How Did Humanity Get Here?

Are you ready for the next level of evolution in humankind? Do you want to see mankind rise up and become a new, higher species? Do you want to see a change in the way we govern ourselves and the way we interact with one another? If so, then I have some news for you: You CAN have it!


This is not about religion or being a religious person. It is about being a thinking human being and making decisions that affect your future. The time has arrived for a different breed of man. A higher, evolved kind of being. One that has a clear conscience, one that doesn’t hide in the shadows and corners of a cave. One that have a higher, more evolved set of moral standards and ethical guidelines, one that realizes that all living things have an obligation to society, the greater good, and the well-being of all mankind.

There are those who would like to keep us behind locked doors and locked in cages. Those who want to keep us poor, miserable, and chained to whatever they feel will benefit from our efforts. Those who would rather keep us in ignorance, apathetic, and inert, knowing full well that as time goes on, our time, our resources, our possibilities will diminish. And those who would rather push us into greatness, pushing us out into the sunlight where no one knows if we will shine or burn. Well, those times are now gone, and we are already living in the greatest age of human history.

We have the knowledge, technology, and power to take half of the world’s population and give them what they truly deserve, a better life, with the technology available to make their lives better. We have the intelligence to compete and win against any and all enemy and danger – both foreign and internal. We have the will to advance; to continue on our journey towards becoming the most powerful civilization in the history of mankind. It is time for a new beginning, and we are in the middle of a giant technological explosion. Which means, that we are in the middle of a renaissance.

In the Renaissance, people were living longer and happier, and the human mind was developing at a rate never seen before or since. Today, that has given way to an extended age of intellect and enlightenment. Science and technology have advanced to such a degree that it has become almost inconceivable; we have created automobiles which can cross the universe, ships which go on planetary voyages, and satellites that orbit the earth. We are literally able to see other planets and other star systems from here on earth. And we are traveling to these destinations faster than ever before.

If this civilization which thrives so immensely on the earth is not maintained and kept in good repair, the potential for destruction is unlimited. Which means, that the potential for war and destruction will always be present, unless human beings start being less selfish, more civic minded, and realize that they are responsible for their actions. Only then can we hope to move forward, and stop the deterioration of the human civilization. A better tomorrow begins with responsible citizens exercising their right to vote and protect their civilization from its enemies by exercising their right to vote; and vote wisely. This ancient wisdom goes along way in protecting humanity from destruction in every walk of life.