Exhibitions For Women Of The Century

Women of the Century, a traveling exhibit of sorts that travels to five continents over the course of the 20th century, celebrates the accomplishments of women and archives the many strides that women have made throughout the history of the world. Visiting these sites highlights the contributions women have made both in politics and in the private sectors. It also showcases women from various cultures, occupations, education levels, and backgrounds. The tour is organized by the United Nations Office on Women. The goal of this traveling exhibit is to celebrate the progress women have made both in the private and public sectors. The women of the century visits five continents including Europe, North America, South America, Asia, and Oceania.

Women Of The Century

The first woman US president, Ellen Roosevelt was the driving force behind the women’s suffrage movement. The suffragist movement transformed the face of the century and changed the course of history. Also represented at this exhibition are suffragettes from other eras such as Annie Atkins, emate Tubman, and reformer Victoria Wood Boyse. These women of the century exhibit focuses on issues important to women across the globe and the role they have played in changing political, social, economic, and cultural norms. Representing the first women’s US president, this exhibit will allow audiences to imagine the impact the first woman would make if she were still alive today.

An exhibition entitled Women of the Century: A Global Journey will highlight the accomplishments and contributions of women around the globe have made. The women showcased in this prestigious US network are those who have made significant contributions to the shaping of the US. Representing Canada, Asia, Central America, the Caribbean, and Latin America, this showcase will feature the accomplishments of the ten women from each of these regions. Also featured are achievements in the fields of politics, science, technology, medicine, and education. The first Middle Eastern woman to become a US President, the first Asian-American first lady, the first Chinese American first lady, and the first Native American first lady are also represented in this exhibition.

At the United States pavilion in Paris you will find the twentieth century exhibit devoted to the suffragettes. Representing a period that marked a significant moment in the progress of women’s rights in the United States, this exhibit will allow audiences to learn more about the pivotal moments that shaped women’s rights in the nation. Representing the temperance movement, which was a decades-long effort for women to achieve equality in civil and political rights, suffragettes were determined to make their mark on history. Featuring beautiful photographs of historical events and discussions by leading American women, this exhibit allows an updated understanding of what suffragettes accomplished. Also featuring an exhibition on the nineteenth amendment, this display is designed to allow visitors to explore the meaning of this amendment, why it was passed, and what it meant for the future of the United States.

The exhibit entitled Women Of The Century: A Global Journey will feature leaders from every continent of the world. Featuring women such as Suffragette leader Amelia Earhart and her fellow suffragettes from Europe, this display will allow visitors to learn about the travels of these pioneering leaders and how they effected change. Also featured are conversations with noted women from the Americas including Congresswoman Tulsi Gordon, a Native American rights activist, as well as other prominent Americans.

Each of the Women of the Century exhibitions is designed to celebrate the contributions of women throughout the century made to the advancement of womankind. By bringing these influential women to display, the organizers hope to stimulate thought and discussion on important issues concerning women’s rights in society today. In addition to the exhibition itself, there will be additional lectures, educational films, music videos, and womankind video series held at the Women of the Century program’s designated venues. With this exhibition, organizers hope to promote greater awareness of women’s rights and empower women around the world.