What Makes Mankind So Great?

One of the most powerful forces on earth is mankind. For without mankind there would be no gravity, no satellites, no airplanes, no automobiles, no telephones, no radio, no television, and no money. The power of mankind can never be subdued. From the earliest days of our species to this very day, we have been resourceful and ingenious. That is why it is with a mixture of awe and utmost confidence that humans travel, learn, explore, thrive, and build.


The great thing about this magnificent creature is that its not human; it is superhuman! There are times when humanity has been kind of ruthless and cruel. Such as the Biblical plagues in Egypt, which resulted in the deaths of thousands of people. But in this case, God gave a way back into the world through an offering made by an angel, and in return, Pharaoh offered peace and forgiveness.

In another instance, there was man created by God to show forth His glory and to fill the world with His mind and wisdom. Man is a model of purity and innocence, something which is not often depicted by the species. By the use of scientific, technological, and social ways, humankind has reached great heights in all fields. There is not one single department in which mankind has failed to rise above its peers. It is only because of their incredible levels of intelligence, ingenuity, and hard work that we are on this planet today.

Through the ages, mankind has strived for perfection. Science and technology have done great things, but only through the efforts of mankind, have these things come to pass. Only by the exertion of will and strength has man succeeded in creating life. One such example is the space race that commenced with the United States and Russia after World War II.

In the past, man has not been so successful. For instance, in prehistoric times, when people hunted animals to death for their bones and teeth, the population was very small. Humans developed agriculture only about ten million years ago. They did not have the sophisticated tools that we use today. Their tools included stone and bone as well as hunting and fishing implements. It would seem that the competition among species was quite fierce during this period of time.

Later on, as farming became more developed, human populations boomed and along with it their tools and over-all population size. Mankind’s inventive genius, which drives the species forward, is probably what is responsible for the vast increase in artistic and cultural expressions that we enjoy today. The incredible progress that mankind has made is widely shared throughout the world. Indeed, each generation sees new and better products, inventions, and discoveries to add to the great advancements that have been made. The future belongs to mankind and the greatness of its species.