The Definition of “Humanity” and Its Application to All People

The issue of humanity has been a touchy subject lately, especially after the recent tragedies in the middle east and in Nigeria. There are some people who would like to see people of all races and creeds killed off in the name of “saving humanity” or in order to prevent it from becoming a multicultural society like the UK. These types of people have a difficult time seeing how other ethnic groups in the world can behave in a civilized fashion without abusing others due to their own ethnicity or religion. It is not only these people that need to wake up and realize that the issues regarding humanity aren’t limited to the middle east. In fact, they’re issues that plague every part of the word.


In one case that thankfully makes the news, a student at a prominent University was recently punished for using the term “humankind” in a paper that he was writing for a class assignment. This student had the opportunity to write an essay about the topic of humankind, and when he used the word “humankind” it was taken as “bigger than human.” This is an obvious violation of academic standards, yet it is totally irrelevant to those who enforce the rules and standards in universities. To call mankind “great” species is a crime against humanity.

In the real world, however, the issue of humankind is often times a tricky one. It’s hard to argue with the facts that we all know and recognize – that nine out of every ten people on this earth share a common ancestry, that most humans live in a planet of water and land, that there are six billion human beings currently on this planet, and that there are several different types of these human beings. Is there any question then, that humankind is very real and important species? And if so, then why is there such a hue and cry about its “eligibility” for a certain language? Why would the humans be denied their right to talk about themselves as part of a group? What’s the big deal?

The phrase, “humanity” is used to describe a concept, not an individual. Therefore, anyone who would apply the phrase must take into consideration what kind of individual they would want to claim to be. Someone who intellectual, creative, inventive, and observant – someone who might be called a “humanity” in the broadest sense. But just what kind of individual is going to be defined by this phrase?

Well, let’s put it this way. It’s a term, which is used almost daily by people in every walk of life, in every country on earth. A person who is not part of any group, nation, race, religion, or culture may very well qualify for this title. So the phrase “humanity” is not an easy concept to apply to. To those who are defined as a “humanity” by this phrase, the definition is simple – each and every person on earth deserves to be called a “humanity”, because they have all been given the opportunity to become anything they could possibly dream of becoming.

If you wish to apply the phrase “humanity” to yourself, you can do so by thinking about yourself as a person, a unique individual with your own set of goals and ambitions, which you have chosen to pursue. You have the ability to shape your own future, and no one else can do this for you. No one else can live up to your expectations. And you alone have the power to define, limit, and control your own destiny. So why not use the power that lies within you to truly make of your life what you want it to be?