Women of the Century – A Celebration

Women of the century will always have a special place in the hearts of the millions of American women and their moms who fought for the rights of suffragettes. Some will say that suffragettes were no more than a bunch of whining, sore losers looking for attention. But who ever said that? The women who were willing to stand up for what was right and to be heard have become known as the “enchanted thrones” according to one of our nation’s founders, George Washington.

Women of the century will always be remembered for their patience, unselfishness and commitment to the men and children of this nation. Women of the century helped make this country a better place to live in and they are still respected for all that they did and didn’t do. A great many lives were touched by their efforts in the cause of women’s rights and their endurance in the face of adversity.

Women of the century made some history and set a precedent for the future women of the United States of America. What is certain is that women of this day and time were never equal to men. Men had full rights while women were denied the right to vote until the 20th amendment was passed in nineteen twenty-six. Women of the century changed the course of world history in more ways than can be counted. The suffrage movement did not end in eighteen ninety but it came back four more times before finally reaching its ultimate triumph over male dominance.

There are women of this century who have been acknowledged throughout the world. They have won the right to be called “Americans” by the United States government, have been granted the right to vote, have access to higher education, and are now allowed to hold their own for just about any reason that they may need to. Who knows what next these women of the past will accomplish? Women of the past had dreams of owning a restaurant, riding a horse, living in a white house with her own children, and they were considered unachievable by either men or society when they shared their dreams.

We are approaching the one hundredth anniversary of the first black president of the United States. Some people may not know that President Obama was once a radical fringe leader of the anti-segregationist movement and that he once bragged about hating white people and believed that white people were evil and needed to be destroyed. We are also only two hundred days away from the one hundredth anniversary of the infamous Enclosure Acts which made many poor neighborhoods in the United States of America totally unlivable and forced countless people to leave the cities for fear of their safety and the safety of their families.

It is indeed an amazing time in our nation’s history to celebrate the accomplishments of these two outstanding women. Let us raise a glass and give them the plaques that they deserve so that we can all learn from their great legacies. There are many women of the past who should be honored on this day such as Susan B. Acidic Springs, ammonia Tonzetich, textile worker, Emmeline Sweetness Smith, along with many more. Let’s make this day a great learning experience and celebrate these two great ladies from our past.