healthy habits on a regular basis in order to achieve better mental and physical health results, so you become well. This is not a new concept as ancient Asian societies knew about the benefits of staying healthy. In fact, they have recognized the value of physical fitness since ancient times. The word wellness actually goes back to the early Persian and Greek cultures. According to these civilizations, wellness was equated with religious and philosophical discipline. So if you were religious or had strong philosophical beliefs, then you were said to be wholesome.


The modern concept of wellness evolved from this ancient culture. Today, the term holistic has gained popularity. The meaning of wellness today is getting connected to the concept of natural health, because many believe that the best way to maintain good health is to stay away from synthetic and man-made products, which usually include drugs, alcohol and other unnatural substances, and instead turn towards natural alternatives, which include vitamins, exercise, proper nutrition and other alternative, holistic practices. In this article, we will look at what is wellness and how it can help you live a longer, disease-free life.

One of the biggest benefits of being well is your mental health. Being well-informed about nutrition is one important aspect of maintaining good health. Your food choices and eating habits can have an impact on your long-term health and wellness. Eating the right foods and engaging in daily physical activity are great ways of maintaining good nutrition, which can lead to a long life and a positive mental state. As such, wellness can also be linked with mental health, as well.

Mental wellness has many aspects and values, including self responsivity. If you feel you are capable of taking control of your life and your health, then you are already on your way to better mental health, or if you feel you need more help, then you should consider seeking out spiritual wellness programs or classes. By becoming spiritually aware, you can take part in the healing process of your mind and body and use your knowledge of self-responsibility and the power of positive thinking to make positive changes in your life. Spiritual wellness can lead to a general sense of well-being, but there is a spiritual side to mental health as well and it should not be ignored or underestimated.

Creating a balance lifestyle includes making healthy choices and being attentive to your physical, emotional and spiritual needs on a day-to-day basis. It is important to learn how to listen to your body so you can respond positively to any health challenges. A holistic approach to nutrition, meditation and exercise can help you keep your body and mind healthy while promoting wellness in your spirit. Holistic health is important to all of us and it can help you live a longer, disease-free life. The holistic approach encourages self-care, which can be considered a complete change in lifestyle, habits and choice.

Health is a multi-dimensional concept that involves both internal and external factors. It means becoming educated about your body, your mind and your spirit in order to choose the best options for your individual needs. Creating a better quality of life starts with you making personal choices, then taking personal responsibility for those choices, and then providing a supportive, active process for self-responsibility. Creating wellness is an active process that calls upon you to develop your own sense of self-responsibility.