Women of the Century by Dr Rita Bettick

This is an historical look at women of the century. Women of the century; trailblazers, visionaries, trailblazers, pioneers, trailblazers everywhere! Over one hundred years ago there were no computers, no television, no internet, no phones, and no one to tell us how things were done. Today women have a range of opportunities, education, and skills to contribute to society and lift up the lives of all around her.

Women Of The Century

This is an amazing journey and book, the story of one hundred years of womankind. This is a call to all women to join in, fight for what is right and fight for change. It tells the amazing story of trailblazers, American women, who showed the world what can be done when we all reach our full potential, and persevere, even through times of adversity and turmoil. These women deserve our thanks, our appreciation, and our leadership.

Managing Editor, Allure magazine, April-June 2021. I was asked to write an article about the first woman US President, Woodrow Wilson. I did a great job of chronicling her historic achievements, and laid out my reasons for supporting her. Because I am such a strong defender of women’s rights, I felt compelled to write this firsthand article on America’s First Woman President, as she seeks re-election this November. Please consider all this.

This informative book is a personal chronicle of America’s First Lady, Sarah Palin. As Governor of Alaska, she was widely regarded as a polarizing figure, with her abrasive personality and controversial decisions. This book covers some of the controversy surrounding her, as well as her personal life in general. What is not discussed, is her role as a mother, wife, and a successful businesswoman, and all the important elements that come hand in hand with being an “eligible female” in our society. She is also an accomplished and popular educator, with a master’s degree in communications. In other words, augmented reality, as it is called, was a big part of her overall success, both in business and in her personal life.

Women of the Century, by Dr. Rita Bettick, is a quick read with lots of relevant and interesting information. A lively discussion with lively writing, and a great bibliography, this is an exciting book for anyone interested in the First Ladies and the issues that affected their lives. Women of the Century, will make a good addition to any library, as it will draw out new ideas, and offer fresh perspectives. For anyone who likes to think of history and the future in terms of social change, this book will be enjoyable and enlightening. No matter if you are already a member of the USA Network, or just looking for additional reading material, this is a must have title.

In Women of the Century, Dr. Rita Bettick provides insight into some of the most important historical women of the United States and Canada. This is an excellent text to add to your USA network membership library, and especially if you are already an active member. As with all videos series, Women of the Century can also be purchased on video from many of the leading distributors online. If you love history, and you are interested in changing the world for women and young girls, this book is an excellent addition to your collection.