Women Of The Century – A History of the Women of the United States 100 Years

Women Of The Century

Women Of The Century – A History of the Women of the United States 100 Years

Women of the Century is a refreshing new take on the classic political theme of the women’s movement, but it is in a new time and place. Where are the suffragettes? Well, if we’re being honest, no one really knows where they are! Yet in our own times, things are certainly looking up for the woman as we have only been told about them, but not seen them. This new book by whistleblower Dr. Mona Hatsitiya sheds a whole new light on women’s rights, and more importantly, the abuse of women within the men’s Rights’ movement. In Women Of The Century, Mona Hatita provides much needed insight into the miseries of the male gender who use women’s suffrage as a club to beat down on women and discriminate against them.

Women Of The Century is a detailed look at the origins of women’s rights, how the suffragettes created an influential women’s movement, and how that same movement paved the way for women’s empowerment today. Through her research, she uncovers unethical and often devious behavior on the part of men who use their influence to benefit from women’s lack of support. Mona tells of how female attorneys were attacked by men for providing equal representation, and how some men would even go so far as to hire a sniper to kill female attorneys. How does this fit into today’s world? Mona heads to a fictional town, where the headstrong protagonist faces a different set of social problems brought on by her gender.

In Women Of The Century, Mona Hatcher provides readers with a dose of historical perspective on why the 19th Amendment was passed in the first place. At the time, many felt that women were second class citizens, that their rights had actually been stripped away. Women were denied the right to vote, and while the suffragettes were a small minority, they represented a significant portion of the American population. Their demands for equal rights and representation ultimately pushed the country towards the new representative government known as the US constitution.

Although Women Of The Century focuses mainly on the suffragettes, it also covers a number of important historical moments that paved the way for women’s civil rights to become a modern reality. Two decades before the 19th amendment was passed, women were denied access to financial loans, which kept them from pursuing their career ambitions. Another historical moment that comes to light in this book is the fight for women’s suffrage. Organized labor and other groups were fighting for the right to vote, which is still a source of dispute today.

As part of her research, Mona has filmed many Suffragette videos, and she hopes to create a documentary series chronicling the lives and adventures of these legendary women. She also wants to create an interactive website and YouTube channel to document women’s rights and help inspire other women to fight for what they believe in. The first of these videos will be dedicated to Anna Jarvis, who died in 2021 at the age of 75. As she states in the video, “Anna Jarvis wasn’t just an extraordinary woman, but also an extraordinary woman with vision.”

In the next installment, Mona will chronicle the efforts of other suffragists such as Florence Kelley, Frances Wright, Margaret Anderson, Anna Jarvis and other luminaries who changed the landscape of womankind in their time. Women Of The Century: A History of the Women of the United States 100 Years is scheduled to air on PBS in 2021. Although the timeline seems rather detailed and lengthy, Mona admits that in order to successfully complete this project, she needs to spend four hundred hours studying each historical figure, which she intends to do.